Sunday, June 17, 2018

Matt 'Guitar' Murphy Blues Brothers Guitarist dies age 88-Curse of the Billy Goat-Chicago Cubs-World War 114th World Series-National Anthem 1918 World Series Cubs vs Red Sox

Yet again a story that is connected to the Chicago Cubs winning in 2016. 
It really seems to me the Cubs will be in the 114th World Series...A lot of things connected to the 2016 season...Even bringing the 2016 election back up and Hillary's emails...Plus all the 114 I documented with the Cubs. 
Deleted Emails=114
Also the film "I Pet Goat II"=159(reverse) was all about the Curse of the Billy Goat....
It's interesting in regards to "Donald Trump"=159(reverse)
World War=114 and so on...
Remember it's was named off of the book George Bush was reading to kids in Florida when 9/11 happened....there's been all of the 9/11 symbolism going on this year as well. 
Think about it in regards to Stoneman Douglas and the 1929 St. Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago.....Stoneman Douglas super synced to the Cubs...."Herbert Hoover"=159...1929 Stock market crash as well....
Calvin Coolidge was the president during the 1929 Valentines shooting in Lincoln Park....think about how he is connected to Cuba...CUBa....
Chicago Cubs=206
The Cubs beat Miami in Back to the Future II....Stoneman Douglas in the Miami Area...

Now the guy who played guitar for the Blues Brothers dies age 88..
The Blues Brothers is all about Chicago and also has a lot of Bridge symbolism in it now that I'm thinking about it...
81 a big number in regards to Bridges...
Also the film Taking Care of Business with John Belushi's brother that was showing us the Cubs winning in 2016...

Anyway the Guitarist is named Matt "MURPHY" and he died age 88..
Murphy was the name of the Billy Goat from the Curse of the Billy Goat.
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

It's also interesting in regards to BB and MM....
M=13 and a B looks like a squished together 13....13 a big number in regards to sports this year...
B also is is similar to an "8"....BB...88

The film Blues Brothers came out on 20/6 as well. 
Chicago Cubs=206

Look at that too....Matt Murphy was born in 1929 on the 29th day of December...
Stock Market Crash happened on the 29th of October in 29' when the only president from the 29th state(Iowa) was president. 
Matt Guitar Murphy=231
National Anthem=231

Matthew Tyler Murphy=91
Chicago Cubs=91
Chicago Illinois=91
Cubs lost in the 1929 World Series to the Philadelphia Athletics(The team who won in the Earthquake series as well)

Matt Murphy even lived in Miami at the time of his death. 

He died on 15/6 as well....which is really important to 9/11..
False Flag=156(Jewish)

Also in regards to JFK...Remember there was a plan to assassinate him a few weeks before he was was in Chicago. 
Think about JFK in regards to the CUBAN Missile Crisis too. 

I also find it interesting CNN makes sure to let us know something that is seemingly pointless...they tell us that Floyd Murphy Jr. posted a tribute to his Uncle on Facebook...
Remember my Uncle Barney MURPHY died on 1/14 and was a Cubs fan...This year my Grandma Murphy and Uncle Clancy Murphy died...Clancy the big Chicago Bears fan...
Remember how my neighbor/Grandma's neighbor died after the Cubs won the World Series as well and in connection to my Grandma/North Korea/He was a huge Cubs fan.....What I never thought about before is the person who lives in my neighbors house now is a girl I graduated with. Her birthday I remember is November 4th....11/4 haha just crazy. 
I only know her bday because mine is the Nov. 10th and our bdays were close together. 
Her name equals 166 as well....just like
Barney Murphy=166
Matthew Murphy dies on the 166th day of the year. 

What else is interesting in regards to this being the 114th world series. Remember there was the police officers in Des Moines killed on Game 7 of the 112th World Series. One of them was right next to where I used to live on Merle Hay Rd....I worked at "Burger King"=112 and right across the street is the 1908 Draught Bar....the Cubs hadn't won since started raining and the Cubs won the world series...
Anyway remember Merle Hay is believed to be the first American to die in World War I. 
The cop that died on Merle Hay was "Tony Beminio"=141, 156(reverse)
Justin Martin=156(reverse)..other cop killed. 
World War III=141, 156(reverse)
Des Moines Police Officers Killed-Cubs 114 connections

Merle Hay also born on the anniversary of the Eagle Landing on the moon...he turned 73 on 7/20/69. 
Remember World War I came to an end 156 days after the last American Total Solar Eclipse on 6/8/1918. 
It's why Chester Bennington of Linkin Park died on that day as well..because of the 1929 Valentines Day Massacre in Lincoln Park Chicago...
Earlier in the year I posted about the possible Yankees vs Cubs world series....I'm just thinking about the death of John Heard in 2017 and in 2018 one of his former wives...Margot Kidder(Lois Lane) died.....Home Alone II lost in NEW YORK has Donald Trump and just after he's in the film they mention Herbert Hoover staying in the Hotel....Hoover(Iowa/Stock Market 1929 Valentines)

Since this post is all over the place I want to add that in regards to Blues Brothers I find it interesting one of them is "Daniel Edward Aykroyd"...
Daniel Edward Behrendt...

I was thinking the other day too how it's funny that FDR the president during World War II didn't stand for the National Anthem as he was in a wheelchair. I wouldn't doubt if there is a riddle with FDR and this lol. 

What else sticks out in regards to the National Anthem is that although it was played at some sporting events...the most memorable time was Game 1 of the 1918 World Series. According to ESPN this is where it made a bond with the sports world....

The 1918 World Series the Cubs lost to the Red Sox...but notice the date they lost was 9/11.....exactly 2 months before World War I came to an end. 
Red Sox=510(sum)
Possibly we could see the Red Sox this year as well? 
Both broke their curses and now meeting again in the 114th World Series....1918 the year World War ends..."World War"=114
Think about how the Cubs beat the Indians coached by Terry Francona who became 11-4 in coaching the World Series. He previously coached the Red Sox when they broke the Curse of the Bambino....Babe Ruth died in 1948...the year the Indians last won the World Series/Closest Super Moon and so on..
The Red Sox also the team that they go see in the film Field of Dreams that also involves IOWA. 

I love how Masonic Wiki writes this in here too. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Recap of the number 206-Synchroncity I had last night with my mom and the Casino-Native American Theme-Kevin Costner-Earthquake

Trying to Recap some of the 206 I have been seeing lately.
I talked about it in my post about the Cuban plane crash. 
Thomas James Cuban Friend
What's interesting is that he text me last night too(Thursday), and I haven't talked to him in forever. I didn't even has his number saved in my phone it's been so long. 
6/8 leaves 206 days in the year....
Prince Charles Bday is 206 days before 6/8. 
6/8 important to 9/11. 
6 months 24 days is sometimes 206 days. 
My Grandma died 206 days before my Uncle Clancy this year. 

College World Series=206
TD Ameritrade=206
Hillary Clinton=206
Chicago Cubs=206
Ed Lee=206(san francisco mayor)
Fat Comedian=206

I went to the casino with my mom tonight(Friday/Saturday Early) as my dad was out of town in Seattle. She gave me $100 to spend just so I went along. Anyway she won over 1,000 in the first few minutes we were there and I lost 60. As the night went on I kept losing and started using my own money. I was down almost $200 and I decided to go play my last few dollars on a $1 slot machine instead of a nickel one. I ended up winning 192 and being retarded I played it down to around 100. The only reason I played that machine was because it was an EAGLE machine and I figured with how much symbolism with Eagle it might be a good thing lol. I guess not...See below though as it's interesting in regards to Eagles symbolism with the place the casino is located...
Anyway what's interesting is that my moms name...
Ann Behrendt=192(reverse)
Also her maiden name..
Ann Kathleen Murphy=206
She only wanted to go for an hour or so, but after she won we stayed for a long time. I didn't realize it was that late until I looked at the clock in her car when she dropped me off at was of course 2:06am. 
Crazy too as I started this post before I left and figured I would finish when I got back from the Casino but I fell asleep and posting it now. 
What's even stranger to me is that I recently have been documenting about Kevin Costner and the Native American theme that was connected to the Omaha Indians and Chief Yellowsmoke...
The casino I went to is owned by the Omaha people who's last keeper of the sacred pole was Yellowsmoke....the town I live in murdered him in 1868 and so on...then the freemasons saved the town from being wiped out because the Omaha's knew masonic signs and were talked about of killing everyone...
Think about 6/8 leaving 206 days in the year....

The reservation is just outside of Onawa, Iowa...
Onawa, Iowa=612(sum) and 417(satanic)
Remember my uncle died 68 days before 6/24 on 4/17...206 days after my grandma died....both were connected to Eagle/Valentines Day symbolism...
Valentine=612(sum) and 417(satanic)

4/17 the 107th day...
Earthquake=107=Bridge=King Charles=George Bush
and so on...
In regards to earthquakes remember the WWE has put a lot of emphasis on Royal Rumbles this year....It was the first woman Rumble...also the Greatest Royal Rumble in the middle east...
Remember we got the story of Ariya Daivari getting death threats after the greatest royal rumble....Also a memorable thing from WM 34 was Nicholas Cone being chosen out of the audience to wrestle...
Ariya Daivari=206
Nicholas Cone=206
Monday Night Raw=206

Royal Rumble=155(reverse)
Kevin Costner=155
Oakland Athletics=155...Earthquake Series...

Another odd thing is I just got off the phone with a girl talking about her wedding I'm DJing for on 7/7....
She told me that she's would call me back in about an hour....but laughed because she forgot about the time change as she's in Seattle...I'm not sure if she lives there or not...but I do know she lives on the west coast and is coming back to have a wedding in Iowa where she's originally from....just crazy the only reason I went to the casino with my mom is because my dad is in Seattle.
The girls name in gematria is 155 in reverse as well. 

The 206th day is 7/25....
Also June 20th is 20/6....

I'm gonna try and make a bunch of blog posts, but tonight and tomorrow are the only days I think I'll have the opportunity to make any videos...if is get the girlfriend is taking classes to be a CNA right now and I have had a zero sleep having to take care of the kids and working. Only a few more weeks and I'll have a lot more time I hope. Getting up at 5am is about killing me considering I'm usually up to at least 2 or 3am. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Judge approves AT&T-Time Warner deal-9/11 symbolism-Trump/KIm Summit-Kevin Costner JFK Film-More 510

This story of AT&T merging with Time Warner has me thinking of 2 things. 
AT&T made 9-1-1 the emergency dialing code in 1968.
Time WARNer. 
This story comes the same day Trump Meets Kim Jong Un..

Al Qaeda=41

The Judge in the case was Richard Leon....Notice he was appointed to be a judge by George Bush 1 day before 9/11/2001. 
Richard Leon=107
George Bush=107

He became a Judge 5 months 10 days(end date) also 163 days after being nominated by Bush. 
George Bush=163(reverse)
June 12th the 163rd day.....George HW Bush born on 6/12. 
Think about how "Earthquake"=107, 163(reverse) too. 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy=107

This being the same day Trump meets Kim Jong Un after announcing the meeting on 5/10..
Peace Summit=510
Moon Jae In became president of SK on 5/10. 
Kim murdered his brother who was born on 5/10. 
JFK assassination anniversary is 5 months 10 days after 6/12. 
John Kennedy=510

I know I am on to something in regards to James Franco being in 11.22.63 and The Interview as we got this story today about Seth Rogen comparing the Trump Kim meeting to The Interview. 

In regards to all the 510 I've documented it's interesting that 510 days after Trump meets Kim is 11/4..2019. 
Kim Jong Un=114=World War and so on...
11/4 with the end date is also 144 days after Trump's bday. 

I'm starting to think the reason the Field of Dreams stuff came back up the other day was because of the film JFK I talked about in 2016. It stars Kevin Costner who portrays Jim Garrison who is from Denison, Iowa where Yellowsmoke Park is. Also Washington Redskin player Brandon Scherff...the Native American theme I kept mentioning before the Indians made the World Series synced up to Trump. 

Five Hundred Ten=155
Kevin Costner=155
A lot of the native stuff was connected to Obama and the assassination of William McKinley. 
It had a lot to do with the Death of Prince and his Yellow Cloud Guitar as well. 

Denison is also where Steve(Crown) KING the politician went to high school....the mascot is the Monarchs. 
Steven Arnold King=190
King Charles=107, 190(reverse)

Kevin Michael Costner=206
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)
Hillary Clinton=206 (reverse)
Lincoln Continental=206(JFK's car)
Thinking about how people on Facebook always share stuff about her emails and her getting people killed who could expose her...
Hillary=510(sum) and 624(rev sum)
Remember Trump released the JFK files on Hillary's bday.

Today on Trump's birthday and 510th day as president they bring back the emails stuff too. 

JFK died 6 months 7 days before his bday...
Lee Harvey Oswald=67
Jack Ruby who shot Oswald died in 67'. 
Just thinking about how Prince and Pence born on 6/7. 
Michael Richard Pence=155
Dealey Plaza=189

Oswald also assassinated the 35th and only Catholic president 35 days after his own bday. 
Oswald was a "Marxist"=624(sum) and 510(rev sum)

Also don't forget the big shooting story this year was the Parkland, Florida(Stoneman Douglas) shooting...JFK went to Parkland Hospital after being shot....The Parkland shooting was super connected to Marilyn Manson who is named after Marilyn Monroe(JFK) and Charles Manson who died in November before the shooting. 
Think about how they just came out with the film "LBJ" in November as well. Also his wife being "Lady Bird" and we got a film called that as well. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Missing person Jason Jolkowski on Facebook

I was looking at Facebook and I saw this story posted on my feed. I remember this story because it was just before my first year of college at Iowa Western. I was in the radio program and this story was put on air to help find him. Also there were flyers up about him being missing. He was also in the radio program at Iowa Western at the time of his disappearance. 

Jason Anthony Jolkowski=83
Benson High School=83
J=1 J=1.....JJ...11
He went missing 11 days before his bday. 
Jason Jolkowski=67
He went missing age 19....19th prime is 67. 
Blood Sacrifice=67

Look at his bday though...I swear I was supposed to see that while being attracted to this story...
6/24...the big number I keep mentioning..
High school=624(sumerian)
Also born in 81'....the big bridge number. 

What else is that this story happened just before 9/11..2001..
Remember the day before 9/11/2001 in BeeBeetown, Iowa I saw a UFO at highway F66....666. Much more to the story, but the next day we woke up to 9/11 and George Bush came to Offut Air Force base. 
 If it is connected it's interesting as the first post I mentioned my Uncle Clancy in was a post about BeeBeetown, Iowa and the number 1114 which is a lot like Prince Charles' bday of 11/14. June 24th is seemingly important to Charles and Pope Francis...
June 13th is important as it's the King Charles I married Henrietta Maria of France. 
I just discovered that "Sacrifice"=206(Jewish)
Just documenting as 206 is interrelated to the 624 stuff. 

He was even wearing a Chicago Cubs shirt when he disappeared. 
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)

He also went missing 90 days before 9/11. 

Offutt Air Force Base=107(rev red)
George Bush=107
King Charles=107

Clancy died the same day as Barbara Bush that was connected to 9/11. 
613 is the 112th prime.....1-1-2 the emergency dialing code in most parts of the world. 

Weird I was looking at the list of notable people that went to his high school and the only actor it listed was Nick Nolte. I had no idea he was from Omaha even so I clicked on him....of course his middle name is "KING". 

First Black Woman San Francisco Mayor-Earthquake Bridge Symbolism

I talked about this lady when we got the death of Ed Lee that was synced up to "Bridge" Symbolism. 
I'm seeing now that "Ed Lee"=624(rev sum) and 206(satanic)...
Both important numbers in the last few months I have been documenting about. 
Also he died on 12/12 and "San Francisco"=1212(rev sum)
I also brought up the death of Gilbert BAKER the gay flag creator...and we just had the story of the guy not making a cake for the Gay Wedding.(a baker).

Anyway notice London Breed the first BLACK woman mayor of San Francisco story comes 59 days before her bday...
First Black Woman=59
We know all the 59 in regards to Black people. 

Her bday being on 8/11 is also interesting as that is Hulk Hogan's birthday...Remember how he is really connected to Earthquakes and Philadelphia/Bridges.....Ed Lee dying age 65 like the Gilbert Baker...
The primary vote for new Mayor was on 6/5. 
Bridge Collapse=65
Terry Bollea=65(Hulk Hogan) he turns 65 years old this year. 
We got a Bridge collapse in "Florida"=65...Miami Florida=65 this year as well. 
Also this year in WWE there was emphasis on Royal RUMBLES. 
London Breed will turn 44 years old that too which stands out a lot. 
She will be was the acting(not elected) 43rd Mayor of San somewhat like the 44th....

This guy who became the actual 44th mayor of San Francisco was born on 3/ this is laughable as his bday was the day of the bridge collapse in Florida. He turned 44 years old that day too. 

He became the 44th mayor 4 months 4 days before the anniversary of the GG Bridge being opened. 
It's synced up to 2015 like I have been saying...
Mark Farrell=333(Jewish)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
Remember 2015 was the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. 
Perfect dates syncing up to the National Anthem stuff that started in San Francisco as well. 
23/1....National Anthem=231(reverse)
5/27 the 147th day.... "National Anthem"=147
August 11th is the 223rd day...
The Star Spangled Banner=223=Kaepernick=War of Eighteen Twelve
Also thinking about it..."Earthquake"=55(rev red)
Remember Ed Lee born on 5/5...he died 55 days before Super Bowl 52 in "Minneapolis"=55....the last time a SF mayor died was George Moscone who died 55 days before the Steelers(City of Bridges) won the Super Bowl. 

The primary on 6/5 was 4 months 13 days after Breed's last day as acting mayor. 
San Francisco=413(Jewish)

811 is also the 141st prime number. 
San Francisco=141(rev red)
811 also the number that was on American Pharaoh in 2015 who won the 141st Kentucky Derby...
Call 811 is the number you are supposed to call before digging which reminds me of Fracking/Earthquakes...

London Nicole Breed=166
She became acting mayor 166 days before the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge being opened. 
The anniversary of the GG Bridge to her 44th bday is 2 months 15 days. 
Mayor of San Francisco=215

Ed Lee born in Seattle as well...I'm just thinking how a bunch of people have been talking about a big event in Seattle today 6/ dad is actually leaving to Seattle in a few hours for one of my cousins graduations. A bunch of my relatives are going there as a little vacation as well...I couldn't afford to go lol otherwise I would have. So it will be interesting if anything comes of it on the same day a bunch of my family is going there...
My cousins name in Gematria is 824(Jewish)...I just documented this number with Bobby Fischer so putting it here in case I start seeing it a bunch. 
Her name is Kaitlyn which is interesting in regards to the Phishing syncroncity...Caitlyn Jenner, Kaitlyn Cussanelli I documented the other day.....Also her bday according Facebook is 11/24 which is fitting as it's 163 days or 5 months 10 days after today(6/14)...
Earthquake=163(reverse).....Today is Trump's 510th day as President and so on...but it says 11/24/1980 as well so possibly the date is not correct...
Seattle=44(rev red), 107(reverse)
Earthquake=44, 107

Bobby Fischer Death of Phil Chess in Cubs 2016 Win-Rants about Jews-Henry Ford The International Jew

Listening to the Gematria Effect right now and Ben Tetzlaff called in and talked about Bobby Fischer. I remember talking about Bobby Fischer just before the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. 
Remember we had the death of Phil Chess of Chess Records in Chicago just before the World Series began. Wikipedia said a guy named "Cub Koda" said Chess Records was the greatest American Blues Record Company. 
I also talked about the earlier death of Sean a Chess Piece in June...
Sean Rooks=117
He debuted in the NBA on 11/7 and more....
I noticed that Bobby Fischer born on 1/17....a few other things. 
Death of Phil Chess
I just looked up Bobby Fischer again.....
Bobby Fischer=114
Remember the Cubs won in their 114th season being called the Cubs....The beat the Indians getting their 114th win of the season...
A bunch of stuff went back to the "Tie"=114 they had against Pittsburgh the same day 114 people got injured in a Hoboken Train Wreck....Hoboken where the first ever baseball game supposedly played....My Uncle who was a Cubs fan died on 1/14 after they won too....The Cubs are for sure a team I'm watching for in the 114th World Series. 

Notice Bobby Fischer died 10 months 8 days before his bday too. 
Cubs won for the first time in 108 seasons..
Great Chicago Fire on 10/8...
Willis Tower 108 stories tall...
So on....

Also I did not know Bobby Fischer called out the Jews which is hilarious to what I was documenting in 2016. 
Israel Declared it's independence in the year 48'.(14/5)
Chicago, Illinois=145 
One Hundred Forty Five=108
They showed the Israel Sign during one of the World Series game...
Cleveland=48(rev red)
The Indians haven't won a world series since 48'. 
Trump won the biggest election upset since the year 48'. 
Donald Trump=48
Mexican American War ended in 48'. 

Now we have Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Think about Fischer winning the World Chess Champions upsetting the domination of the Soviets prior to that...

Don't let Bobby Fischer fool you in his hatred of Jews though as he was a Jew himself. 

Just adding this in here but I see in my old post I mentioned how Chess Records released the first Rock and Roll Album "Rocket 88" with Jackie Brenston...
I see he was born on 8/24...
Robert James Fischer=824(satanic), 824(eng ext)
Jackie Brenston=88(rev red)
Chess is 8X8 Board..
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Cubs were supposed to win from Back to the Future...88mph and so on..
88...HH...Heil Hitler....Heinrich Himmler.."Mein Kampf"=88
Mein Kampf abridged in English 8 years 88 days after releasing in Germany. 
The International Jew=88
Henry Ford died 8 months 8 days after his bday. 
Boldur Von Schirach=88 dies on 8/8(Nazi leader influenced by Ford)
Schirach was married to Hitlers official photographer Heinrich Hoffman's daughter Henriette Hoffman. 

The Germans looked up to Henry Ford over the president Herbert Hoover(HH). 
Ford the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf. 
We are currently in the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. "October Twenty Ninth"=88
All the Super Bowl connections to the National Anthem connected to Herbert Hoover who signed it into Congress. 
Also Henry Ford died 114 days before his bday...
Ford Motor Company founded 1 month 14 days after his bday.
 We are currently in the 114th year of Ford Motor Company...only for a few more days...
World War=114=Holocaust=Pearl Harbor and so on...

For whatever the reason this information really drew me in....I find it interesting I just had the synchronicity with Phishing/Virus....also a movie that I've said forever I think is important but still haven't watched it is called "The Fisher KING". 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Crackling noise in my Car and then the TV Showing me 510 and 624- Selena Gomez-Rugrats Cartoon

The strangest thing just happened to me. I went to the store to give my girlfriends brother a ride home from work. He wanted to go to one of his friends house instead so I took him there. When he got out of the car and started shutting the door the radio made a crazy crackling noise. I looked at the radio thinking it was just on a station that didn't come in well....the thing is that the radio was on Volume 0 so it makes no sense. 
The clock said 9:11 too although it's actually 10:11 as I never changed it with the time change. 
I turned it up to see what song was playing and it was "Back to You" by Selena Gomez....
Look when this song came out though....
5/10....the big number with North Korea/Trump/JFK/Basketball...

Selena Gomez=59, 58(rev red), 122, 175(reverse), 507(satanic)
Pope Francis=59, 58(rev red), 122, 175, 507(satanic)

I shit you not the TV just made a very similar sound now as I'm writing up this blog post. 
It's on the TV Rugrats...Season 3 episode 11. 
Rugrats=510(rev sum) and 624(Sumerian)
What are the odds? Both very significant numbers I have talked about in relation to Korea and the Royal symbolism. 

Angelica is now arguing with the other babies about her CROWN. 
They are all making home movies by drawing pictures...Angelica draws a crown on her head and says she has a crown but Tommy argues with her Angelica says, If that's Tommy then I'm the Queen of English lol just crazy. 

I love Angelica's drawing too....
It looks like a Pyramid with a Glowing Sun above it...

Can't forget that Chucky always wears the Saturn shirt as well. 

I'm thinking about Selena Gomez and I really know nothing about her except for she was with Justin Beiber.....
Justin Beiber=53, 134, 190(reverse)
King Charles=53, 190(reverse)
King Charles III=134

Weird stuff...the 2nd part of the this Rugrats episode is about an evil looking Clown Toy that Stu Pickles makes...Just thinking about that in regards to "It" and Stephen King as well. 

Remember 6/24 is really synced up to Pope Francis and Prince Charles....
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
Make America Great Again=404(reverse)

Kanye West perfect to be on Family Feud

Kanye West=51, 48(rev red)
Family Feud=48, 51(rev red)
Steve Harvey=51

Field of Dreams moment at Work Today

Today at work one of the ladies I work with made the remark..."If you build it, They Will Come". She wasn't talking about Field of Dreams but just referencing the quote. I asked her though if that's how she remembers it....As "They" instead of "He"....I honestly remember it as "He" not They. I've documented about the Mandela Effect before, but the reason I'm making this post is because it was so random at work and this film is important to what I've been saying about Earthquakes. 

Remember this film came out on Queen Elizabeth's 63rd bday in 1989 which was also the year of the Earthquake Series(Oakland vs San Francisco). A same city World Series and in the film he takes Terrence Mann to Red Sox vs Oakland A's game...this is where he sees MoonLight Graham 1922 New York Giants.....
1922 was a Subway Series...
1989 a Same city series involving the Giants who lost in the World Series to the A's. 
Oakland Athletics=155
Kevin Costner=155

I still think James Earl Jones is important to the mix of things. 
James Earl Jones=147, 231(reverse)
National Anthem=147, 231(reverse)
Think about Field of Dreams being about the 1919 White Sox and rigged games too. 
The Hawaii stuff reminds me of Obama and the Lion King...Also all the hype on the new Star Wars Stuff..Solo....

This film was a big piece to why I thought the Indians would be in the World Series in 2016....we even got the death of W.P. Kinsella just before the World Series in September....All the Native American stuff connected to the area I live and the Omaha Indians...

Much more I've documented about this film, but just wanted to re-document some of it as I feel like there was a reason it was brought up today. 
Today also being the 162nd day of the year is fitting for baseball as well. 
162nd regular season game. 
Major League Baseball=162
The Indians are playing the White Sox today as well which is interesting. 

Former Patriots lineman Kenyatta Jones dies on 6/9.

Kenyatta Jones=160
He dies on the 160th day of the year. 

He dies 7 months 9 days before his bday. 
Kenyatta Lapoleon Jones=79
Born in 79'. 

The Star Spangled Banner=223=Kaepernick
Roseanne came back for 223rd episode and ended on 231st...she's sang the terrible national anthem....
His initials are interesting in regards to all of the Flag symbolism with the NFL...
K L J....2..3...1
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Cardiac Arrest=231(what he died from) also 96...
He was the 96th pick in the draft and died on 6/9 or 9/6. 

Dies 4 months 5 days after the Patriots lose in SB 52. 
New England=45
Kenyatta Jones=52

Also interesting he only won 1 Super Bowl with the Patriots and it was the 2001 season....just after 9/11. 

Rob Gronwkowski bets $69 on Horse named Gronkowski at Belmont Stakes

It's stories like these that made Gematria so easy to see right away for me. I remember seeing stuff like this all the time, but until I learned Gematria I didn't grasp the importance of it. They blatantly tell us that Gronkowski bets $69 dollars on a horse named Gronkowski because the date was 6/9. 
What they don't tell you in the story is how Rob Gronkowski syncs up with 69 as well. 
Rob Gronkowski=69
Sixty Nine Dollars=94, 95(rev red), 220, 212(reverse)
Robert Gronkowski=94, 95(Rev red), 220, 212(reverse)

Horse Race=52
Justify won with 52 year old Jockey Mike Smith and so on...
Gronkowski just lost in Super Bowl 52. 
John Breech=52(Tweet above about 69)

They put it right in your face and then make it seem as if it's a joke, when in reality it's this way for a reason and not a coincidence. 

The Jockey for Gronkowski was Jose Ortiz. 
Jose Ortiz=52(rev red)

Interesting that 6/9 is also 239 days before Super Bowl 53. 
52nd prime is 239. 

It also came 4 months 5 days after Super Bowl 52..
New England=45

American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown 4 months 5 days after the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2015. 
Then the next year the White Bronco(horse) won the Super Bowl. 

Remember in 2015 a big story was Tom Brady going to the MayPac Fight on the same day as the Kentucky Derby. He had to take a private jet to get to both events. He also took Gronkowski and other Patriots to the Kentucky Derby. 

Even better look at the day Gronkowski was foaled....He was foaled the same day as Super Bowl 49 when the Patriots won the rigged super bowl on 2/1..because Russell Wilson's 21st pass got intercepted by # 21 on 2nd and 1 and he fell to the ground with 21 seconds left. 

The 125 days is interesting too as 6/9 was 1 month 25 days before Tom Brady's birthday. 
Gronkowski's bday is 2 months 20 days before Brady's. 
Robert Gronkowski=220
Sixty Nine Dollars=220


A big thing was that Gronkowski was way behind and then he cameback to get 2nd place...they compared it to a 28-3 comeback like when the Patriots came back in the scripted super bowl 52 against Atlanta. 
The reason I mention this is because Super Bowl 53 just so happens to be in Atlanta. 
Super Bowl 51 scripted by the numbers
Also notice Justify's 4/5 odds.