Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Book of Eli-(El eye)-(A Lie)-Time in regards to God

I just posted about the word "Lie" and the connections to 317 upside down. 
Three One Seven=61=God and so on. 
I pointed out 
Lie=17, and 55(reverse)
God=17, and 55(reverse)
Timekeeper=55(red rev)
Hell=17(red rev)
It's interesting as a lot of this stuff goes back to Time. 
Watch=26(rev red) 55
Time Machine=55

Anyway it made me think of the movie "The Book of Eli".  
The book of EL...I   
The movie is all about preserving the Bible and trying to use it's power to control people. 

El is Saturn which also reminds of the Eye on Saturn's south pole. 
El eye? 

Also possibly it's the book of A Lie.  Eli..
The Book of a lie=61
God=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit=Sins=Christian=Church=Bull=Keeper of Time=Time and so on. 
Bi Bull

Interesting as well:
God's Word=105
Father Time=105
Chance the Rapper-Angels and Angles- God 7
Is Jesus Saturn blog post
I just posted a bunch of stuff in regards to 77 and more that goes along with this post. 

The guy who invented to Pendulum Clock was Christiaan Huygens. Notice he also studied the rings of Saturn...The Cassini-Huygens space craft sent to Saturn is also named partially after him. 
Pendulum clock=201(reverse)
Christiaan Huygens=201
Not necessarily connected to this but "The Book of Eli"=201(reverse)

Maybe watch this film again tonight after work. 
It came out on 1/15/10=26
15/1...Jesus Christ=151
1/15....Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115=Freemasons

Gunnar Nelson on Wife Swap with Vince Neil-Nelson Twins-World Series

I just sat down to eat and turned it to Wife Swap. The reason I'm posting this is because in the very beginning of the episode you find out Gunnar Nelson is one the Nelson TWINS. 
It's also the 33rd episode of Celebrity Wife Swap if you look it up. It's season 4 episode 6. 
Dish Network never has the right episode number it seems. 

Notice his bday is 57 days from today as well. 
World Series=57
Gunnar Nelson=55
Today is 25/7.....55th prime is 257. 
Nelson Twins=133(reverse)
Celebrity Wife Swap=84
Minnesota Twins=84(rev red)

Gunnar's wife swaps with Vince Neil's girlfriend. 
Vince Neil=150(reverse)
World Series=150(revese)
Motley Crue=133(reverse)

Ha, Gunnar even sings the national anthem at a baseball game in this episode. 
National Anthem=57, 147
World Series=57, 147

Funny Nelson became famous for the Album "After the Rain" and Vince Neil's girlfriend was named "Rain". 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Comment on my Simpsons Bart to the Future video today after the episode was on TV

I just got a notification on my phone a few minutes ago. The reason I find it so interesting is because just a few hours ago this Simpsons episode was on TV when I went downstairs. I thought interesting the Donald Trump episode is on, and maybe I should re analyze the video I did on it. It is the only one of my videos to ever get this much attention. 
Now the first notification I get all day is someone talking shit on this video. 
Notice they capitalized the word "ALLOWED". 
Funny it has 155 dislikes too. 
I just posted about 155 having a connection to 317 on Zenith of the Alpha's video about 317 being the word LIE upside down. 
Three One Seven=155
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=317(reverse)
I put the video out on 11/5 as well. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115(reduced)
Lie=17 and 55(reverse)
God=17 and 55(reverse)

I put the video out 262 days ago. The video was in regards to the Simpsons predicting Donald Trump/Native American Theme and Hillary Clinton. 
Interesting the word "Truth"=262(satanic)

Notice it says I have 33 comments on the video too. 
Fuck You=33
In the video I talk about the connections to the World Series and the election. 

What a perfect day for this to happen as well. July 25th leaves 159 days in the year. 
Donald Trump=159

When I first saw the name FuckYouGooglePlus I thought it was pretty weird as their was a "Truther" with this same name. 
It's not the same person and they have changed their name to "Free Yourselves Globally Project". Anyway I remember for some odd reason this person commenting on an old video of mine about Popes. 
Interesting I put it out on 5/13, this number I keep mentioning is important...Gabriel and so on. 

May 13th to today is 73 days. 
Hillary Clinton=73

The Simpsons episode was Season 11 episode 17. 
1117 is the 187th prime number. 
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)
Pope Francis the 1st Jesuit Pope. 
Trump went to a Jesuit college and so on. 

The video I put out was 326 days before the Jesuit Anniversary this year. Once again the Gabriel stuff along with 513. 

From the date I put out the Pope Video to today it's 804 days. In my Simpsons video I mention a lot about Prince Charles as well. 
King Charles III=134 and 804(sumerian)
Free Yourselves Globally Project=134

If you go from my video to the day the Simpsons episode came out it's 134 days. 
Last Year May 13th was the 134th day of the year. 
One Hundred Thirty Four=115

Jerrell Freeman saves mans life at Airport using Heimlich Maneuver

This story comes 46 days before the NFL season begins on 9/7. 

Jerrell Freeman=83(rev red)
Football=83 also 43(rev red)
Marcus Ryan=43  (guy he saved)

This story happens 83 days after his bday. 

Zach Britton sets AL record 55th Save-Angels-More Minnesota and Washington Connections

Zach Britton=55
Sets the record after converting 55th straight save opportunity.

Before I started this post about Zach Britton I was on Facebook. 
I couldn't get a screenshot as it disappeared right as I tried, but on Facebook the AD on the side said, "You Are Gods Angel". 
I clicked on it and it took me to this book. 
Angels with Attitude=74
You are Gods Angel=74(rev red)
Jesus=74=Cross=Messiah=Gospel and so on...

Anyway not long after I saw the article about Zach Britton and started the blog post. Then the dish network turned off due to inactivity so I grabbed the remote and scrolled through the channels. I saw Back to the Future II was on so I figured I'd turn it on. Of course it has the song Earth Angel playing when I turn it there. 
The song Earth Angels is by The Penguins. 
All I can think about is the Pittsburgh Penguins who won this year, but also won their first Stanley Cup in 1991 against the Minnesota North Stars. 
Minnesota of course won the World Series that year, and then the Super Bowl in the 91' season was held in Minnesota. 
The Penguins even won the Stanley Cup 147 days before the World Series began in 91'. 
World Series=147
Then 91 days after the World Series, the WASHINGTON Redskins won the Super Bowl. 
What's interesting is the Redskins also won the Super Bowl in the 1987 season which is also the same year the Twins won the World Series. 
Possibly it won't be the Twins vs the Nationals in the WS and it's just showing something else in regards to how these teams are connected? 
Be interesting if this year the Washington Baseball team won the WS and the Minnesota team won the Super Bowl wouldn't it? Just trying to piece together all of the Minnesota and Twin stuff. 
Washington Redskins=85

Zach Britton born 1 month 27 days after the Twins won the World Series in 1987, which was also the first time they won it since 1924 when they were called the Washington Senators. 
Minneapolis=55, 127
Zach Britton=55

I just noticed that "Twinkies"=38, 110
Minnesota=38, 110

We also have this story on Espn right now. 
Larry Fitzgerald plays for the Arizona Cardinals. Notice he was born in Minneapolis though. 
The St. Louis Cardinals the team the Twins beat in 1987. Also the only other time the Redskins won the Super Bowl was in the 82' season in which the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series. 
Retirement=55, 127

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Former Minneapolis Laker coach John Kundla dies at 101-Twins-Nationals

Yet another story in regards to Minnesota. 
The first coach of the Minneapolis Lakers died today. 
I didn't think about the Magic Johnson/Lonzo Ball stories being connected to Minnesota as well. 
John Kundla=38, 110 also 52(red rev)
Minnesota=38, 110 and 52(red rev)
The Lakers also now have the Twin Brook Lopez. 
It also puts the Angels stuff into perspective...The Los Angeles Angels. 

Kundla was the coach of the Lakers when they won their first championship in 1949. 

Notice who the Lakers beat that year. The WASHINGTON Capitols. 
A few days ago I posted about the possible Twins vs Washington World Series this year. 

Kundla also coached the winning 1950 NBA Finals. This was the first year of the actual NBA although they consider the 3 prior BAA championships to be part of the NBA. So it's sort of like the 1st ever NBA Finals. 
Notice though, the Lakers beat the Syracuse NATIONALS. 
So they beat Washington and then the Nationals. 
In 1952, 1953 the Lakers beat the New York Knicks and then in 1954 they beat the Nationals again. 
Interesting in regards to the Yankees connections as well. 

Interesting the Twins lost today to the Detroit. The Lakers began after the disbanded NBL team the Detroit Gems were bought and changed to the Minneapolis Lakers. 
Detroit Gems=54 and 162(reverse)
Baseball=54 and 162(reverse) 

Washington and the Twins both had 6 runs today. 

The Lakers preseason this year even begins on 9/30 in Anaheim against Minnesota. 
Anaheim Angels.....
Anaheim California=85
Los Angeles Angels=85(rev red)
The Twins finish the regular season with a game against Detroit on 10/1 too and also play them on 9/30. 
Thinking about that in regards to Kundla dying age 101. 
10/1 leaves 91 days in the year. 
Twins last won the WS in 1991. 
Tigers=84=Minnesota Twins=Jesuit 
10/1 or 1/10..

Kundla's 101st bday was 113 days before the 113th World series. 
I'm also wondering about the 101st WS in 2005 where the Astros were swept. 
His bday also on the 185th day of the year in 1916. 

Notice the Twins beat the Angels on 7/3 and Washington beat New York. 

Notification on my Phone in regards to my last post about Saturn/EL

This is something I have wondered about for a long time now. If Jesus is Saturn. I just made a blog post in which I discovered a bunch of stuff in regards to EL-Saturn and the number 7. Anyway I found this video on Youtube in regards to the topic. 
Notice it's 11:11 and the person has 11K subs. 
The 5th prime number is 11. 

Anyway as I'm watching the above video I get a notification on my phone from Zachary K Hubbard and it recommends the Truthiracy 3 Michael Jordan series. 
I just find it funny as Truthiracy talks a lot about EL in his videos and this is the only notification I have got on my phone all day. Not sure if this channel is really Zach or not but I wasn't even Subbed to this channel. So I don't understand why I would even get a notification on my phone from a Channel I wasn't subbed to? 

What else doesn't make sense is that these videos were uploaded 3 days ago...Why did I all the sudden get a notification to watch them today from a channel I wasn't subbed to? 

This channel created 2 days before Zach's channel was deleted. 

Something I forgot to add in regards to the last post was the letter "Z". 
It's a 7 and an upside down 7.  

90 hospitalized at Chance the Rapper concert-Angels-Geometry Angles-Jesus-EL

90 people hospitalized during Chance the Rapper concert? 
The event took place in Hartford, CT. 

Chancellor Bennett=90(rev red)
Chance the Rapper=75(reverse red)

We get this story on the 90th day of Chance the Rappers "Be Encouraged Tour". 
Be Encouraged Tour=75
The Tour began in "San Diego California"=90

Reading through his wiki I see he has a famous song called "Angels", notice it's 3:26 in length. 

Angels the lead single off of his mixtape "Coloring book". Notice it was released on May 13th....
The Album also referred to as "Chance Three"=90
3/26 and 5/13 special numbers/days to Gabriel I've mentioned. 
Angel Gabriel=513(satanic)
Synaxis of Gabriel on 3/26.....May 13th the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima.....The Virgin Mary told by Gabriel she was going to birth Jesus and so on . 
Angels-Chance the Rapper Music Video
Angel Gabriel and Virgin Mary blog post
Archangel Michael=90
Angel Michael=75

This story happens 3 months and 26 days after 3/26 as well. 
Notice in my above blog post I mention how 7/21 is Zachary K Hubbard's bday...
Gabriel only came to Daniel, Zechariah and Mary in the Bible. 

Also worth noting in regards to Chance supposedly being a Christian and singing about Angels. 
Chance the Rapper=666(satanic)
Just thinking about it too in regards to math/geometry. I always thought it was interesting how close Angle and Angel are. 
Fallen Angels=108
Right Angles are 90 degrees and even make an "L" type shape. 
Just has me wondering more about Chance and his # 3 hat....
Three=29, 56
Right Angle=56
Saturn EL=29
Light=29, 56
Jesus is EL=29 and 56(s) also 61(rev red) God=61, Christian=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit=Bull=Time 
Saturn the Keeper of Time...

Hell=17(rev red)
This is 2017....

Seventeen=37.....L flipped is a 7. 
L Seven=77... haha how interesting. 
Think about Saturn too. 7 main Ring groups, Saturday(Saturn) is the 7th day of the year. 7 Major Moons of Saturn(although more moons).   Makes a lot more sense as to why all the 7 symbolism had been coming up a while back. 
7 Archangels. 
7 Days   (The Ring=326 satanic) 7 Rings...
7 Limbed Aliens (Arrival=326 satanic)
I've even mentioned how my nephew and daughter are connected. 
Cowgill=326(satanic)-Claire's last name. 
Collin Hansen=326(Jewish)
Interesting Collin is 7 years old right now and my daughter will be 7 years old on 7/30. 

All the 7's in the USS Fitzgerald story that was connected to what I was saying as well. 

37 a number important to Jesus
L Seven Loser=47, 146 and 61(rev red) and 151(reverse)
Jesus Christ=151 and 146(reverse)

Bull God=318(satanic)-Saturn is the Bull God. 
Remember how 318 is supposed to the God number...
Jesus' return mentioned 318 times in the new testament. 
The 77th day is 3/18 and so on. 
Bull God Saturn=77
Saturn=21....3x7 or 7+7+7

It puts the 12 tribes, with 12 thousand people into perspective for me as well. 
Revelation 7 mentions the 144,000. 
Genesis 7 is all about sevens. 7 days, 7 pairs of animals...
God rested on the 7th day. 
Rested=37(red rev)