Friday, August 17, 2018

Internet disconnected when I was 6 minutes 24 seconds into watching the Blues Brothers

Earlier tonight I started watching the Blues Brothers and the internet disconnected. They must have been working on it as the router said no signal and the tv quit working as well. They do this sometimes late at night because they must assume no one is really on the internet this late...but of course I am....Anyway it didn't even matter as I had to leave and go pick up my girlfriends brother just after this. He got pulled over leaving work for having a muffler too low to the ground on his truck....yeah fucking bullshit excuse to pull someone over.....anyway he doesn't have a license(long story) and no it's not suspended, he has just never went and got one moral of the story I got home and the internet was working again. I was doing some additional research and then gonna lay down and try and watch this film. 
Of course when I to push play I realized when the internet went out and I stopped watching it was at 6:24 into the film....I mean what are the odds? 
Also on the way home I looked at my cell phone to see what time it was and my phone said it was 7:19am(I didn't get the screenshot in time). It wasn't 7:19am though it was actually only 2:19am, so my phone randomly changed the time 5 hours ahead. The other phones in the car said 2:19am as well, it was only my phone that had 719 on it...not sure the purpose but 719 is the 128th prime....
It's also interesting in regards to the Bluesmobile being an old Cop Car and he's getting his brother out of prison in the scene...then I have to go get my girlfriends brother from the Cop......also even stranger is that he came over here earlier today before he went to work to use Jasmine's cell phone. He just got the same internet service and the didn't send him the bill until after it was due...then he got a disconnection notice in the mail and wanted to figure out what was going on with how interesting my internet disconnects and then I have to go pick him up or else he's going to jail...

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Aretha Franklin's Death connected to The Blues Brothers-Death of Matt Murphy-Bridge-Earthquake-Babe Ruth-Indians-Red Sox-Cubs

I'm almost positive Aretha Franklin's death has something to do with the "Blues Brothers". 
The Blues Brothers is all about saving the Church....think about the Catholic stuff going on in the media currently. 
Also we got the Bridge Collapse in Italy....think about how there is a scene in the Blues Brothers special to Bridges...The Nazi's bridge scene and also he jumps the drawbridge...

Also the Bass player in the Blues Brothers nickname is Donald DUCK...

Also Matt Murphy died earlier this year and he played Aretha Franklin's husband on the Blues Brothers. Remember his death is synced to the Cubs. 
Death of Matt Murphy-Blues Brothers-Cubs-Red Sox-National Anthem

She sings the song "Think" in the scene with Matt Murphy...
He died 62 days before her...

In my post about Matt Murphy I talked all about the Cubs and the Red Sox....the 1918 World Series/National Anthem....It's been confusing as hell...The Indians sure seem to be a lock, yet they do have the connections back to the Red Sox...Terry Francona breaking the Curse of the Bambino for the Red Sox and now coaches the Indians...The Indians beat the Red Sox to advance to the 1948 World Series in which was the last time they won...

Think about how Aretha Franklin dies on the same day Babe Ruth(Bambino) died too. She died in Detroit....Detroit the team the Indians and Cubs curses both connected to. 
Babe Ruth died in 1948 as well....
Also I mentioned the year Matt Murphy was born was 1929...when the Cubs lost to the A's(Earthquake)....Red Sox in Field of Dreams that was showing us the A's and the 1989 Earthquake series as well. 

Babe Ruth died 49 days before the Indians beat the Red Sox that year...
Babe Ruth=49(rev red)

I bet more than likely if we don't get an earthquake at the actual world series this year...we will get an earthquake story around the time world series or big earthquake story somewhere in the world when the World Series is going on....just like in 2016 when I said it was connected to Earthquakes and we got the Italian Earthquakes...

I also can't stop thinking about the Ben FRANKLIN Bridge I have mentioned with Philadelphia....Aretha FRANKLIN. Possibly nothing, but worth noting. 

Also the guy who played Babe Ruth in the Sandlot was "Art LaFleur"=114
In 2016 Field of Dreams was synced to the Indians, but it was more with Costner...this year seems to be synced to James Earl Jones....Need to look more at Babe Ruth and the year 48'.....All the 48 stuff just has me thinking it's for the Indians, but the Red Sox are being used to show me the connections to the Indians. 

What else is interesting is the Cubs beat Pittsburgh today too. 
Remember in 2016 the Cubs had a "Tie"=114 with Pittsburgh the same day as 114 people were injured on the Hoboken Train...The last tie before that was 114 days before the WS in 2005...
Cubs went on to win the world series in 2016 getting their 114th win of the season in their 114th season being called the Cubs. 
Cubs got their 70th win today and remember the day of the bridge collapse they lost 7-0 and it was 70 days before the WS..
1948 was 70 years ago. 
Pittsburgh also the "City of Bridges"..
Pittsburgh the 228th day...

Also when I just documented about The Blues Brothers I talked about Bill Murray and Chevy Chase being Caddyshack...I can't not think about the part in the "Swimming Pool"(Drowning?)...Bill Murray eats the Baby Ruth that everyone thinks is a Turd. 

I remembered too that the candy bar isn't actually named after Babe Ruth, but I couldn't remember who it was....
I just looked it up and of course it's named after Grover CLEVELAND'S Daughter named Ruth.
The company even originally located on the same street as Wrigley Field. 

Ruth Cleveland=145, 206(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)
Chicago Illinois=145
Oh the odds. 

Also John Belushi is buried on Martha's Vineyard.....we just got the story of Bill Murray throwing the drink on Martha's Vineyard. 

Another thought in regards to the date of 8/16 is how in 2015 I talked about the death of Frank Gifford being connected to the Eagles....The Eagles just won the Super Bowl in 2018 and remember Frank Gifford born on 8/16 and his wife Kathy Lee also born on 8/16. 
Plus I just mentioned Elvis in Hawaii...Elvis died on 8/16...
The King...The Queen of soul..

Also interesting the 10th prime minister of INDIA(INDIAN) died today too. 

Cubs player Yu Darvish also born on 8/16..

Pennsylvania Catholic Priest Sex Abuse-Youtube Changing my Thumbnail to Father Howard(child molester) in 2016-Spotlight(Boston)

In light of all the things I keep documenting about is very interesting this story of Priests molesting kids has blown up in the media...
I've been documenting about this topic for a long time now. It is interesting too in regards to how Cleveland and Boston have a relationship with 1948....I documented a bunch about the Priests in the film "Spotlight" that is about the 87 priests in Boston..

Also remember how Youtube changed the thumbnail on my Cleveland Indians/Finger symbolism video to a picture of Father Howard....Father Howard the priest who did weird things to me as a child...also it's been an inside joke he molested me for years...then he got kicked out of the church for molesting a kid. 
All of the priest symbolism went back to the Jesuit Priest in my town Father Paul who died at the Jesuit residence of Creighton....Remember he lived on the Indian Reservation in Rosebud, South Dakota......The guy who reached out to me about the Price is Right mentioned Rosebud, South Dakota as well...He said his brother in law was a minister at Rosebud, Oregon which is where Bob Barker was born..then he was a meteorologist in Springfield, MO where Barker grew up..

Funny I just documented about my Cousin and Aerosmith and in one of the posts I mentioned that, I also mentioned the Price is Right Guy....
Aerosmith and the Price is Right Guy Link

All of this stuff is seemingly pointing to a big event in the works. 

I was thinking about how I keep saying the number 127 is important to the Cleveland Indians....Something sparked my brain that Pearl Harbor happened on the date of 12/'s interesting because of the 114th World Series..."World War"=114

Think about the above video too in regards to Finger...Then think about the "PINKY" Finger. 

Look at that haha...the picture the thumbnail came from was from an old song I put up on youtube about Father Howard on 2/7/15...The day they changed the picture to him was on my Finger video was 10/23/16. 
624 days difference.....oh the odds. 
Also 10/23 this year is when the World Series begins. 
World Series=147

It's why my FATHER has been important and born on 11/4(April 11th)...His bday is 6 months 24 days before 11/4(Nov. 4th)..His license plate with "624" on it. 

Howard Edward Fitzgerald=119
He got removed from the Catholic Church after 35 year son 1/19..2015. (1+19+15=35)
Indians=70, 119(reverse)
Francis=70, 119(reverse)
Funny the original story of him being a molester came out on 6/30/2014 and although he was removed on 1/19, the stories didn't come until 1/22....thats a span of 6 months 24 days. 
In my old post I also talked about how I didn't know about it until 7/1...2014.."Catholic"=71 and so on...but 7/1 is 114 days before the 114th World series as well. 

In regards to Boston too, I remember making a video before I knew a lot about Gematria in regards to Season 11 Episode 4 of South Park being about Russians trying to get a bomb to Boston....later you find out it was a diversion for the British to Attack the US...They put a bomb in Hillary Clinton's vagina in this episode...
The reason I looked this up was because in my "Spotlight" post it was all about synchronicity with South Park's 87th episode about Catholic Priests molesting kids and my daughter Claire. 
South Park=114
Also the film Spotlight involves Bernard Francis Law who was born on 11/4. 

Kobe Bryant's $6 Million Investment in Body Armor Super Drink now worth $200 Million

Kobe Bean Bryant=135
Two Hundred Million Dollars=135(rev red)
Super Drink=135, 135(reverse)

Thinking about the connections to Kobe Bryant and the Bridge symbolism with Pope Francis....
Kobe Bean Bryant=81(rev red)
Pope Francis turned 81 years old 81 days after the Jesuit anniversary....and 8 months 1 day after his 81st bday is 8/18/18.....
8/18/18 leaves 135 days in the year too. 

Also seeing 200 and 6 reminds me of 206 like "Lakers"=206(Jewish)

My son and nephew both born on dates this year connecting to "Bridge"

I was talking to my mom earlier and she mentioned my brother. I just thought of something in regards to the "Bridge" symbolism...

Remember how I've said my son was really important to it as he was born on 1/17...I forgot that my nephew "Jace" was born on 4/5 this year as well. 
Bridge"=45 and 117(reverse)
Jace's name equals "95" and he was born on the 95th day of the year. 
Also both their full names equal "84". 

I wonder and hope when my kids and nephews grow up if they will understand what I am documenting. I've tried to explain a bit to Claire and Collin, but they are just a bit young to fully grasp it. 

I have a feeling Claire is going to understand it though. She really seems to be a lot more creative than most other kids. For example one day she drew super heros on paper and then turned the fan facing upwards. Then she put the papers on top of the fan so they would continually stay afloat, so the superheros could fly. 
I know there are a lot of other creative kids, but she is constantly doing things such as this and I've never seen many other kids around here in the same manner. 
Claire also really pays attention to detail which is essential....She's constantly telling me the things in her cartoons don't make sense. She was watching "Frozen" the other day and told me the movie didn't make sense. I asked her why and she said because Queen Elsa's gloves should turn into Ice when she touches them, because everything she touches turns to Ice. She's just constantly asking me questions such as this. Not to say she is super special because of it, but it's a good trait to have when applying this knowledge and learning more of this world. 

Funny that Claires name is 78(rev red) and 222(reverse) as well..numbers I just recently documented about...I don't even really know why I wrote all of that above's just something I've been thinking about for a while. I just have a feeling that when she gets older she is going to be able to understand this unlike many other people I know. 
Zamien and Jace also born 78 days apart haha. 

Aerosmith synchronicity and their song called "PINK"-Aerosmith Van found-Aerosmith residency in Las Vegas-Earthquake?

I started this blog post last night(8/15), but fell asleep...

Just got home from Omaha a bit ago...finally look at CNN and one of the first articles I see is about Aerosmith....
The only reason it stands out to me is earlier today at work my cousin Timmy came in and bought lottery tickets. He won $25 and then bought more...I was confused at what ticket he wanted, and it ended up being the all "PINK" ticket called "Lady Luck". We both started halfway singing the Aerosmith song "Pink is my favorite color"....I then looked up Aerosmith on my phone and that song, because of the randomness and what I've recently talked about with "Pink". Also some girl came in later in the day and was wearing a black and grey shirt that said, "Pink" on the front pocket. I asked her if it was some type of joke cause the shirt doesn't have pink on it...she laughed and told me it's actually a brand of clothing called "Pink"....

So I go to band practice tonight and come home and now I'm seeing Aerosmith as a top article on CNN? Oh the odds...

Aerosmith=108 and also 810. 
Las Vegas=86
Remember the Pink stuff came back on 8/6...

The stor comes 4 months 9 days before they kick off on 4/6 next year. 
Las Vegas=49(rev red)

Possibly nothing but I want to note the song Dueces are Wild is on the Album called "Big Ones" just reminds me of Earthquakes and The Big One...
Notice it's also track 6 of 12 on the Beavis and Butthead Experience..
Revelation 6:12 about a great earthquake...
It's also funny to me that "Dueces are Wild"=78(rev red) and 222(reverse)
2's are wild...222
Thinking about "Cleveland"=78 and in it's 222nd year. 

The song "Pink" came out on the "Nine Lives" album in 1997. Notice it came out 222 days or 7 months 8 days before the Indians lost in the World Series...crazy...

The Single came out 23 days after the Indians lost in the World Series too. 

Now that I'm thinking about Aerosmith again too, I remember seeing this article on Facebook only a few days ago....The American Pickers found the original Aerosmith Van...
American Pickers=145
Aerosmith Van=145

Interesting it was Season 19 episode 13 of American Pickers. 

The 1913 World Series involved the Philadelphia A's and the New York Giants. Notice it also mentions how they became crosstown rivals and played each other in the 1989 Earthquake World Series...

Also interesting in regards to 510 the A's won with 10 runs on the day the episode aired and the Giants won with 5 Runs...

I'm also reminded of what I was documenting last year in regards to my cousin who was on the sound crew for Aerosmith's farewell tour. Remember Steven Tyler got sick and couldn't play in Brazil...this was right around the time Tom Petty died and the Las Vegas shooting....My cousin also frequently toured with Tom Petty as the company he works for was used by him. 

I see a lot of different connections in this so I'll have to think more about it...
Chicago Illinois=145
Aerosmith is actually from Boston...
Boston=510=Red Sox

Also Liv Tyler born on 7/1 which is 114 days before the World Series...She's in a lot of interesting movies when I think about it...Armageddon with BRUCE WILLIS...Also the film based on the Tate Murders....Also in Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler about 9/11....
Possibly we will get the death of an Aerosmith member soon, but I'm thinking it's something just connected to Aerosmith..

People of the Sun-The Fall of Tenochtitlan and the Aztec Empire

I got a comment earlier that was talking about Anubis and it just made me think about Freemasonry and Sirius again. 
The perfected man is about spiritual ascension to Sirius...
Also Sirius represents the spiritual light. 
The Sun shines on the grand illusion which is the physical world, but Sirius has the real light of the world. 

Anyway it reminded me of the song by Rage Against the Machine, "People of the Sun". 
He even mentions crawl amidst the ruins of this empty "Dream". 

Notice he mentions Cuahtemoc too. He was the final ruler of the Aztecs. 

Notice the fall of Tenochtitlan lasted 80 days. 
Hernan Cortes=59
Aztec Empire=59

It's also interesting May 26th leaves 219 days  in the year and it lasted 2 months 19 days. 
It's also interesting to point out that....
Sun God=80

Also note that Tenochtitlan located on 19N. 

I have a distinct memory of Tenochtitlan when I was younger too. It was in Junior High History Class. We were learning about the Aztecs and our teacher was showing us some features on the new computers we had. There was a program on it that would a robot voice would read outloud whatever you typed into it...that's how we learned how to say Tenochtitlan and for whatever the reason we all laughed at it...I remember repeating it multiple times and still have a vivid memory of it for some reason. 

Anyway I need to do more research into stuff such as the Aztecs and the Mayans, I'm sure there is a lot to tell..

I also find it interesting the Aztecs fell on August 13th, which is the same day the Berlin Wall began construction. Think about the Aztecs in regards to Mexico and Trump wanting to build a wall. Also wins the election on the anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down,

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Italian Bridge Collapse-Pope Francis-Cleveland Indians-Synchronicity

Honestly right away looking at this bridge collapsing story I can't help but think it's for me to see.
Think about the Bridge Symbolism in regards to Pope Francis and now this Bridge Collapse happens in Italy where the Pope resides. 
Remember the number 81 was super important to all the bridge symbolism. 
Pope Francis turned 81 years old 81 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 8 months 1 day after his 81st bday is 8/18/18. 
Pope Benedict became the Pope on 4/19 which is the 81st prime number....Pontiff means "Bridge builder"...Francis told Trump real christians build bridges not walls. 
Minnesota Bridge all about 81....Golden Gate Bridge 81 stuff. The Super Bowl being in Minneapolis was all about Bridge symbolism and Kneeling...Francis Scott Key born on 8/1 even. 
It has to be connected to all that I have recently documented with the Indians too. Notice they won their game today with a score of 8-1. A big thing with them is all about the number 624 in which I said was also significant to Pope Francis..or at least the date of 6/24. 
Eighty One=624(Jewish)
Freemasonry founded on 6/24. 
June 24th 2018 was Francis' 1929th day of being the Pope...Vatican City founded in 1929/Stock Market/St. Valentines Day Massacre...The Pope at the time died age 81. The Pope when the Jesuits were founded also died age 81. 
6/24 is the 175th day..."Pope"=175=Pope Francis

Today being 14/8...
The Bridge was 148 feet tall. 
Cleveland Indians=67, 94, 148
Notice it was opened on 9/4 in the year 67'. 
It's also funny as I documented in 2016 an Earthquake that happened on August 24th in Italy...Whenever I talk about Bridge Symbolism it has been connected to Earthquake symbolism. 
Also in 2016 there were a few Earthquakes in Italy during the World Series and I talked about how it was connected to the Indians being in the series. The August 24th earthquake happened the same day the Indians played the A's with 5-1 score...The A's of course were in the 1989 Earthquake World Series. 
Notice I mentioned Grover Cleveland Alexander in that post as well. He had a record of 373 pitching wins with his final win on Rocky Colavito's bday...He also died on 11/4....I just documented about him in regards to Indians player Don Lemon too. 
Grover Cleveland died in connection to the 1908 WS....Cleveland national Forest Fire(Holy Fire/Easter)....Pink symbolism showing me the WALL and Cleveland Elementary shooting...
So the Indians game against the A's is a score of 5-1.
Then when we got the next earthquakes on Game 2 of the WS the Indians lost 5-1 too. 
This sticks out because the big day/number I have been mentioning is 6/24 and it was 51 days ago. 
Rocky Colavito=624 and so on...
The Indians broke the 51 year curse in 2016..
Cleveland=51=Lebron James and so on..

Also this earthquake happens in Italy which is also where the Pope resides. I've been saying how all the bridge symbolism is really connected to Pope Francis. Notice it was 5 months and 1 day after his anniversary of becoming Pope. 

Notice the Indians stayed on 51 losses too. 

This story even comes 70 days before the World Series. 
Indians=119 and 70(reverse)
They haven't won the World Series in 70 years. 
They played their 119th game of the season today too. 
Morandi Bridge=119

Thinking about the "Pink" stuff as well. A big piece to the information about "Pink" was with Bridge symbolism...
Family Guy=119
Think about Family Guy showing me the connections to my son and the bridge stuff. 
I even mentioned how my son's name is 857(satanic) which is the 148th prime number. 
The Miami bridge collapse was 148 days before Rocky Colavito's bday. 
Morandi Bridge=321(Jewish)
Zamien James Behrendt=321(reverse)
Vatican=70, 119

It's funny too just the other night I was looking into the term "Grand Slam" because of David Bote's Grand Slam...also Tiger Woods being the Youngest to get a career grand slam in Golf. 
The term actually comes from "Contract Bridge". 

Also interesting the Brewers beat the Cubs 7-0 today. 
I just learned too that Harvey Kuenn(traded for Rocky Colavito) coached the Brewers in 1982. It was the only time the Brewers have made the World Series. They were known as Harvey's WALLbangers....could be Indians vs Milwaukee in the World Series? Or would that be too obvious? It's interesting in regards to it being 22 years after the 1960 Rocky Colavito trade too. Remember Espn released the video about how the Indians are cursed by the number 22...
I still think it's for the Cubs and not the Brewers, but it's definitely something worth noting. 
It's also interesting the Indians, Brewers, and Cubs all have 68 wins after today. 
Italy=68(rev red)
I know 68 was important to what I was talking about with 6/24...also to the 9/11 symbolism. 

Also in 2016 I documented about the Italy Trainwreck that happened on 7/12 or 12/7. I mentioned how it was connected to the Native American theme as the Omaha Indians got their sacred pole back on that day in 1989 on a date numerology of 127.

Also you have to love how the next story below the Bridge story is about 300 priests involved in sexual abuse in Pennsylvania. 
Remember how Philadelphia was important to the Bridge Symbolism as well...
This bridge collapse happens 152 days after the FIU bridge collapse. 
Morani Bridge=79
Bridge Collapse=79
This story comes 79 days after the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge being opened. 
22nd prime is 79. 
This happens 22 days before the 51st anniversary of the bridge being opened. 

Someone on Zach's blog pointed out Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa too. Remember how he's connected to the Jesuits/Royal Family and so on...2 months 20 days is also 81 days. 
Think about Columbus in regards to the Indians as well..

Also when you look up Genoa, notice how it says a special day is June 24th...Patron Saint Day for John the Baptist. it's the only date listed on the side on founding date or anything just that. 

Catholic Priests=888(eng ext)