Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Lakers waive DeMarcus Cousins and sign Markieff Morris on 2/23-NASA's Katherine Johnson dead-Italy and Coronavirus-Stock Market drops-Bridge symbolism

The Lakers waive DeMarcus Cousins and sign Markieff Morris on the 54th day of the year. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=54
So on..
Notice they picked up Markieff 175 days after his bday. 
He was bought out by the Detroit Pistons in order to be able to sign with the Lakers. 
Detroit Pistons=175
Los Angeles Lakers=175
He signed with the Lakers for $1.75 million. 

Markieff Morris=213(FB)
Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)
Los Angeles=213(FB)
LA in the 213 area code. 
The NBA Finals=213

Markieff Morris is also from Philadelphia and his TWIN brother plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. 
Marcus Morris=157
Kobe Bryant=157

They were drafted in 2011 as the 13th and 14th picks....then Kawhi Leonard was the 15th pick...how interesting. 
Plus the Kansas connection with 34...

Remember too the importance of Isaiah Thomas in 2017 being connected to Magic Johnsons and Isiah Thomas...the Piston player. 
Isaiah Thomas=175(FB)
Isiah Thomas=175
Houston Rockets=175
The year Isaih Thomas tore his achilles was when the Rockets won the NBA finals. 
Pope Francis=175

Markieff's bday of 9/2 is also fitting. 

Francis Bacon=157(FB)
Remember he was born on 1/22..the date important to Zion/Kobe/Pope/Raptors and so on...It's also the day Queen Victoria died that is important to Elizabeth. 

Further I think Isiah Thomas is important because his bday is 3 month 4 days after Kobe died...also 95 days. 
Los Angeles Lakers=95
He is also a former coach of FIU...where the bridge collapse happened in 2018....the bridge collapse that was connected to Kobe/Eagles/San Francisco...Bridge symbolism....

This is why we got the Stock Market down 1,000 points story today because of Coronavirus. Remember the day after Super Bowl 52 the major story was "Market Meltdown"....The Super Bowl was played at US BANK Stadium in the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash, which is why the Kneeling was so important that year. 
US Bank Stadium=88
A ton more...
Herbert Hoover...HH..88...remember he was born on 8/10 and signed the Star Spangled Banner into Congress as the official national anthem. 

It's also why we got this story about Italy being the most infected country of Coronavirus outside of Asia a few days ago too. 
Kobe Bryant grew up in Italy. 
Plus Italy is where the Vatican/Pope is. 
Vatican City was founded in 1929..the same year as the Stock Market Crash/Valentines Day Massacre...which is why they gave us Stoneman Douglas in 2018. 
Remember too on 8/14/2018 we got a Bridge collapse in Italy. 
It's also interesting that today we got the death of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson. Once again a Space theme....this just after Mike Hughes/Flat Earth guy dies...

NASA was established on the 210th day..7/29....which this year happens to be the day Tisha B'Av begins...

She worked at NASA for 35 years?
She also died 185 days before her bday. 

In light of Tisha B'Av and the film Hidden Figures...it's interesting that the actor who portrays her in the film was born on 9/11. 
Taraji P. Henson=201
Moon landing on the 201st day. 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Ron Walker's Facebook I randomly clicked on tonight-Aurora-Joker

I figured I would check my Facebook as I haven't been on it in a while. One of the first posts I saw was a post from Ron Walker. He has been helping me and following me since I began my channel. I just noticed he wrote something about losing his job and I hope all is well with him...but I clicked on his profile because of it. I forgot he was from Aurora Colorado haha....You have to appreciate his joke about Clowns too...think about it...Joker...Aurora....What are the odds? 
Ron Walker=54, 126, 117
I noticed this on 2/24....which I forgot to mention in my last post that Zion, Illinois area code is 224....
Anyway notice it says Abqaiq was attacked by Al-Qaeda on 2/24 as well. 
I forgot to mention in my Ronda Rousey post that..
Roderick George Toombs=224
Also the winner of the 2018 Men's Royal Rumble was born on 2/24. 

Zion, Illinois the american center of Flat Earth-Batman-Slipknot-Rockets

I was reading through the comments on Zach's Mad Mike Hughes video and I saw someone mention Zion, Illinois being connected to Flat Earth. 
Apparently Zion, Illinois was the American Center for Flat Earth during the early to mid 20th Century....

Remember on 8/11 a man from Zion, Illinois was killed at the Slipknot concert. 

Mike Hughes dead at 64. 

Think about this...All year I was saying how Slipknot playing at the Iowa State Fair was synced to Trump saying he was Batman in the helicopter. I mentioned how the Houston Rockets were important to China and on 8/11 we got the Hong Kong attacks. Then in October the major thing was South Park/Joker film in connection to Batman....the Batman shooting....the Skyfall Trailer with the Chinese building that said "Aurora" on it. 

Then Rocketman Ryan Newman wrecks at the Daytona 500. Elton John gets sicks and they just released his film Rocketman...Now I'm finding out Zion, Illinois is connected to Flat Earth...this guy dies on a rocket......
Flat Earth=91
The Cold War came to an end in 91' 
The Batman shooting on the anniversary of the Moon landing. This year is a very important year for the moon landing stuff..51...

Remember too that Flat Earth got really popular after the Pizzagate thing...Kyrie Irving said he thought the Earth was flat and so on...I'm just thinking about this in regards to Jeffrey Epstein dying on 8/10...the same day Slipknot played at the Iowa State Fair....the 222nd day.....think about Mike Hughes dying on 2/22/2020 and so on...
Kyrie Irving goes out for the season on 2/20/2020 too. 
Jeffrey Epstein=215=The Dark Knight
He also went to jail on Zion Williamson's bday. 
 I know this is important even more so, because the other day I got asked to join a Flat Earth Group by a guy named Bryant. I thought it was strange as I don't follow the Flat Earth at all and someone named "Bryant" as I'm covering Kobe Bryant like crazy....
Now I see it's part of the narrative I was supposed to pick up on...

You know what else I just thought of in regards to Slipknot....
Gematria the Killing name begins with Corey Taylor's bday....12..8...73....
So he shares a birthday with Dwight Howard. 
Corey Taylor=157 and 1189(Jewish)
Kobe Bryant=157

Jeremy Lin=1189(Jewish)
Trump/Pope/revelation...so on with this number...


I'll have to think more on how this is all related...
This Space/Rocket/Moon theme is for sure back though

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Christopher Walken(Max Shreck) All Seeing Eye Costume in Batman Returns-Duck Theme

I'm sitting here watching Batman Returns and of course we get an All Seeing Eye in the film. It's part of Max Shreck/Christopher Walken's costume. I mean for real, how many times does a person have to see this symbol for no apparent reason in films to understand it's purposefully hidden? 
He tells Batman he is the LIGHT of the city too...Sirius...the Light...it's just a joke, but if you have never studied it, you would have no reason to even see it I guess. 

I also wonder if I was supposed to watch this film in regards to the Duck theme. This duck car/boat is pretty important to Penguin in the film....
Remember the Duck boat/bus crash on the Aurora Bridge was synced up to the Batman stuff. 

Ronda Rousey at UFC 157-Kobe Bryant-Bridge/Old Info-Royal Family-34-210-190

I've talked about the 34 being important and Kobe dying on the day of the Royal Rumble in Houston. Remember Ronda Rousey was super important to 34 as well which I noticed just before the Bridgewater Shooting/when Roddy Piper Died. 
She won her fight in 34 seconds at UFC 190 the day after Piper died against Beth Correia. 
Rowdy Roddy Piper=190
The fight was on 8/1..which is important to the BRIDGE symbolism/Minnesota bridge collapse. Also 2015 was 34 years after 81'. 
Piper had 34 championships in wrestling. 
Rousey trained on 34N. 
Rousey then lost her first fight to 34 year old Holly Holm. Holm's debut fight was on 3/4. 
She then lost again to "Amanda Nunes"=190
Then announced she would be joining the WWE at the Royal Rumble just before Wrestlemania 34. Her character a tribute to Roddy Piper. At this time Beth Correia was 34 years old. 
At WM 34 she fought Triple H and Stephanie McMahon due to WM 31 in San Francisco when the Rock brought her in the ring to hit a girl. Triple H's terminator character WM 31 was synced to the Golden Gate bridge as well. 
Later in 2018 we had the Greatest Royal Rumble and then the Crown Jewel. Triple H brought back DX for the Crown Jewel....DX that had CHYNA...also DX that debuted on 8/11. 
King Charles=190
The Crown Jewel was 189/190 days after the Greatest Royal Rumble. It was in the stadium named after King Fahd who died on 8/1. The Crown Jewel was just after the Lion Air Crash too. 
John Cena announced he wasn't going to the Crown Jewel because of the Jamal Khashoggi stuff 189/190 days after his bday. 
Around the same time of Jamal dying we got a story of the dead Saudi Arabia girls in the Hudson....then George Bush died and had the dog named Sully..reminding us of the Hudson...then in 2019 a helicopter crashed in the Hudson just after a plane skidded off the railway coming from Guantanamo Bay...this was just before Maximum Security was disqualified in the horse race. 

Just before the Crown Jewel there was also the King Power soccer team owner who died in a helicopter crash. His death was 189/190 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday. 
Prince Philip=189
The Lion Air crash had 189 people on it.
The King Power guy died on the anniversary of Philadelphia.  

Anyway I'm bringing this all back up because I mentioned how Kobe Bryant was important to the bridge/earthquake narrative with Ronda Rousey in 2018. They did his jersey retirement the day after Pope Francis' 81'st bday...Kobe was important to the Eagles/Philadelphia who were important to my original Bridge symbolism pattern. The Royal Rumble that year was held in Philadelphia too....The Super Bowl was synced to the Minnesota Bridge collapse...then we got the FIU bridge collapse on the 44th mayor of San Francisco's bday....This is why London Breed, the next mayor was important and had the bday of 8/11...same as Hulk Hogan who got his revenge against Earthquake in Philadelphia. This is why Summer Slam held in Toronto on 8/11 last year after the Toronto Raptors won was important. Plus Kobe had his 81 point game against Toronto and made his achilles comeback against Toronto on Dwight Howard's bday. 

Also Pontiff means bridge builder. The Lakers had Caldwell-Pope on the team and in the news around this time for serving a 25 day jail sentence. Then LeBron James signs with the Lakers that summer and LeBron has the connections to the Pope as well. 
Kobe tore his achilles a month after Pope Francis became the new Pope and just before the Boston Marathon bombing....think about Nipsey Hussle dying in connection to the marathon symbolism/Ethiopia..which the Lion Air crash also important to. We then got an Earthquake in Los Angeles....the Rock is a helicopter pilot in the film San Andreas....

Anyway if you go back to the beginning of this post, look when Ronda Rousey made her UFC debut. It was at UFC 157 on the 54th day of the year....fighting at 135 pounds. It was also the same year Kobe Bryant tore his achilles....13'...the 13th prime is 41. 
Kobe Bryant=41 and 157
Kobe Bean Bryant=54, 135, 81
Golden Gate Bridge=135
Eighty One=54 and 135

UFC 157 was also the first ever womens fight in the UFC. 
Rousey beat Liz Carmouche. 
Liz Carmouche=190
UFC 157 was held 185 days after Kobe's 34th bday. 
Ronda Jean Rousey=185
Also think about Rocky Johnson dying on Shane McMahon's bday. McMahon was in the helicopter crash on 7/19/2017...so the summer before WM 34. 
McMahon's helicopter crash was 180 days or 5 months 27 days before his bday. 
Golden Gate=180
It opened on 5/27....as shown on the ID in the beginning of the film San Andreas. 
Royal Rumble=527(satanic)
This is why the WWE signed the Rock's daughter 180 days after her bday recently. 

Rocky Johnson=157
Remember his tag team partner was from Roanoke, Virginia reminding us of the Bridgewater shooting....
He was also born on 8/24....same day as Vince McMahon. 
Rocky Johnson died 81 days before WM 36. 

This year we are coming up on Wrestlemania 36. 

Drew McIntyre is 34 years old and he won the Royal Rumble this year. 
Charlotte Flair will turn 34 years old on the same day as WM 36. 
Remember in 2018 both Male and Female winners of the Royal Rumble were from Japan too.....Kobe named after Japanese Beef. . 

2021 will hold the 34th Royal Rumble...

Shane McMahon=210
WM 36 will be 2 months 10 days after the Royal Rumble/Kobe died. 
Kobe died 210 days before his bday. 
San Francisco, California=210
2/10 is the 41st day...
The Rock's daughter signed with the WWE on 2/10. 
Tisha B'Av begins on July 29th this year...which is normally the 210th day of the year, but it's the 211th this year. 

I just got home, so I am cooking a pizza while writing this post. Alistair started crying so I got him a bottle and then I cut my pizza and sat down. I then realized that tonight the show "God Friended Me" is on, so I went to Wikipedia to make sure there is a new episode on tonight. Of course it would be the 34th episode tonight. 
This show started off strong, but lately the episodes haven't been that great, hopefully tonight will be a good one lol. 

I also just learned there is a wrestler named Bianca Belair....Fresh Prince of Bel Air...Chamberlain Heights...someone to possibly watch for. 

Country singer Lindsey Renee Lagestee dies-Dixie Crush-Dixieland-Civil War-Jefferson Davis-201

I think the reason we are getting this story is the keyword "Dixie". Dixie CRUSH...
She got in a car crash on her way to a Valentines Day concert....Crush...Love...Valentines. 
Notice the name Dixie was a term originally for French Louisiana....then later meant Southern States. 

Think about how much I've mentioned New Orleans/Louisiana recently...

Today is the 53rd day of the year. 

Notice the Confederate States Constitution became official on 2/22 in history as well. 
Which is also George Washington's bday. 

Notice the president of the Confederate States was Jefferson Davis. 
He was born on 6/3 and died 6 months 3 days after his bday at the age of 81. 
Jefferson Davis=63 and 81
Confederate States=63

There were 11 Confederate States. 


Warren Buffett in the news after I was thinking about him yesterday

Interesting there is a headline story about Warren Buffett today. Just last night as I was driving by UNMC I was thinking about Warren Buffett. There is a big building by UNMC that says, Warren Buffett Cancer Research. I then started thinking how he was important to the Stock Market narrative in 2018. Now CNN has a headline story about him the very next day. 

Yesterday was 192 days before his bday. 
Warren Buffett=192

Bernie Sanders in relation to the 2020 election-201-133-Marijuana

Bernie Sanders has been pretty popular in the media as of late so I figured I'd look more into him. 
Notice he announced his campaign 201 days before his bday....
Democrat=157(FB) and 79
He will be 79 years old if he were to win the election this year. 
Bernard Sanders=79(s)

The election is 56 days or 1 months 26 days after his bday. 
126 Kobe....
He's running for president...
Bernie Sanders=133

White House=133

Also interesting Donald Trump's bday is 142 days before the election...
Bernard Sanders=142
Four Hundred Twenty=88
This year is important to 4:20 and 4/20. 
Bernie wants to legalize weed. 

Mad Mike Hughes dies attempting to launch a homemade rocket

More Space/Rocket themes in the media. Remember this guy who was trying to prove the earth is flat? I bet a bunch of people are making videos how they killed this guy, before he could prove the earth was flat and what not now...

Flat Earth=53
He dies on the 53rd day of the year. 

His original launch was 2 years 2 months 20 days before he died on 2/22/2020. 

For the life of me I cannot find my old post on this guy. Possibly I never posted about him, but just looked the story up. 

Saturday, February 22, 2020

The number 201-Kobe's Crown Tattoo-Synchronicity with Zooey Deschanel-Gertrude Ederle's swim across the English Channel

I got multiple comments on my 11 video last night by this person. I figured I would type his name in the gematrinator and I see it's 201. 
Marcus Cotto=201(FB)

This number has been of importance lately so I started thinking more about it. 
The day leaving 201 days in the year is 6/13.....This number/date was important to Prince Charles/King Charles from a long time ago....22 Jumpstreet. 

July 20th is normally the 201st day of the year. This year it's a leap year, just as the year of the Batman shooting...so it's on the 202nd day of the year....

In relation to 11...July 20th is the anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon on the 201st day of the year. 
Neil Alden Armstrong=201

Remember this year will be the 51st anniversary of Apollo 11. 
Area 51
South Park=51

As I'm writing this post and thinking I went to Facebook. One of the top posts is about a show with Brikwondo and the Zooey's. I have to laugh as we have played a show with Brikwondo before and last night he and what I assume is his girlfriend came to watch our show. They sat down at our table before we played and we hung out a bit....His girlfriend reminds me a lot of Zoey Deschanel, although everyone else says I'm crazy. What are the odds he would be playing with a band called The Zooey's though? 

Zooey Deschanel=221 and 157
The Zooey's=157(FB)

My cousin Wario was in town last night too and came to our show. His mom is my aunt who has cancer, and apparently she is at the hospital again, so he flew back from San Diego. Our gig was just a few blocks away from UNMC, so he came to it and what not. 
Lorraine Houston=201 and 823(Jewish)...Kobe
Chris Houston=221(FB)

UNMC is where they have the coronavirus patients in Omaha as well. 
University of Nebraska Medical Center=201

Notice 11 people have the coronavirus at UNMC. 

Something I never noticed before either...
Kobe Bryant=224(FB)
So on..

I'm not sure if anyone has pointed this out in regards to Corona meaning "Crown" either, but I remembered that Kobe had a tattoo of a Crown on his arm. 
Corona del Mar...
Camry means crown. 
Stephen mean Crown....
King symbolism....
I did see where if you translate Covid to Hebrew google translate gives you the name "Kobe" too. 
This is why LeBron's Kobe tattoo is important to the narrative as well. 

Kobe Bean Bryant=81
Remember on 8/21 the big news was Donald Trump and his Chopper Talk too. 
It's funny because in my post about Trump's Chopper Talks, I mentioned Mikey from American Chopper. 
Michael Teutul=201
He's also 41 years old right now. 

Mikey was kicked out of the business on Season 6 episode 13? 
6/13...leaves 201 days in the year. 

Helicopter=221(FB) and 51

Notice she's in the film "BRIDGE To Terabithia". 
Her bday of 1/17...
Kobe was important to the Bridge symbolism in 2018/Pope/GG Bridge...

She's also in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy...
Her name has always made me think about the Disney Channel too..Deschanel...weird...but I've always associated it with that for some reason. 

What's the most interesting to me is that when I lived with my cousin Wario in Phoenix, we went and watched "The Happening" in the theaters. It's the only movie I went in watched in theaters while I lived there and I really liked this movie. It's the film I remember Zooey Deschanel the most from. What are the odds of this? 
The Happening=201
Notice it came out on 6/13 as well. 
It's an interesting concept too considering the Coronavirus. 

My daughter Claire just came in to tell me about Gertrude Ederle. She was in her room reading a book and learned about this lady who was the first woman to swim across the English CHANNEL...DesChanel? 
I figured I would look her up...
She swam the English Channel on the date of 6/8 in England. 
English Channel=68

She swam the English Channel 78 days before her birthday and she died 116 days after the anniversary of swimming it. 
Gertrude Ederle=78
Queen of Waves=78
Gertrude Caroline Ederle=116