Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Southern Connecticut State Gymnast dies after Fall from Uneven Bars

Melanie Coleman=59
Uneven Bars=59(died on)

She died 161 days after her birthday? 
Melanie Amber Coleman=161

Notice too this also means she died on the 5th month 9th day of her age....59

Southern Connecticut State is also in New Haven, Ct....which is where Yale/Skull and Bones is...
Skull and Bones=59(sk)

Monday, November 11, 2019

Alex Trebek chokes up after Heartfelt message

"We ♥ You Alex"=112, 41, 40
Notice this comes 112 days after his bday. 
Alex Trebek=40...born in 1940..
Jeopardy=40, 41

We Love You Alex=166
Just interesting considering this was the big number with all the Jeopardy stuff I mentioned in 2016/17. 

Australia wild fires and synchronicity with Takin Care of Business

Australia now has Wildfires....
I mentioned in the Batman/Joker stuff that there might be something important to Australia...a few days ago we got the death of Australia Boxer Dwight Ritchie...now these fires...
Remember Australia was important to the beginning of the 310 stuff too. 

I feel like there is something important to either Bachman Turner Overdrive or the film "Men at Work". A few weeks back I mentioned how I explained all of this to my bandmates and what not and had the synchronicity with sleep paralysis...then 2 days later at our gig...Pat was talking about the song  "Down Under".....He was explaining that the song was actually ripped off from something else and it wasn't the Australian band "Men at Work"...I can't remember exactly what he said...but I thought he was talking about Bachman Turner Overdrive because the song "Takin' Care of Business" is the main song on the film "Men At Work". Then Ryan our drummer said, hey Dan that's crazy synchronicity you were talking about because a little while ago I was actually thinking about that movie and wanting to watch it again....
It's also interesting as the song is called "Down Under" and that is the name of a bar we often play at in Omaha. I've documented about it before with our band too and the number 261. 

Even more interesting is that I just rewatched the film "Men at Work" and the song "Takin Care of Business" is not on it...I don't know why I have that memory lol...it's strange, but everytime I think of this movie I think of this song...now I wonder why? 

Interesting the song Takin Care of Business is on the film "A Knights Tale"...which is part of the Heath Ledger(Australia) stuff I was talking about. 

How crazy is this too? Remember I covered the film "Takin Care of Business" in regards to the Cubs winning in 2016....Notice it says this was "JJ" Abrams first screenplay work...and he later went on to make "Super 8" and Star Wars.....
I just talked about the film "Super 8" with the Buffalo Wild Wings thing...and the JJ theme...

It's funny too that I'm noticing this on the date of 11/11 too. 
Takin Care of Business=1111(eng ext)

I'm wondering if I associated the song with Men at Work because the film Takin Care of Business came out a week before Men at Work in 1990? 

I also documented about the film Taking Care of Business with Tyler Skaggs and the Angels stuff...in the film the Cubs are playing the Angels in the world series....I also mentioned Los Angeles and "The Big One"(Earthquake). 

One last thing that I want to add. The song "Down Under" I always associate with the band "Pennywise" who covered it. ..Pennywise...It/Clown...(Lebron's Halloween 2017/Joker is a clown)....Clown from Slipknot's daughter dying...Pat recently learned the theme song from Killer Clowns in Outer Space for a show..

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Marlboro Man and Dwight Ritchie stories on 11/9-Cowboy-John Wayne

The same day we got a story on CNN about the death of the Marlboro Man, we got a story of Australia boxer Dwight Ritchie dying...Dwight Ritchie has the nickname of "The Cowboy", and the Marlboro Man is also a Cowboy. 

It's also interesting with the MM and putting emphasis that Bob Norris didn't smoke. 
M=4, M=4
Cancer=44=Chemo=Cigarettes=Kill and so on..

It's interesting he owned the ranch called "Tee Cross"...you know like how the lowercase t is similar to a cross....and all the Time connections...
Tee Cross=49, 112
Bob Norris=49, 112

Interesting how it lists his name as "Robert C. Norris"=177 on his obituary too. 

He was married on 6/24 and he died 6 months 24 days after his bday...
Jane Wright=207(FB)
He also died 6 months 24 days(end date) before John Wayne's bday....He was good friends with John Wayne who has been important this year....
Wayne's real name is Marion Mitchell...MM..Marlboro Man..MM...

Also I just want to document that the first thing I thought of when seeing this death was the song "Old Town Road". In the remix Billy Ray sings about the Marlboro Man. 


Probably need to pay attention to the Dallas Cowboys..who were important to the black cat/Chiefs narrative. 
Funny they play the Vikings tonight...which reminds me of another hit song this year...Truth Hurts/Lizzo. 

Claire gave me an Angel Gabriel craft she made at the Lutheran Church

Since today is my birthday Claire brought me food up to my room and told me there was a surprise downstairs. When I came downstairs I saw this sitting on the table. The actual present was they cleaned the house haha, but she gave this to me too. I guess she made it for me on Wednesday, but since I was at band practice she never gave it to me. It wasn't for my birthday, but she gave it to me today because they found it when they were cleaning. 
It's just so funny because we don't go to church or anything of the sort. A new girl moved to town and Claire became friends with her, and they asked if Claire wanted to come to some event they were having for kids at the Lutheran church. Living in a small town they do things like this every now and then for kids, and it really doesn't matter if you are religious or not to go. 
I just think it's hilarious what is written on it. Out of everything they could've made with crafts at that place..they made the Angel Gabriel with a quote about him telling Mary she would birth Jesus. 
I have said that this year seems to be connected to late 2016 and 2017...and this was when I was mentioning the Angel Gabriel like crazy all in relation to my girlfriend being pregnant. 
This year was important to Angels with the death of Tyler Skaggs/Disney too. 

Remember Gabriel only talks to Daniel, Zechariah and Mary...which is why Mary Tofflemire was important to the Pig theme. 
Remember how the number 1012 was really important and I read the book of Daniel 10:12 that talked about helping Daniel gain understanding....Anyway I noticed..
Book of Daniel=215
Think how my recent son is named Alistair and is connected to Aleister Crowley who was born on 10/12. 
Aleister Crowley=215
Knights of Columbus=215(Columbus found America on 10/12)
A lot more I've documented about..
 Plus Alistair(my song) being born on 31/8 and in 2016/2017 we were talking how this number was important...The TV show Touch called it the GOD number...22/7=3.14.....7/22=.318

Gabriel is also a reason why 624 was important too. 

Claire also originally made this on Wednesday which was the 310th day of the year..11/6....I'm getting it today on the 314th day(pi)

I'll have to go back and review my Angel Gabriel stuff..

Russian professor pulled from river with a pair of severed arms-France-49th day of French Republic

This odd story was at the top of CNN today. Notice this professor was all about France. He won an Order of Legion d'Honneur for his studies and popularization of the history of France's Army....He also teaches about the military history of France and has done a bunch of work on Napoleon. 
Oleg Sokolov=49
Moika=49(The river he was in)
Notice this comes on the 49th day of the 227th anniversary of the French Republic. 
The 49th prime number is 227. 

So the story is he murdered a 24 year old girl and was putting her in the river. He was drunk and fell in and that's how they caught him....but notice it says he intended on committing suicide dressed as Napoleon...Lol I mean seriously. 
Interesting he was 63 years old as well....something I mentioned a lot recently...

Also interesting this comes 92 days after the 227th anniversary of the Fall of the French Monarchy...

Zach's Bitchute Subs at 177-Rational Wiki-James Jumper-2016/2017 connections to this year

Sam text me last night telling me Zach was doing a rant video about the Rational Wiki page about him. It's the same person who started the blog mocking my blog in 2016 and the same person/people who created the "new gematria" rational wiki too. Remember the guys name was "James Jumper"...he started it because of my Jeopardy videos..and I had been documenting about a "JJ" theme along with a "Trolling" theme at that time.....Now in 2019 the Troll theme is back and I've recently been mentioning the JJ theme too..so interesting it's being brought back up...I've been saying all year that this year is important to all of the events of late 2016 into 2017...it's why Zach is starting a new website...why Andrew Luck retired, Why Jeopardy James and Alex Trebek's cancer are important. It's why Zach's on his 19th Channel in the year 19' and more. 

I'm telling you that these people already know what is up, and this is why we are not going to beat them without knowing how to use the knowledge. 

James Jumper made a recent post about Zach, Derek, and I too on 11/2. 

Anyway moral of the story...I had a band gig last night and figured I would listen to Zach's video on the way home, but I couldn't find it. I then saw he put it on Bitchute..yet I still couldn't find it..but notice how many subs he had on Bitchute...
The number I said I keep seeing...

Remember too that the Pig Year stuff is all important to this as well...I'm exactly 8 months 11 days older than Zach and much more....it's confusing because with all of this going on it seems that there is some type of spell on this community...but then again..it seems like this is just the path and everything has always been planned this way...I can't figure it out. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

All Marines are now allowed to use Umbrellas

I don't see the gematria significane in this story, but I find it interesting in connection to a major narrative this year....The Umbrella Man...Zach starting a new website/All 4 Truth Umbrella...Mary Poppins...Taylor Swift/France Video...
All Marines=166
Remember 166 was important to the Umbrella Man...

Mary Poppins=63

Kanye might change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West

Christian Genius Billionaire=138 and 168
Think how he loves "Donald Trump"=138
Taylor Swift=168
Beyonce Knowles=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168
This big narrative I have mentioned for years. 

The narrative is also important to France...I need to think more about this...
Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West=216
Reminding us of Obama's bday on the 216th day..
Also the Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth(Queen Mother) bday's. 

This story also comes 2 months 13 days after the VMA's and 213 days before Kanye's next bday. 
Los Angeles=216(FB) and 213(FB)
Kanye/Kardashians..Los Angeles...

Disney in the media a lot again-Disney Plus

There have been a ton of Disney related stories in the news this year...just pointing out we are getting a lot more in the wake of Disney Plus releasing in a few days. 
Disney Plus=63(s)

Message to James Holzhauer on Facebook

Fuck it lol, let's see if I get a response. I missed the "y" on Carey because my keys have been sticking, but oh well. 

James Holzhauer wins 1st game of Tournament of Champions-more 63-Born in Naperville-Buffalo Wild Wings-JJ

Just below that Dwight Howard chicken wings story I posted about earlier was an article about James Holzhauer and Jeopardy. Last night I saw something about a question and the Cleveland Cavaliers and I was going to blog about it..but was too tired. So now I'm looking at it and realizing a funny thing...James Holzhauer lost on 6/3...
James Holzhauer=63
He lost to the lady named "Emma"=63(FB)
Alex Trebek announced his cancer on 3/6 or 6/3..
The 36th season of Jeopardy began 6 months 3 days after Trebek announced his cancer on 3/6. 
My last 2 blog posts were about this number....hmmm..
James Holzhauer got trolled because the other player Alan Dunn beat him to saying "Who are the Cavaliers"...
I also find it interesting they always say it was a 52 year drought when in fact it was 51 years 5 months 23 days...so the question isn't even accurate on Jeopardy....

Also remember how they referred to James as Jeopardy James...or JJ. 

James Holzhauer was also born in Naperville, Illinois which is where the Racism took place at the Buffalo Wild Wings haha. 

I can't seem to find when the next episode he will be on is? It's sometime next week, but I can't find a specific date...It would be interesting if it is Monday 11/11 as that will be the 63rd day of season 36. 
I still can't find his birthday either which I'm curious about the connection. 

Also..."Cleveland, Ohio"=177(FB)
Interesting this game was on 11/6 too and I've mentioned the Cleveland Indians in regards to the the 116th World Series...as they also lost the World Series after the Cavaliers won. 
Native American=63

Washer & Dryer theme on Facebook-63

I just went to Facebook and 2 posts in a row at the top of my feed were about a "Washer & Dryer". This is interesting to me too as our dryer quit heating up just a few days ago. I don't know how to fix hardly anything, but I figured out the dryer. It just needed a new piece on the back...and it actually worked..so I was joking that I am now a handy man...as not too long ago I had to take the toilet apart too because Zamien threw a watercolors paintbrush in it. 
Washer Dryer=63 and 63(rev)
I just posted about Buffalo Wild Wings and 63..

Buffalo Wild Wings worker dies after Super 8 exposure-Dwight Howard quits eating chicken wings-JJ

It's funny I wake up to these stories about Chicken Wings. Last night I was telling my girlfriend that I forgot it was chicken wing night at the new bar in town. It's the best deal you can get as you get 12 wings for $8, and they are actually pretty good..similar recipe to Hooters. 

Dwight Howard quits eating chicken wings..
Buffalo Wild Wings cleaning agent kills a worker....this also just a few days after we had the racist regulars at Buffalo Wild Wings too. 

It hasn't been too long since I've mentioned a chicken theme again either..Costco..Sam/Palo religion..

The racist B Dubs was in Naperville...now this story from Burlington..
Naperville=51, 57
Burlington=51, 57
Reminds me of the Moon...

Plus the cleaner was called "Super 8" which just reminds me of this film involving Aliens called "Super 8"...I'm especially thinking of this film as it is a "JJ" Abrams film. 

Plus Bobby sent me this earlier in regards to Leon Czolgosz the guy who assassinated McKinley in Buffalo at the Worlds Fair...
Remember the OJ documentary thing came out just before Super Bowl 50 too when the White Bronco beat the black panther. 
I haven't listened to the gematria effects the last few weeks either, but I do recall Rambo talking about River Phoenix a bit. I'll have to listen to last weeks on my way home from Omaha tonight..if I don't run out of data. 

Buffalo Wings=63