Sunday, November 19, 2017

TRU-Hoody Hooo-No Limit Records/Soldiers-Master P-Silkk The Shocker-C-Murder

I just mentioned Darius Rucker in my last post. Rucker aka "Hootie" reminded me of this song so I looked it up. 
Slave=59=Negro and so on. 
TRU was a group that involved Master P. 
Percy Miller=64, 136
Civil Rights=64, 136 and so on..

No Limit=38, 43(rev red), 92, 97(reverse)
Master P=38, 43(rev red), 92, 97(reverse)

Vyshonne King Miller=92(rev red)
Vyshonne Miller=92

The other guy in TRU was C-Murder who is in jail for murder. Although he's released multiple albums from prison. 

The murder took place at Harvey, Louisiana..
Steve Thomas=39, 60(rev red)
C-Murder born on 3/9. 

He was sentenced on a 10-2 verdict...

Look at that. No Limit Soldiers even involved in a sort of Cowboy theme in WCW as well. 
Silkk the Shocker stomping on a custom made Cowboy hat. Then a feud with the West Texas Rednecks...
Silkk the Shocker=231(reverse)

Country Music Star Mel Tillis dies-some other thoughts on previous posts about Country Music-Kane Brown-Clint Black-Garth Brooks-Darius Rucker

Country Music Star=103(rev red)
Mel Tillis dies 103 days after his bday. 

I'm really only documenting this story as it is fitting with the Cowboy theme I've mentioned.
Lonnie Melvin Tillis=90, 261(reverse)
261 is really important to many things I have seen this year and I have yet to fully understand it. 

He also joined the service to fight in the Korean War....The Korean War is also fitting for multiple things I have documented this year in connection to the Jesuits. 
Mel Tillis=132(reverse)
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

He's also known for his stutter he got from Malaria as a boy. 
Stutter=48(rev red)
Mel Tillis=48

All of the racism type stuff in the media mixed with a cowboy theme makes me think of Clint "Black".  Possibly nothing at all, but I noticed he will turn 56 years old the day of Super Bowl 52. 
Clint Patrick Black=66
Clint Black=33, 42, 66(rev red)   born on 2/4 or 4/2. 
His first album is called "Killin Time" and his music origin is out of Katy, Texas which is in the Houston area. 
Country Music=55....he's 55 years old...
Who knows, but there is a big connection to these "cowboys/country music". 

Garth Brooks is also 55 years old old right now. He was just in the news for lip syncing at the Country Music Awards. 
Kane Brown on Conan O'brien
Also I documented about Kane Brown back in October. 
Kane Brown=103
What ifs=103
Funny I mentioned the singer of Creed in that post and his bday of 8/8. 
Anthony Scott Flippen=90, 261(reverse)
Lonnie Melvin Tillis=90, 261(reverse)
They were both born on 8/8......hmmm. 

Or possibly there is something to do with Darius Rucker...The now Black Country musician? 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tommy Boy scene with Fake News-Masonic layout of Sandusky, Ohio

Earlier when I got off of work I turned on the tv and Tommy Boy was on. As I was watching it I noticed something I had never paid attention to before. 
They show us how the media/cops lie in their stories. Tommy Boy says, "Everyone Listen Up" and then the media/cops say that he hit them on the head with a hammer while robbing the bank. 

Then just after that part, Dan Akroyd's character tells "What the American Public doesn't know, is what makes them the american public". Later he says how Television is good for his lies...

Then to add more to the "Fake" theme, David Spade's Toupee gets blown off revealing that he's actually bald. 

Tommy Boy set in Sandusky, Ohio. Remember the town layout is that of the Freemasonic Compass. 

A lot of other things I have documented about this movie such as Tommy Boy attending Marquette University(Jesuit). 
He drops the American History Book with "239" on it. 
A lot more as it even had connections to Jerry Sandusky

Protester Braxton Winston to elected City Council-Jameis Winston alleged Groping of Uber Driver-Jerry Jones racist remark in 2013

CNN has these headlines currently. Interesting a story about Jameis Winston just below the main story of a protester getting elected. The protesters name is Winston Braxton.
Winston of course reminds us of 1984. 

Also all the Jerry Jones stuff and the Cowboys just makes me think about the Cowboy theme I have mentioned. I never even thought about the Las Vegas Shooting with Country Music(cowboy) Jason Aldean until now either. 

City Council=64
Braxton Winston=64
He was protesting after the death of Keith Lamont Scott.
Civil Rights=64
All the 64 connected to Civil Rights(previous blog posts)
Keith Scott=59(rev red)=Slave=Negro and so on...

Winston was elected on a perfect day as well. 
November 7th is the 311th day of the year. 
The 64th prime number is 311. 
Rosa Parks dies 3 months 11 days after her bday. 
Rosa Parks=64(Sk)
Ralph Abernathy died age 64 born on 3/11(helped with Bus Boycott)
W.E.B. Dubois died 311 days before the Civil Rights Act was passed in 64'. Also born on 2/23 that leaves 311 days in the year. 
William Edward Burghardt=311(francis bacon)
MLK JR. gave his "I have a dream" Speech the day after Dubois died too. 
Lincoln elected President on the 311th day and re elected in 1864. 
K=11   3X11=KKK

Now why is Jameis Winston important? 
Jameis Winston=1964(Jewish)...Civil Rights. 

The article also tells how Winston Braxton won the applause of Chelsea Clinton...CC...33
City Council....CC...33

City Council=53
Protester=53(rev red), 136
Civil Rights=136

Keith Lamont Scott died 136 days before his 44th bday. 

The Jameis Winston story is about him supposedly groping an Uber Driver..
Uber Driver=59, 67(rev red)

The driver only identified as "Kate". 
Civil Rights=71(rev red)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers=71
African American=71

The Jameis Winston incident happened 67 days after his bday. 
Uber Driver=67(rev red)
Crotch=67(he touched her crotch)

It was also 6 months 7 days before the Keith Lamont Scott Shooting. 
I'm reminded of the other big shootings in 2016. 
Philando Castile=67
Alton Sterling=67
Stories came out on July 6th...6/7. 
Blue Lives Matter=67 
Passed in Louisiana on 5+26+20+16=67

Off topic but I've been covering 231 a lot lately. 
Michael King Jr=231(reverse)(MLK JR's birth name)

Malcolm X=93
He died 9 months 3 days(end date) after his bday. Also 2 months 28 days before his bday. 
Martin Luther King Jr=93, 228
Both died age 39.....39/93
King died 2 months 21 days(end date) after his bday. 
Malcolm X born on 2/21. 

Might as well put the Jerry Jones article in this post as well. It's fitting for what I've documented above. 

Jerry Jones=59(rev red)
Notice he was born in 42' as well. 
His real name is Jerral Jones. 
Jerral Jones=71(rev red)
Dallas Texas=71(rev red)
Deion Sanders=71(rev red)
It doesn't say the exact date of the video he made the remarks but it says 2013. Jones turned 71 years old in 2013. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Death of Mafia Boss Salvatore "Toto" Riina-More about the Salvator Mundi-Saviour of the World

Toto Riina=59(rev red)
Mafia Boss=59(rev red)

I clicked on this article last night/early this morning. 
The thing I find most interesting is his real name is "Salvatore". 
I just covered the Da Vinci painting called the "Salvator Mundi" too. I wasn't going to blog about the Salvator Mundi article, but  it never went away. I saw it on CNN, then I went to Facebook and it was there. Then I went to Yahoo and it was on there. Then I was talking to my girlfriend and the TV started talking about the Salvator Mundi so I figured I'd look at the story. 
So I wonder if there is something to do with that word "Salvatore" that I am supposed to understand? 

Salvator/Salvatore means Saviour/Savior. 
It makes me think about the country El Salvador as well? 
Possibly we will get an Earthquake story there as it's seemingly been a quake area lately?(Mexico, Costa Rica)

Toto makes me think of the song "Africa" as well...It even mentions Salvation in the lyrics. The rains in Africa....thinking about the water symbolism...
Africa=29, 43(rev red), 38, 124(reverse)
Jesus Christ=43

Also thinking about Dorothy's Dog on the Wizard of OZ..."Toto"..

So literally just as I re looked up the Salvator Mundi the TV said, Jesus. It was a Chris Hart comedy act that was on after Tommy Boy on Comedy Central. 

This led me to notice something about the Salvator Mundi I didn't see before. 

Salvator Mundi means "Saviour of the World". 
Notice the Gematria of 231...this number I have been seeing a lot since the death of Ralphie May. 
Also note the 87 like the age Toto Riina died...and 93(Saturn). 
Jesus supposedly died on the cross on 4/3 the 93rd day. 
This is possibly why the Da Vinci painting looks like Transgender Jesus.....
Some say that Saturn is the same as Baphomet(transgendered) and so on..

Also all the other versions that I have seen of the Salvator Mundi have Jesus holding an Orb with a Cross on the top of it. The Da Vinci one didn't have the cross, only the orb. 
The orb is supposed to represent the Earth as well. 

Here is the Da Vinci cross
Orb and Cross=47 and 513(satanic)
Angel Gabriel=231(reverse), 513(satanic)
Remember 5/13 an important date to the Virgin Mary and Gabriel telling her she would birth Jesus and so on..
The cross is Time, so is Da Vinci showing the world not binded by Time? A world that isn't upside down? 

Others have pointed out that the orb doesn't distort the way natural physics do in the Da Vinci painting. Notice the example they show here is the world upside down in the orb....As Above So Below....Heaven Upside Down. 

Keystone Pipeline Leak just after Trump needs a drink of Water-Water is Life-Standing Rock

Yesterday we got this story about Trump Drinking Water....

Marco Rubio drank water on 2/12..2013. 
Poland Spring Water=212(what he drank)
Notice the article shows a 2:12 video of The Late Show making fun of Trump too. 

Now today the big story is the leak at the Keystone Pipeline and how Trump extended the Plan for the Pipeline that Obama wouldn't.

Remember a major issue in regards to the DAPL and Standing Rock was because of  contaminated Water. The Motto was even "Water is Life". 

Last year the DAPL was all synced up to the Indians in the World Series. Now this year we get the Fire vs Water theme in which the Astros(water) won the World Series. 

Water=22, 32(rev red)
Life=22(rev red), 32

Keystone XL Pipeline=88(rev red)

Something else to keep in mind is that Pennsylvania is the Keystone State.....Church of Philadelphia....The Key of David....
Key of David=135
Native American=135
South Dakota=135
I posted about a lot of this in 2016 in regards to the native american theme as it was connected to Vail, Colorado that has Keystone Ski Resort. 

Rapper Lil Peep dies age 21 on 11/15/17

Emo=33(they call his style Emo Rap/Hip Hop). 
Lil Peep=39, 33(rev red), 75, 114(reverse)
Notice how CNN makes sure to let us know the police were called just before 9pm and then make sure to tell us it was 11pm ET. I mean why even write that in the article? 
He's from New York..
New York=39, 111.....he was born on 11/1.
He dies in Arizona...
Twenty One=39(rev red)
Tuscon=34(rev red)
Rapper=34(rev red)

Lil Peep was like the rap scenes Kurt Cobain? 
Kurt Cobain=114
Lil Peep=114(reverse)

Lil Peep=75
He dies 75 days after releasing his Debut Album on 9/1 according to CNN. 

The Album however was surprised released on 8/15. 
Which was 92 days before he died. 
Lil Bo Peep=92

Fox News reports his death as the Ex of Bella Thorne. 

He dies 38 days after her birthday..

I'm sure there is something special about his tattoos as well. Notice he has Lisa Simpson, The Pink Panther, Anarchy Sign, Crybaby and many others. 

Lisa Simpson makes me think of the episode where she is president after Trump. 

Also something in regards to how most of the world are just Sheep...