Monday, August 7, 2017

Sam asking me if 1356 means anything to me.

I just got in bed and looked at my phone. I didn't see that I had a text from Sam at 2:47am. Anyway the text asked me if the number 1356 meant anything to me....
I honestly didn't think so but I searched for it in my notepad of documented things. 
Of Course....
Seattle Mariners=1356(reverse Sumerian). 
Also my girlfriend  "Jasmine Cowgill"=1356(rev sumerian)

 Here's a list of the only other 1356 I have in my notepad. 
Buzz Aldrin=1356(Jewish)
Virgin Mary=1356(Jewish)
Forty Five=1356(Jewish)
Make Jesus Famous=1356(rev sum)
New Testament=1356(english ext)
Anything that adds to 226 in simple is 1356(sum)
Anything that adds to 226 reverse is 1356(rev sum)
Always Dreaming=1356(rev sum) (kentucky derby)
Florence Agnes Henderson=1356(rev sum)
Darrell Conrad=1356(rev sum) my friend...
Cleveland Ohio=1356(rev sum)
Battle of Shiloh=1356(rev sum)
Cornelius Chase=1356(rev sum)
Operation Talpiot=1356(rev sum)

I'll have to go back and look at my list of 226 again..
Vincent Neil Wharton=1356(sumerian)
Prince Rogers Nelson=1356(sumerian)

226 a big number in regards to 9/11 in which the Mariners lost to Yankees after. 

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