Tuesday, May 4, 2021

French Soldiers Sign Letter warning of French Civil War-More Thoughts on Talladega/Money LION Car-Emmanuel Macron's Jesuit High School

I can't find the comment, but someone told me about this not too long ago....
French Civil War=229(FB)
22/9 will be the 229th year of the French Republic. 
22/9 is 2 months 29 days before Emmauel Macron's bday. 

Funny too, if you go and read my post about the 229 and France this year..I talked how it was related to Talladega and Nascar..and LION symbolism...then Brad Keselowski wins Talladega in the Money LION car. 
I'm curious because I realized the Lion symbolism due to Buffy the Vampire Slayer stuff and the date 3/10...then we got the Ethiopian Airline crash synced to the Lion Air 610 crash....Haile Selassie is the Lion of Judah....The French Monarchy fell on World Lion Day...Nipsey Hussle's bday was Napoleon's bday..Napoleon means "Naples Lion"..

I mention this because Buffy was important to the date 5/16, which leaves 229 days in the year...
5/16 is 129 days before 22/9...
129 the volcano number...remember in 2019 Mount Vesuvius was important to the Kentucky Derby....5/16 was also the 9th day of the 11th month on the Islamic Calendar....I mention this due to this years Kentucky Derby winner "Medina Spirit"....Medina is where the prophet Muhammad is buried...
Notice the Civil War threat is over Islamism too. 

2015..Paris France...Charlie Hebdo and the November Attack were 310 days apart.....Napoleon died 3 months 10 days before his bday...Charlie Hebdo recently in the news with Meghan Markle and Elizabeth II...
2015 Paris attack was synced to Pope Francis' visit to the United States arriving on 22/9. 
The Jesuits created on Napoleon's bday....which is also why Melinda Gates maiden name is "French"...her bday is that same day. 

I remembered Emmanuel Macron's wife was his former school teacher...but look at that...they met while she was teaching at his Jesuit High School. 
He became president of France on 14/5. 

It's interesting that the 229th day after 22/9 is 5/9...
5/9 is the 129th day of the year. 
Better watch this day the next few years...
Especially the NASCAR race this year too. 

8/17 is the 229th day...

Tomorrow is also the anniversary of the French Revolution beginning...Cinco de Mayo...the date Napoleon died too...Napoleon died a span of 264 days after his bday. 

Brigitte Macron=516(Jewish)

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    Ken Miles d.o.d. 8/17
    Ford vs Ferrari
    Alot of interesting things this weekend
    NASCAR revealing Next Gen cars 5/5