Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Purge on Dish Network Tonight-Also a Lifetime movie called "Bad Twin"

I watched part of this film tonight as it was on tv when I got home. 
Blood Sacrifice=67
Notice it came out on 6/7. 
The Purge=46

The first film is set on 3/21/2022. 
I love how it's in Los Angeles based around James Sandin. 
James Sandin=37 and 109
Los Angeles=37, 109
21/3...Los Angeles has the 213 area code. 

New Founding Fathers of America=1776(Jewish)

The Purge begins on March 21st which is the 80th day of the year. 
The Purge=80(ep)
First film based around the Sandin Family. 

A few channels below this film on the guide was this movie..."Bad Twin". 
I should've watched this movie, but it was on Lifetime and I just couldn't get myself to do it. The last Lifetime movie I watched was about a kid that ruins his life by beating off too much to internet porn lol. 
Bad Twin=318(satanic)

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  1. Wait a minute! That can ruin your life!?! Lol. Carpal tunnel syndrome? No, I know, tennis elbow? Lol. Surely it wasnt herpes or aids!