Friday, April 30, 2021

Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay in connection to Jeopardy/Michael Collins-Batman/James Bond narrative


Ha, just checked my email to see this comment. It really is perfect considering the connection to Alex Trebek/Jeopardy and Michael Collins dying..synced to James Bond/Sean Connery. 

The day after Michael Collins died the major news was how Aaron Rodgers doesn't want to play for the Packers anymore...
Recall a big piece to the James Bond/Batman narrative was the RV bombing on Christmas by the Batman building in Nashville....then the Tennessee Titans played the Green Bay Packers 2 days later....of course Bobby was synced to Nashville and Derek lives near where the Packers play. 

It's interesting that the story of Rodgers was 41 days before Bobby's bday on 6/9....
Recall how Michael Collins died 69 days after 2/18...
The Rodgers news comes a span of 218 days before his 38th bday. 
Moon=38(Hebrew) and 218(Hebrew)
The moon landing happened in 69' during the astrological sign of Cancer that looks like a "69". 
Collins died from Cancer on the 118th day. 

Green Bay=41

Bobby Simpson=825(Jewish)
Reminds me of Sean Connery's bday on 8/25. 
Further, the Aaron Rodgers story came 148 days after his bday.

Rogers guest host appearance on Jeopardy also began 148 days after Alex Trebek died. 

There has to be a connection to the Native American theme too...recall in November I talked a lot about the Packers synced to the Native American theme due to Wikipedia changing Matt LaFleurs bday....
Aaron Rodgers being engaged to Shailene Woodley sticks out...she was in the Divergent film in 2016 and then got arrested at the Dakota Access Pipeline...when the Cubs were playing the Indians in the World Series...Divergent is about Chicago. 
Native American=135
Aaron Rodgers=135
Michael Collins=135

Aaron Charles Rogers=201 and 312(Jesuit)
4/29 is a span of 201 days before Woodley's bday. 

Trebek's death to 4/29 is 172 days. 
Shailene Woodley=172


  1. Awww shit man you posted this at 2:10. Another big Moon number. I was telling seven7one1 about it and he mentioned Aaron Rodgers told a story about seeing a UFO. That was on 3/23/2016 he was exactly 11800 days old that day. Crazy. Super Bowl will be in LA which is 118°W. Rodgers initials are AR for a 118. I'll probably throw a bunch of stuff up later but that 118 his definitely huge.

  2. You should check out Derek's post. Shailene Woodley is having her Saturn return tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day after a Sun-Uranus conjunction. Aaron Rodgers was born the day after a Sun-Uranus conjunction.

  3. And Uranus was important to the Nashville bombing. Pope Francis turned 1 Uranian year old that day. He became pope on the 232nd anniversary of Uranus's discovery date which was discovered on a date with 114 date num. Discovered by William Herschel. Herschel Walker the 114th draft pick was just in the news I believe on the 114th day. Derek born on 114 date num.

    Noticed some 55s too. He was born 55 mercury years after Lombardi died and he was born 55 years 257 days after Mister Rogers.

    1. ****Rodgers born 55 years 257 days after Mister Rogers

  4. Here's Derek's post

  5. Dude when you mentioned Kobe and the mask I immediately thought of "Rip Hamilton" = 135 and 63 just like Michael Collins and Aaron Rodgers

  6. I didn't want to say this initially cause it's bizarre but my wife got a notification about a house with the address volcano court

  7. Also before I forget to tell you we stayed in Nashville at the Noelle hotel. They have a rooftop bar and from there we could see the ATT building where the bomb went off. They still had it fenced off. You could also see the Batman Building from the rooftop. But Noelle like Christmas.... lol. My dad even told me he stayed at that same hotel when he was 12. He was in Nashville to show cattle.

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