Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Eugene Cernan died 186 days before Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon-The same day Zach Got Bear Sprayed-Umbrella/Moon Narrative-Bill and Melinda Gates divorce-Warren Buffett names successor-Verizon sells to Apollo


I've really been trying to finish editing the book that's been done since October and I just realized something I didn't put together before....
Eugene Cernan died a span of 186 days before the moon landing...or 186 days before Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. 
Recall that he stepped foot on the moon on Zach's birthday. 
Neil Armstrong=186
Apollo Eleven=186(FB)
Elon Reeve Musk=186
He was born on 6/28 that leaves 186 days in the year.
This is the day that Zach's first YouTube channel was deleted, which was 186 days after the car crashed into his house. So on..
We then had Michael Collins die 186 days before his bday a few days ago...

This means that Zach got Bear Sprayed on the anniversary of Eugene Cernan dying...so 186 days before Zach's bday..
Zach Hubbard=186(FB)
Recall how it was also connected to Brian Sicknick and the number 170...."Moon"=170(Jewish)
Bear Spray=57=Moon
We also found out that Brian Sicknick got bear sprayed on the 57th day. 

Eugene Cernan=164(FB) and 264(FB)
James Bond=164(FB)
Sean Connery=264(FB) and 164

Donald Trump's bday was 186 days before Pope Francis' bday..
We just had the SpaceX astronauts land in the dark making it the first time since Apollo 8 for this to happen in the US...
Jim Lovell=264(FB)(Apollo 8 Astronaut)
Elon Reeve Musk=264(FB)

Frank Borman stands out to me as well...he was another Apollo 8 astronaut...Notice his bday is 3/14...Pi day...the same day that Eugene Cernan was born....Don Rickles wife just died on 3/14 and remember Don Rickles died in connection to Cernan...he also died 3 months 14 days before the moon landing anniversary. 
Borman is the oldest living astronaut as he is 11 days older than Lovell? 

5/4 and 5/5 will be 186 days after Sean Connery died...

Buzz Aldrin=264(FB) and 52

Think how this SpaceX landing happened on 5/2 and this year it will be the 52nd anniversary of the moon landing...Also Apollo 8 landed 52 years ago...
James Bond=52

 Think about the Kennedy Space Center too and how the number 186 was important to the Umbrella Man...which is important to JFK. 
JFK..Biden...Catholic...SpaceX founded on 5/6...Moon landing on 201st day..so on..

Umbrella's block the Sun...Eclipse?

5/2 was 2 months 18 days before the 52nd anniversary of the Moon landing and 57 days before Elon Musk's bday..
Moon=57 and 218(Hebrew)

Moon=38(Hebrew) and 83(FB)
Zach will turn 38 and was born in 83'...

Sean Connery died a span of 264 days before Zach's bday.

There's something crazy to how it all syncs up...All4Truth launched with the Umbrella logo a week after John Glenn died and month before Cernan died...this was the same time I was covering Jeopardy....think how Alex Trebek is synced to James Bond/Sean Connery...

I was born 113 days after the 13th anniversary of the Moon landing....just interesting considering the 13 cycles of the moon each year. 

Recall the bookstore stuff was synced to 33...just a thought...isn't Zach's girlfriend named "May, or Mae"..too? 

I can't piece this together lol, but I know it's connected to the Moon. 

There has to be a relationship to why Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced too...Notice the story of Kevin SPACEy just below it too..
Jeff Bezo's...Bill Gates...Elon Musk...
Recall Elon Musk surpassed Bezo's and it was all about 186...
Jeff Bezo's got divorced on the anniversary of Microsoft...
Today is 5/3..
Today is 187 days after after Bill Gates Bday and 3 months 12 days before Melinda's...
Society of Jesus=187
Jorge Mario Bergolio=312...so on..
Melinda Gates=312(Jewish)
Warren Buffett also named his successor today...
There is something going on with money....cryptocurrency....the Moon represents Silver...

Another big story today is that Verizon sold a big portion of their media division to APOLLO Global Management....

We just had Olympia Dukakis die 186 days before Michael Dukakis' bday too...She was famous for "Moonstruck" and her brother is named Apollo. 

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  1. This morning a little before noon 9/11 turns 243 lunar months old. It's rare since like 9/11 this lunar return is happening on a Tuesday and in the morning.