Thursday, July 18, 2019

Toddler almost drowns when Inflatable DUCK flips over on Lake Michigan

I don't have much to say about this story, but I want to document it. Think how last year we got the Duck Boat Drowning....Actually today is 1 day shy of the 1 year annivesary of the Duck Boat Drowning too......So today we get a story of a toddler almost drowning when their inflatable Duck flipped over...
It was at Lake Michigan...
Duck=39, 69
Lake Michigan=69

Infinity on the Gematrinator Calculator on the Gematria Effect and my Post about the Glitch in the Gematrinator

Last night I made the blog post about Marilyn Manson. I was trying to find some posts about the 10 Sefirots as I thought I had some in regards to "God"=10 and "Satan"=10...When I searched for the word "Sefirot" on my blog the only post that comes up is the above post. In the post I talk about the Gematrinator doing this when you type in the word "Infinity"....
So I just got off work and started listening to the Gematria Effect from last night. I only listened to a tiny bit in the beginning and muted it for a while before I just stopped it completely last night. I turn it on and just a few minutes in Zach starts talking about the Gematrinator and something being messed up when you type in the word "Infinity"..
Apparently when you type in "Infinity" with a capital "I" it won't show up on the bottom of the Gematrinator to compare it to other words. It works with a lowercase "i" but not capital "I".....It's just interesting considering the importance of Francis Bacon gematria I've been talking about. 

It's also interesting that I have this sync 60 days after I mentioned the gematrinator was giving different values on 5/19. 

Marilyn Manson concert in Council Bluffs, Iowa on 7/21

My friend Sturgill text me about this concert the other day. 
I wasn't sure if I could go, but I found a babysitter so I get to go. I'm trying to think of some creative ways to share the knowledge as Marilyn Manson is a perfect way. I'm only documenting as I bet something interesting will happen at this show..
Remember how Marilyn Manson was really important to the MOON with the Stoneman Douglas shooting....I'm going to a show on the 50th anniversary of of Neil Armstrong Walking on the moon haha. 

It will also be 168 days before Marilyn Manson's 51st bday on 1/5 or 5/1. 
Marilyn Manson=168
Brian Warner=168
Remember how he got injured in..
New York City=168 
It's also Zach's bday and 8 months 11 days after my bday. 
Moon=15, 51
Rob Zombie=51

It's also interesting as it will be 112 days before my birthday. 
Daniel Edward Behrendt=112
Rob Zombie born on 1/12. 
Without his middle Sturgill's full name is 112 and born on 11/20. 

Dan Behrendt=50 and 202
It's the 50th anniversary on the 202nd day of the year..

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

DeMarcus Cousins signs with Lakers-The Major Narrative with the Off Season Trades-King Symbolism

Westbrook to Rockets Blog Post
I made a post about this story on my blog and then elaborated more on Facebook. I'm making this post to elaborate even more on this narrative...

Demarcus Cousins spent most of his career with the Sacramento KINGS. Remember how LeBron's injury was connected to the number 34 in regards to Kobe Bryant tearing his achilles. It was a lot to do with the King Symbolism/Prince Charles....Luke Walton went to the Cavs the same year Kobe tore his achilles...Now he coaches for the KINGS. 
Anyway remember DeMarcus Cousins achilles tear was scripted to Kobe Bryant and bridge symbolism with Philadelphia winning Super Bowl 52..
Kobe Bean Bryant=81...81 point game..
DeMarcus Amir Cousins=81...came out of the game with 8.1 on the clock...
The SB was in Minnesota that was important to 81 and the Bridge's also why we got the FIU bridge collapse after the SB on the Ides of March which was connected to San Francisco's 44th Mayor who turned 44 years old that day....became mayor 4 months 4 days before the GG Bridge's 81st anniversary being opened. Then London Breed became mayor and turned 44 years old...

The Lakers get Cousins 117 days after Anthony Davis' bday and 1 month 17 days before Kobe's bday..

Another interesting thing is the importance of the Clippers with Kawhi/ the Clippers connections to Earthquake=44
Notice that DeMarcus Cousins made his comeback from his achilles tendon against the Clippers earlier this year...
Remember LeBron James also made his comeback against the Clippers on 1/31...The Injury was all about 34 and then the Lakers played the Clippers again on 3/4 and got their 34th loss of the season. 
Los Angeles Clippers=81
Remember how Kobe Scored 81 points against the Raptors and made his comeback after the achilles injury against the Raptors in the 34th week after. 
That game was also on Dwight Howard's birthday....Howard will be 34 years old this year too...
The Lakers opened up that season against the Clippers as well. 

Queen Elizabeth's bday is 4 months 2 days before Kobe's bday this year. 
Remember LeBron injured 4 months 2 days after Kobe's bday..
LeBron James=42
Frank Vogel became the Lakers coach 42 days before his bday. 
Charles=42, 66

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Astros lose 6 to 9 to the Angels on 7/15

In light of my phone wanting me to see this game earlier..I just want to document the score of it. 
The Astros lost 6 to 9...
World Series=69
Astros stayed on 59 wins...
Los Angeles Angels=59
115th World Series. 
We'll see if we get more Astros tributes as the season goes on..
Be interesting in regards to the Raptors winning with coach Nick Nurse who is from Iowa..
Astros manager AJ Hinch is also from Iowa. 
He's 45 years old which is interesting in regards to Tyler Skaggs. 
Iowa=95(Franc Baconis)
The game tonight was both teams 95th..
Dan Behrendt=95
Just find this interesting..

Monday, July 15, 2019

Notification on my phone about the Astros vs Angels game-Band Fozzy-Chris Jericho Ark of the Covenant

I think it's funny my phone decided to send me a notification about the Astros vs Angels game a bit ago. I haven't got a notification about any other game today, but Google decided to tell me about this one...
I've recently mentioned the importance of Tyler Skaggs and the Astros is why it's funny to me. 

Also earlier today it notified me of a new album by Fozzy. They spelled it as "Fozzy", but when you look up the band it's actually some spanish band named "Fozzi". I saved it, because Chris Jericho is in the band Fozzy and he's important to the Wall symbolism. 

Today is 117 days before Jericho's bday...

Something I never put together until now in regards to the Wall of Jericho is that it came down after they walked around it with the Ark of the Covenant...
Remember the Ark of the Covenant is supposedly in Ethiopia. 

Pink responds to criticism over her kids at the Holocaust memorial

I've documented a ton of stuff in regards to Pink so when I see a headline story about her I always check it out. 
Of course this story comes 310 days after her birthday...
We just had Corey Taylor talking about the Holocaust deniers...
The Pink Stuff was really important to 8/6 and 8/10 which is something I've mentioned over and over...
Holocaust=227(Franc Baconis)

I also just saw the video with Gilbert Gottfried saying to watch out for 8/11...This whole narrative I've been talking about is important to him...He was SNL and had a recurring character as husband to PINKY Waxman...also his impersonation of Roman Polanski(Charles Manson)...
He's also the Aflac DUCK voice...
I remember him mostly from Problem Child and USA UP All Night though...
The 8/11 stuff is seemingly turning into what was happening with 9/23 in 2015...although nothing happened it was still important to a number of things especially FRANCE. 

Actor Charles Levin found dead age 70

Another example of Francis Bacon...
Charles Levin=248(rev Francis Bacon)
He dies 248 days before his bday. 
He died age 70...
Charles Levin=70

I'll have to research this guy a bit more. He was in some interesting films such as "The Golden Child", and "No Holds Barred"(Hulk Hogan)...

NYC Blackout same day Hurricane Barry Hits Louisiana-Barack Obama

I'm wondering if the this story is somehow in relation to Hurricane Barry and Barack Obama. Remember there was a lot of Blackout symbolism when Obama was president...we talked a lot about him possibly being assassinated...getting the Black Out of the White House and so on...

Hurricane Barry hits Louisiana on the same day of this blackout which is 22 days before Obama's bday. 
I see Zach pointed out that "Storm"=22 as well. 
Think how Storms also knock the Power out...

City that never Sleeps=911(satanic)

What are the odds this comes on the exact day there was a blackout in New York 42 year earlier as well? 
Twenty Two=42
Barack Hussein Obama II=181
Barack Obama=181
The 42nd prime is 181. 

I wonder too if the reason they made JLO(Jennifer Lopez) important in this story is because of the Ben Affleck Batman symbolism? Whenever I think of JLO I think of the South Park episode with Cartman and JLO on his hand...
Also she reminds me of the Robin Williams film "Jack"..just documenting with all the 811 stuff. 

Also since I've recently mentioned Lil Wayne who is from Louisiana it reminds me of the importance of Obama going to McKinley High School in Baton Rouge after visiting Omaha.Then we got Lil Wayne emergency landing in Omaha because of a seizure later that year...Then the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile stories reminding us of McKinley's assassination. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Wikipedia edit to say Angels in the Outfield first game was Against Oakland Athletics

I went back to Angels in the Outfield on wikipedia and someone has now changed it. Apparently the Angels were playing the Toronto Blue Jays and not the Oakland Athletics in the first game he sees the Angels...

How could such an obvious mistake happen, and really why is someone on wikipedia changing a movie from 1994 in May 2019? 

It is for sure the Blue Jays too, I just checked..
The Blue Jays however are interesting too considering the narrative with Toronto and Summer Slam. 

They changed it on 3/4/2019...
That day was really important to the Troll theme/Luke Perry...
The 63rd day...."Money"=63
Tyler Skaggs=63
The Mo-Jaal=85
Toronto Blue Jays=85
Los Angeles Angels=85
Tyler Wayne Skaggs=85
He died after their 85th game. 

Changing of Wikipedia is also something I just wrote about when I was writing about the Freddie Mercury stuff...everything happens for a reason I guess. Even being wrong is somehow actually right and purposeful in this knowledge. 

Russell Westbrook traded to Rockets for Chris Paul-Los Angeles symbolism

Westbrook gets traded to the Houston Rockets? 
Westbrook is from Longbeach which is in the Los Angeles Area. 
James Harden is from Los Angeles. 
Westbrook traded for Chris Paul who the Lakers got screwed over in getting. Paul then ends up playing for the Los Angeles Clippers reminding us of Paul George who left OKC like Westbrook....also of Kawhi Leonard who just shook up LA and went to the Clippers. 
Paul went to the Clippers the same season LeBron beat the Thunder to win his first NBA Championship too. 
Paul George and Kawhi both from the Los Angeles area as well. 

Chris Paul and Westbrook's bday's are 6 months 6 days apart. 
This trade news comes 66 days after Paul's bday. 
LeBron James=66

Tyler WAYNE Skaggs and Tribute No Hitter to him-113th World Series-Houston in the 713 area code

I woke up today tagged by my friend Cody in a post about Tyler Skaggs and the no hitter yesterday. 
I really just want to point out that I just noticed his middle name is WAYNE. Something I just documented about the last few nights. 
Plus all the connections to "27" which has been important recently....Trump/Stock Market/Ross Perot...

It's also perfect this no hitter game would be against the Mariners...remember the Los Angeles Earthquake on 4/5 that was the same day as the Eagle landing on James Paxton's head. 

I never looked to see if it's true, but the last combined no hitter in California being in Oakland sticks out as well. Oakland the team who won the Earthquake was foreshadowed in Field of Dreams...
Skaggs died after they played Oakland. 
In Angels in the Outfield he first sees the Angels against the Oakland Athletics. 
I mean think about it lol, the Angels have this awesome game after he dies reminding us of Heaven/Angels. 

Remember this story of Angels in the Outfield and the Astros in 2017? 
He dies on 7/1/3(2+0+1+9=12=3)
His bday on 7/13...
Remember Houston in the 713 area code. 
Barbara Bush died 7 months 13 days before George...
The Angels got their 45th win against Houston with a 4-5 score. 
Skaggs died 113 days before the WS begins this year. 
Houston won the 113th World series in which the Puebla Earthquake happened before in 2017. 
It's either a weird tribute to the 113th World Series symbolism or I'd say it's a major clue for the Astros in this years world series. 

Remember too in regards to my friend Cody he was the only person to call me when my son Zamien was born. A bunch of 72 stuff happened at the hospital....I sat down and looked at the TV and it said, It's a was the 72nd episode of Family Guy...but....just after that scene it skips over to Sylvester Stallone and Tony Danza...Tony Danza a main character in Angels in the Outfield haha. Plus Stallone was important to the Nice, France Van Attack. 

The Angel symbolism was big with the birth of my son...I also documented a whole lot about the Minnesota Twins that year....I just see they are currently winning their division. 

The song "My Bologna" on Stranger Things

I'm like falling asleep, but lately before I sleep I've been turning on the new "Stranger Things". So I'm ready for bed and turn on where I left off, and pretty much starts off playing the song "My Bologna" by Weird Al....It's only funny to me as my band added this song to our playlist in our recent adding of songs. We already play "Gump"...but it sticks out because I really don't know any cover bands that do Weird I'm hearing his version....I knew it was his version right away because of the accordion. 

Weird Al was one of my favorite artists growing up too. He was the first concert I had ever been to and still to this day in my top 3 best concerts. My first ever youtube video in regards to "numbers" where I actually talk was about Weird Al and the numbers 72 and 27 too. 

Just want to document it as I know it's important. I thought it was important when my friend Pat wanted to add this song to our list as well, but I just didn't document about it. 

Lil Wayne in media after I document about him-Aliens and other thoughts/syncs

CNN with a story about Lil Wayne the day after I document how he might be important lol. 
I didn't even think about Wayne's World in regards to Lil WAYNE until now either..

This story came out 2 months 15 days before his bday?(215)
It actually happened on 7/11 which was 2 months 16 days...
Dwayne Michael Carter Jr=216

It's even more interesting this story is about the Blink 182 Tour...just the other day some non awake people added me to Facebook. I was looking through my old videos to post that were easy to understand that I hadn't posted before....I ended up watching my Tom DeLonge video that was about Aliens....then yesterday I saw a bunch of stuff on Facebook about people wanting to invade Area 51 to See the Aliens...

Of course right as I'm typing this about Aliens, I hear the TV say "Aliens"'s on the spinoff of Trollhunters called "3Below". It's not so much a spinoff, but a different story that will eventually be related to Trollhunters...I didn't realize it was about Aliens haha, but I've never paid that much attention to it the scene above the kid has a board with all of these lines connecting stuff like the stereotypical conspiracy theorist. He says people aren't what they seem and so on....So basically he knows about Trolls and Aliens...but another big piece is there are Wizards in the town...which makes sense considering the next spinoff is called "Wizards" that isn't out yet. 
I also think it's funny that my next DJ gig is for a wedding in Arcadia, Iowa....Trollhunters and 3Below are both set in the town of Arcadia....

Of course Tom Delonge is in the band "ANGELS and Airwaves" too. 
Lil Wayne always reminds me of Cash Money Millionaires as well...just thinking about the Money/Stock Market thing...

There's so much I can type here in regards to syncs....
The other day when Cody came over, I was telling him about 42 and black people and the episode with Randy Quaid of Family Guy was on...the premise of the episode is Chris dating the Black guy Jerome's daughter....of course Jerome tells Peter he is 42 years old on the episode too.. A few days later my son grabbed the remote and it turned to Vegas Vacation..I just left it as I hadn't seen the film in forever..that film has Randy Quaid in it as well, and I always remember him being the "Conspiracy" guy who got abducted by aliens in Independence Day...

Vegas Vacation is interesting to in regards to Wayne as Wayne Newton plays a big part in the film. Plus Vegas Vacation is a John Hughes movie which is important to the Pink/Finger Stuff....Ferris Bueller lip syncs the Wayne Newton song as well...Also not that long ago John Wayne was important...

Randy Quaid=51
Area 51 on...
Randy Quaid=166(Francis Bacon) and 310(rev Franc Baconis)
Pig year important to 166...

Quaid also said there are Hollywood Star Whackers and he fled to Canada...

Also I just documented about Aleister Crowley and remember Aiwass looks similar to a GREY Alien...
Grey was the major symbolism in 2015 that began a lot of what I have recently been saying. 

A few other thoughts on this...not too long ago I randomly started watching "The Wonder Years" on Hulu too....just thinking about FRED Savage and his brother being named "Wayne" on the show. The bad guy on Wayne's World is Rob Lowe who was important to the symbolism in 2015 with Fred Savage. Remember the World Series power went out because of the curse of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage...
The Wonder Years began on 3/15...
I put out that Tom Delonge video on 3/15..
Mark Hoppus born on 3/15...

Bohemian Rhapsody and Live AID Concert to Benefit Ethiopian Famine-Aleister Crowley

The Bohemian Rhapsody film that just recently came out was about Freddie Mercury's life up to the "Live AID" concert. Remember he died of complications from AIDS, so it's funny they would end the film here..I figured I would look up this concert...

I notice right away that the concert was set up by Bob Geldof to raise funds for the ongoing ETHIOPIAN Famine. 
Once again the Ethiopian importance to all of these events. 
Plus Bob Geldof is the character "PINK" in the "WALL". 
The last time I documented about Bob Geldof was on one of my Mollie Tibbetts posts and the Iowa Hawkeyes....
Also the concert was held partially in Philadlephia....

Interesting too that in just a few minutes it will be 7/13...
That concert was on 7/13...
Also Geldof's famous song "I Don't Like Monday's" single came out on 7/13...Remember his daughter Peaches got really into Aleister Crowley and then died on a Monday..This all after a Ghost was in her pictures...
It's funny thinking about this as well because at work today I wrote about Aleister Crowley on a piece of paper. I think I saw Zenith's video and it reminded me I should mention Magic/Spelling and Crowley in the book. Also in regards to Peaches...I swear every day someone at work asks me if we are going to get the "Peach Red Bull" again. It was a limited time thing, and people always ask me if we have it...
Makes me think of "Peaches" by Presidents of the United States everytime...
Remember how Aleister Crowley was important to the Marathon symbolism as well in regards to Earling, Iowa/Exorcism...
Joe Crowley lost to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 3 months 10 days after his bday. 
Edward Crowley=310

Aleister Crowley=215
This Saturday Night Live/Perot number...
He died age 72 and this year will be the 72nd anniversary of his death...The 72 Chief Spirits/Demons of the Goetia...