Monday, April 5, 2021

DMX Overdose and the Stock Market Crash-Suez Canal-Panama Canal-Ruff Ryders Teddy Roosevelt

Eventually I will have more time to look at some of the stories I've wanted to look at, but I want to leave a few notes before I forget...
Recall that DMX was important to the Stock Market narrative with his album The Great Depression...we are currently in the 91st year...
The Great Depression=91

I also cannot shake the idea that the boat stuck in the Suez Canal is somehow related..Think about Ruff Ryders....and Teddy Roosevelt..Rough Riders....Roosevelt the Panama Canal...
Plus Roosevelt gave the speech on Falcons Heights Minnesota just before McKinley was assassinated...and Philando Castile died in Falcon Heights...we currently have the George Floyd case big in the news again...and recall the Stock Market Symbolism from 2018 that was synced to the Super Bowl in Minnesota.
Another thing I find interesting is that I just blogged about Mark Bissen dying and how I had a post on 6/23/2020 about him....this post was also the last time I blogged about DMX.

Earl Simmons=316(FB) and 211(FB)
He overdosed a span of 211 days before the 92nd anniversary of the stock market crash.. and overdosed on the 92nd day of 2021.
It was also a span of 3 months 16 days after his bday.

The news came on 4/3/21 and DMX has an early single with LL Cool J called 4,3,2,1..
Makes me think of a countdown..
LL Cool J=79
4/3 is 79 days after LL Cool J's bday.

There's a lot more I could include such as 4/2...and Black people...I need to look at that Evergreen canal story..
Ever Given=159(FB) and 136
Earl Simmons=159
Herbert Hoover=159
Mark Bissen=159
Stock Market=136
I noticed this connection in 2017 when DMX was arrested for tax evasion 159 days before his bday.

I also connected it to the Catholic Church in my old posts...
The Catholic narrative is even more interesting when I look at the Panama Canal that was completed on 8/15...the same day in history the Jesuts were formed in 1534..
Notice how the earliest record of someone wanting to build a Panama canal was in 1534 by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V....the guy connected to the sack of Rome and King Henry VIII. 



  1. Bull Market....

    Bear Market....

    Baylor BEARS


    Gonzaga BULLdogs.

    Year of the OX.

  2. Operation Just Cause

    1989 to 1990

  3. If DMX dies 4/8, 48 days before 5/26 Eclipse
    From release of the Great Depression to 4/10 is 7109 days (911th prime)
    4,3,2,1 from 4/8 = 4/12
    If something happened over weekend, market would plunge on Monday
    Interesting if not probable

  4. Link to DMX and the office