Thursday, September 19, 2019

Nascar stories and deaths in recent news-Mike Stefanik-Nick Harrison-NASCAR and Nascar in Francis Bacon

All types of stories with Nascar going on right now....
As I said back in April we are getting deaths of Nascar people this year. 
I didn't even realize a Nascar crew chief had died on 7/21, but we are getting an updated story on his death currently. 
We also got the death of Mike Stefanik in a plane crash of all things...You know just after Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in a plane crash.....We also got the death of the singer from the band "The CARS" reminding us of Nascar..
Interesting the article above they use all caps for NASCAR..I swear everywhere I look now has it capitalized, but when I was previously documenting about it..I was seeing it all over the place with only the "N" capitalized....regardless it's important as I've proved this narrative to be true with only the "N" capitalized...which I find odd. I mean crazy how with just the capital "N" it syncs perfectly to Bill France...Dale Earnhardt...JD Gibbs and more....I guess it wasn't the only thing showing the narrative, as it was more about "44", but I'm still pondering how it would sync up so well if it isn't correct...almost as if I am supposed to notice it for some reason?  
9/19/19 is 215 days before Queen Elizabeth II's bday...

The Cars=43
Plane Crash=43

Notice the Nick Harrison guy died just after the Talladega he was the crew chief for the number "11" car in Xfinity which I mentioned was important....Think how Denny Hamlin won the Daytona 500 in the "11" car after JD Gibbs died on the 11th day...

Justin Haley drives the number 11 car in Xfinity...notice his bday was the same day as the Monster Energy Talladega Race this year...which is also the day he made his debut in the Monster Energy Cup series....

Interesting Stefanik's plane left from COVENTRY, Rhode Island....reminds me of Coven/Covenant that I just documented about..

Wiki lists his full name as...
Michael Paul Stefanik=111
He crashed in "Sterling, Connecticut"=111
Riconn Airport=82
Funny how "Nascar"=111 and 82 in the Francis Bacon ciphers that way too...
He actually died in "Providence"=111 and 159
The date was 15/9 or 9/15...

He also dies 118 days after his bday and 118 days before 1/11...
Cancer=118(Brenda Jackson)

He also dies 56 days after Nick Harrison...

I'm still keeping an eye on today and 10/6 as they seem important to this narrative...

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

US Navy confirms UFO Videos are the real deal-Tom DeLonge and synchronicity

Tom Delonge-Randy Quaid post
I saw this story and remembered I talked about it with my Tom Delonge blog post about Aliens a while back. I searched Tom Delonge on my blog and started reading it over...I'm listening to the Gematria Effect and some guy calls in and talks about Randy Quaid and the Star Whackers...I then notice that in my blog post I talked about Randy Quaid. 

It's crazy as even further on this post I mentioned Aiwass and Aleister Crowley....All day at work I was reading more about Thelema and Aleister Crowley as I want to understand more about Magic and the purpose of this. 
I was trying to figure out why synchronicity is important to magic. 

US Navy=39
Tom Delonge released this video on 3/9. 

It's interesting too that someone recently took Tom Delonge's birthday off his wikipedia page...In my old post it has the date of 12/13...but on 9/8/19 they removed it from his wiki? 
Tom DeLong=43
He's currently 43 years old...

Interesting this story comes 279 days after his 43rd birthday...
The old story came 279 days before his 43rd birthday..

I'm also interested that the pilot was calling it a Drone....I saw my best friend on Thursday and he was hammered talking about the 9/10/2001 when we saw a UFO outside of Beebeetown, Iowa. I've mentioend that story a ton of times in videos and blogs...but we both have wondered if it was some type of drone or really Aliens for years.....the next morning was 9/11/2001 and then George Bush came to Offutt Air Force base which is not too far from where we saw this UFO that followed us. 
Also last night I even talked about Blink 182 at the bar, as I played Pennywise and I was explaining stuff about "Punk/Pop Punk" to someone. 

This new story comes 86 days before Tom DeLonge's bday...
This story is for sure important to Tom DeLonge...I just dont' see the full picture yet. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Synchronicity with my TV-Rams-Wolf, Vampire, Witches..Halloween?

I just went back and added a point about Ramesses II also being the pharaoh who chased Moses in regards to the Ram symbolism. I was looking at my post about Cecil B. DeMille and the 10 Commandments and it mentioned the Covington High School stuff. I started looking at that post and was trying to figure out where I can place that info for it to make sense and I hear the TV say "Ramsey". I got up and took a picture, then I sit down and I hear the guy start talking about the "Coven"'s some Wife Swap episode....
It's just funny as the Covington High School stuff we even mentioned the Coven....
I'm just wondering as the Rams stuff was really important to Teen Wolf...Werewolf...The Buffy Stuff important to Vampires....Coven...important to Witches....All of this reminds me of Halloween....Remember the 310/Buffy Stuff was important to Ethiopia which is where the Ark of the Covenant is held supposedly..(10 commandments)..
Maybe I will start seeing a "Witch" theme...or some other Monster type theme? 

Cubs series against the Reds after a Pirates series

I've been documenting the importance to the "Tie" symbolism and I just keep noticing things. The Pirates and the Reds are big pieces to it all and after the Bruce Bochy post I noticed the Cubs started a series against the Pirates...I didn't see however that after the Pirates series the Cubs played a series against the Reds....

Eli Manning Benched for Daniel Jones-Patriots 16-0 season and loss to the Giants

We got a story today about the Giants benching Eli Manning. It's funny as there has also been a lot of talk that the Patriots could go 16-0 again. Remember Eli Manning and the Giants upset that 2007 team in the Super Bowl. 

You have to appreciate the picture above making sure we see the number 108 because of Eli and Jones numbers. 
This story comes 108 days before Eli's birthday. 
Daniel Jones=108

To further laugh at it, it comes 8 months 10 days before Jones' bday. 
Like the number 8 and 10 or 10 and 8. 

Plus Eli is currently 38 years old..
New York=163(FB)...the 38th prime number. 
The Patriots were in their 38th NFL season when the Giants upset them in 2007. 

Also interesting this is a headline story right now on Espn...I have been writing all about the Rams and the Jacksonsville shooting still in the RAMsey wants traded? 

Headline story of Omaha World Herald shows a picture of someone I know-Marathon symbolism

I had to work tonight because a bunch of people called in. It was pretty slow and I went to get on the internet on my phone when the Omaha Newspaper caught my eye. The girl on the front page of the paper is someone I know. I think this paper was from Saturday, but someone cuts the part with the date out on the front page so we get credit for them...then an old lady I work with usually takes them. ...Anyway I just thought it was strange how I actually knew someone on the front page of the Omaha World Herald..but as I was looking more, I notice the part that was cut out made it seem that there was an article about "Marathons" on the front page....
I'm just thinking about this because 9/19 is important to the Marathon symbolism and we are coming up on that date...The article is also about the 44th Marathon of Omaha that was held today....and also the next 2 weekends having a different Marathon in Omaha...

The article that had the picture of the girl I know was about a shortage of nurses in Omaha...
The hospital was "Bergan Mercy"=163(FB)
The girl I know has name gematria of 163 and 215...
38th prime number is 163...
I'm thinking how today was the 44th Marathon...
38, 44...numbers around death...
The next marathon is called "Heartland"=38..then the "Nebraska"=44...

I'm also reminded of that story we got a while back about the Nurse denied the record at the London Marathon..
Jessica Anderson=310(FB)

Just wanted to document this, as I'm sure it may have more meaning in the future. I wrote this post on Sunday too, but for some reason it didn't here it is on Tuesday. 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

76 anti-ICE protesters arrested at Microsoft Store in New York-44th anniversary of Microsoft-Seattle

anti Ice protesters=108
seventy six=108
Interesting this comes 163 days after the 44th anniversary of Microsoft on 4/4. 
New York=163(FB)

To top it off, this story comes 44 days before Bill Gates birthday as well. 
Remember how the death of Paul Allen was all synced up to 44 too. He even died 4 months 4 days before the day I thought he would died...which was 44 days before the 44th anniversary of Microsoft on 4/4..
Seattle=44 and 108(FB) and 163(Franc Baconis)

Interesting to see that "Microsoft"=144(FB) too. 
Forty Four=144

At least 22 people injured in New Jersey Deck Collapse

22 people injured in a deck collapse? 
Twenty Two=42
Beach House=42

Wildwood New Jersey=85

Pirates lose 1-14 to the Cubs-Bruce Bochy/Mariners blog post

Interesting I just documented about the Pirates being important to the Bruce Bochy stuff...I didn't realize the Pirates were playing a series against the Cubs after the Giants....Now today the Pirates lose 1-14 to the Cubs...This was the big number I was talking about in the previous posts...

Drones strikes knock out half of Saudi Arabia's oil capacity

Another OIL story and involving Saudi Arabia? 

It doesn't necessarily have to be capitalized but interesting that "Oil"=62(FB)


Saudi Aramco=157(FB) and 42
Drone Strikes=157

Friday, September 13, 2019

Baby Born on 9/11 at 9:11pm weighing 9 pounds 11 ounces

The media showing us a story about a baby that was born on 9/11 at 9:11pm weighing 9 pounds 11 ounces. 

I'd like to see the parents birthdays as I bet there is some signficance with them as well.. if this is a true story. 

It was born in "Germantown"=156(FB)
156th prime is 9/11 too. 

It seems they have been showing us a lot of so called "coincidences" lately...especially within sports...just like how they did it with the Cubs and 108. Sad that people have already forgot about it, and haven't looked at how this happens everyday. 

Scooby Doo in the news 1 month 13 days after my synchronicity with it

Interesting a story about Scooby-Doo considering it was part of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer narrative. 

The last time I documented about Scooby Doo on my blog was about synchronicity I had with Scooby on 7/31...the 27th anniversary of the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer coming out..
Notice it was 1 month 13 days before this story.
9/13 is when Scooby Doo debuted...
Scooby Doo Where Are You=113 and 413(rFB)
This is interesting as I had synchroncity with Scooby Doo on 4/13 earlier this year too...
Sarah Michelle Gellar=413(Jewish)

I'm also interested that today is 58 days before my bday..remember 7/31 is 3 months 10 days before my bday. 
Dan Behrendt=58
I'm still paying attention to the Des Moines/Iowa narrative as well. Slipknot playing there this year was too symbolic. 

Political Turmoil=227 and 205