Thursday, April 19, 2018

WWE Wrestler Bruno Sammartino dies-Johnny Valiant-STEEL-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Seriously what is messed up is that I just recently looked into this guy. He is connected to many WWE people such as Roddy Piper but also to a few people with Johnny Valiant...Also I remember looking at him because he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Arnold I mean I just blogged about Arnold and the next article I see is about this guy who is inducted into hall of fame by Arnold. Also the same year Trump was inducted. 

Fitting he would die 6 months 12 days after his bday. 
Revelation 6:12-the powerful Earthquake. 
He dies in Pittsburgh too...the city of Bridges/Steel. 
Johnny Valiant also died in Pittsburgh. 
Bruno Sammartino=193
193 the 44th prime
He dies on the 112th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake too. 
In regards to Valentines and the connection to Youtube and Stoneman Douglas....The Youtube shooting was in San "Bruno" California. 

The guy that made me look into him was Larry Zbyszko...He was one of the guys that Johnny Valiant won his 2nd Tag Team Championship. 
Anyway Larry was trained by Sammartino and later turned on him.  Then Sammartino beat him in a STEEL cage match. 
Interesting how Wiki goes on to talk abut his retirement in 81' and how he pinned George STEELE. 
Think about how earlier tonight I documented a bunch of stuff because of STEEL reserve...
Fitting with the Trump and Pope Francis Bridge symbolism...

I have to get some sleep. There are just so many stories recently I can't even keep up like the Night court guy who was also in the original "IT" film. He supposedly made money as a Street Magician in SAN FRANCISCO. He died 220 days after "It" came out...

Sixth Earthquake in Central Nebraska-Arnold Schwarzenegger-Moon

Yet another Earthquake hits the same region in Central Nebraska on 4/16. 
They are all close to the town of "Arnold"....
I'm starting to wonder if there is a connection to the Wrestlemania Earthquake stuff with Arnold Schwarzenegger? 
Interesting seeing this article after posting about "68" and 211 in my previous post. 
Schwarzenegger born on the 211th day of the year 47'. 
Remember 211 the 47th prime number. 
Henry Ford died on 4/7/47 and born on 211th day...

Interesting too as a lot of it ties back to the 923 stuff I was talking about in 2015 connected to Philadelphia and San Francisco. I see these Quakes started on 4/9....4/9 and 9/23 are mirror dates...Also San Francisco has the connection to 49 with Gold...I covered a lot abotu 49 in old videos such as how they called Plutonium 239(23/9) in the manhattan project "49". Thinking about how the Moon stuff is connected to the 49th anniversary of the EAGLE landing on the MOON. 
Eagle=49 and so on...
Arnold Schwarzenegger=923(satanic)

I saw that Arnold was also married to JFK's niece which I didn't know before....As I was looking into I noticed Wikipedia talks about his early relationships. It mentions a big long one with Barbara Baker and even says their first date was watchin the first Apollo Moon landing. Oh the odds wiki would write that in there..

Death of my Uncle Clancy on 4/17-Earthquake-Bridge sybolism-211-Death of Barbara Bush

My Uncle Clancy died yesterday on 4/17. 
The first thing I found interesting was that it was on the 107th day of the year. As much as I've blogged about Earthquakes and Bridges this is interesting. 
It was also 6 months 24 days after my grandma died....I'm not sure of the significance yet, but 624 is something I'm supposed to see. 

Notice he died 6 months 24 days before my bday too. 
Remember my Grandma died 1 months 17 days before my bday...then my son was born on 1/17 and a bunch of other stuff. 

Anyway after realizing this today at work I put a pizza in the secondary oven while cleaning the primary one. I pushed the start button and waited as sometimes it doesn't turn on correctly....what I noticed is that the time starts at 6:24 on that oven...So trying to figure out the 624, but not quite sure yet...
I see "Clancy"=624(rev sumerian).....

I also find it interesting that he died 159 days after my bday. 
Clancy Murphy=159
Grandma Murphy=159(died on Eagle St)
Ryan Murphy=159(His son..the only Eagles fan I know)

It can't be coincidence that Barbara Bush dies the same day as Clancy and her bday was 6/8 which is the 159th day of the year. 
Of Course 68 a big number around George Bush and 9/11, but I'm not gonna retype all that....I just want to point out...
Donald John Trump=68
Donald Trump=159(reverse)
Remember the Stock Market Crash stuff connected to the Super Bowl was important to 159 as well. "Francis Key=159=Herbert Hoover and so on)
Also since a lot of the things I've documented go back to Old 2015/16 I documented multiple times that..
Pope Francis=68(s)
Prince Charles=68
Barack Obama=68
6/8 is even 57 days before Obama's 57th bday this year. 

What's also interesting is the first time I mentioned Clancy on this blog was on 2/11..2017. I was talking about him being at my Grandma's and how the Super Bowl was connected to his sons and the death of my Uncle. Also my sister living on Falcon Avenue...I pointed out the 159's above. (This year I found out my sisters business is Eagles Acres and my Grandma died on Eagle Street)

Anyway last night I went to Clancy's house and stayed until about 1am drinking and talking. I was drinking Steel Reserve(211)...towards the end of the night for whatever reason I brought up the fact it was made for black people(haha seriously just as I typed Black people Zach just said Black people on the Gematria Effect). ...Anyway I said, Look at the symbol on here that supposedly references the ancient symbol for Steel...but it looks like a "211". I told them how 2/11 is the 42nd day and it was a 42 ounce bottle, not just the typical 40 ounce. I went on to tell them all the 42 stuff...Now I'm seeing the first post I made about Clancy was on 2/11?  
Also I see "Clancy Murphy"=211(Francis Bacon)

He also died at University of Nebraska Medical Center that's just off 42nd Street in Omaha. 

Also with the Death of my Grandma I see I documented a bunch about 211 too. Timmy is Clancy's son..
Remember how last year with all of the Houston Rockets stuff I talked about how Timmy and I believe Ryan too was a Rockets Fan? I talked about Timmy in regards to the death of my best friends brother(Kirk Allen Sturgill=211) in a Saturn(car) on 5/11....the same Saturn I took to my first ever Michigan Football game that just so happened to be against HOUSTON. Also Barbara Bush died in Houston...
Clancy died 44 days before the NBA Finals Begin...
Earthquake=44, 107
My grandma's bday was also 2 months 11 days before OUR neighbor died on the 211th day of they year at a place that equaled "211". The day of my Grandma's funeral I went to the Bar and talked about how I got inspired to look up Henry Ford that had all sorts of 211 around him. 

He also dies 72 days after the Super Bowl on 4/2 or 2/4...
Remember how much I kept saying there is something special to "72" with my son and more...
Seventy Two=42
Steel Reserve=72(s) and 72(rev red)
Steel Reserve 42 Ounce Bottle
Read the link above where I talked about the Steel Reserve and how it's connected to the BRIDGE Symbolism and Freemasonry(Builders). 
211 is the 47th prime number...Just interesting as Zach has mentioned a lot about the "47" stuff lately. "What is 47? and so on..

Also the 72 names of God in Kabbalah...
In regards to the Moon symbolism...Thoth wins 1/72nd of each of the Moons light which creates 5 days of light(360 day calendar). Go figure right as I type Calendar the replay of Gematria Effect I'm listening to says "Calendar" on a commercial. 
During the 5 days Nut and Geb Conceived children Osiris, Isis, Set and others. 
Just interesting that this is supposedly the reason for  the 365 day calendar....taking it off of the "Circle" 360 degrees..

Many other special 72's that are interrelated such as the 72 demons sealed away by Solomon(Freemasonry).  

I'm sure there will be more to this when I get more info.This one hurts as I spent a lot of time and have many memories with him. Not that I didn't love my other uncles, but for sure had the biggest connection to Clancy out of all of them. 

I know there will be a connection to sports and he was the Biggest Chicago Bears Fan I know. Also hated Cutler which is interesting in regards to him going to the Dolphins..that was big in the death of Uncle Barney and connected to his son Ryan....

Also biggest Nebraska Cornhusker Hater I know-Probably in the world. We used to just have Husker hate parties at his house every Saturday lol. Perfect that they had a terrible season last year too. Also Scott Frost connected to the Moon symbolism and the Huskers connected to Teen Wolf/Valentines....

In regards to Earthquake too...Remember my Uncle Mike died the same day as the Philadelphia Trainwreck(5/12/15)...512(front and back) The same day we got the Aftershock in Nepal of the Quake that killed 9,000 and injured 23,000. (trainwreck at 9:23 and so on). The San Francisco earthquake in 1906 began at 5:12 and so on....see previous posts...

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Another Earthquake in Central Nebraska-My Spam Email showing me WWE and Seismic Audio Speakers

Earlier tonight at work I was killing time and got on Facebook and saw there was yet another Earthquake in Central Nebraska. 
So now 5 Earthquakes in a matter of days and supposedly the average is 1 per year..
Stapleton, Nebraska=193
193 is the 44th prime number. 
Central Nebraska=144
Forty Four=144

Funnier yet I just wondered if there might be something in connection to the country singer Chris Stapleton so I looked him up. Notice his bday of 4/15 and this earthquake happened on 4/15 too. I honestly have no idea why he is important but he's the first person I thought of when seeing Stapleton...

Also this morning/afternoon before work I got a notification on my phone sending me to the the spam of my email. I thought it was interesting my first 2 messages are from the WWE Network and then SEISMIC Audio Speakers..

Pink Number 4 appeared on the Railing of my Front Porch on Sunday

I'm just documenting this as it's very strange to me. Yesterday(Sunday) when I got off work, I came home to this Pink #4 on the railing of my front door. 
I asked Jasmine why it was on there as I thought Claire might have put it there, but Jasmine said she doesn't know. She said her and Claire were wondering the same thing, because they don't know where it came from. 
My parents did just give us one of their old couches and I know my mom has something similar to these letters and numbers on her refrigerator... so I'm assuming it may have fell out of the couch? I moved the couch on Friday though and this letter appeared here on Sunday....The only thing I can think of is that Jasmine's brother may have put it here, but regardless if that's true I feel like it happened for a reason. 
I asked one of her brothers and he had no clue what I was talking about, so I'm gonna ask the other next time I see him. If he didn't do it, then I am just super confused lol. They come over and use the internet sometimes and usually stand out by the porch, so that's why I think possibly it was in the yard and they found it?

The color "Pink" has been something that has helped me figure some stuff out in recent months...
Pink Four=47, 43(rev red), 110, 106(reverse)
Railing=43, 47(rev red), 70, 119...also 166(Jewish)
Pink Number Four=75, 78(rev red), 183, 195(reverse) also 673(satanic)
183 was a number I was talking about not too long ago being important to Rocky and 72....
673 the 122nd prime number....
Time=47....among all the other 47....

It would honestly be funny if it turns out to be her other brother as his bday is 9/23...
I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure his middle name is James...
Kodee James RAMSdell=314(reverse), 107(rev red)
Kodee Ramsdell=227(reverse) and 324(Jewish)
22/7=3.14 and so on.... also just documented about the Undertaker's bday of 3/24 in regards to Lebron James losing on Sunday...

Monday, April 16, 2018

Lebron James 21 game win streak snapped-The Undertaker's 21 win streak-The Greatest Royal Rumble-Rocky

I saw Zach had posted about this and I wanted to add a few things. 
Lebron's 21 game win streak in Round 1 was snapped on 4/15. 
Instantly this reminds me of when Lebron wore the Undertaker Shirt on 6/12/16. Then the Cavs came back down 3-1 and won the NBA Finals.
The Undertaker's 21 match win streak was broke at WM XXX by Brock Lesnar. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Back to Back=69(theme i was following at the time)

Remember too that the Ultimate Warrior died days after WM XXX....after winning the NBA Finals Lebron wore an Ultimate Warrior Shirt letting us know it was coded to WM XXX. 
Also Money in the Bank pay per view was on 6/19/16 the same day the Cavs won game 7 winning Cleveland a championship for the first time in 51 years..."WWE"=51 and so on..
It was actually 51 years 5 months 23 days....then we had Trump with his national convention at Quicken Loans where the Cavs play...
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
This just reminds me of what I was talking about with Owen Hart and the connections to the St. Valentines Day Massacre. Owen Hart died on 5/23/99...99 days after the St. Valentines Day Massacre..
523 the 99th prime and so on...I talked about all of this in regards to the Austin Bomber and the Great Mills High School Shooting. 

Anyway notice the Undertaker currently lives in Austin, Texas. What a coincidence!
I find it interesting too that his bday is 3/24....On this same day Lebron's 21 game win streak was broke the big DEATH news story was R. Lee Ermey who also has a bday of 3/24. 

Think about the day Lebron wore that Undertaker shirt too...
6/12/16....The reflections of 612...This was also the same day as the Pulse Night Club Shooting that was 612 day before the Stoneman Douglas Shooting...."Valentine"=612....Mark Henry born on 6/12 and knew a victim of the Austin Bombings...
Revelation 6:12 talks about a Great Earthquake...

A big thing I was talking about with Ronda Rousey was the connections to Roddy Piper who was in the show It's always Sunny in Philadlephia(the episode was even about Eagles)...Also how Hulk Hogan got his ribs broke by Earthquake on the Brother Love Show(Philadelphia City of Brotherly Love) and got his revenge in Philadelphia at Summer Slam....Then Ronda Rousey signs with the WWE at the first ever Women's Royal Rumble(reminding us of Earthquakes).....
Now they are also having The GREATEST Royal Rumble ever held on the 117th day April....

It has also tied in to the film Rocky with Sylvester Stallone...This also is connecting it to The Rock(Dwayne Johnson). 
Anyway notice the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was born on 8/31/1985....
This is a special day I have been talking about with Earthquakes and Philadelphia because of the film Happy Gilmore.....Happy learns to putt on the Earthquake course from Chubbs..who is also Apollo Creed. 
Apollo Creed dies in Rocky on 8/31/1985. 
8/31/1985 also just so happens to be exactly 99 years after the greatest recorded US earthquake East of the Rockies in Charleston 1886. 
Charleston is where Obama sang Amazing Grace 9 days after 9 people were shot and so on....99...523...California founded on 9/9....Adam Sandler's bday is 9/9 and so on...
Mohammad Bin Salman=99(rev red)

8/31 is also the 243rd day of the year. 
Undertakers bday is 24/3. 
Golden State Warriors=117(reverse) and 243
Lebron wore the shirt 673 days before the streak was broke...
673 is the 122nd prime...."Golden State"=122

Notice above too it says that in Saudi Arabia the Undertaker is reported to be wrestling Chris Jericho.....The Walls of Jericho...That story is a great example of how numbers are specifically used in the Bible. They walked around the Walls for 7 days with 7 priests...the first 6 days they went around once, but then on the 7th day they went around 7 times with the 7 priests blowing 7 rams horns....
Moses has a lot of 34 around him as well....thinking about it in regards to Wrestlemania 34....
Sinai=34=Red Sea=Canaan=Exodus=Hebrew=Passover=Aries
Moses sent "Joshua"=34(rev red) to lead the people over Jericho.
The Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia is 34 days after the Undertaker's bday. 
I also see that the Undertaker might be fighting "Rusev" and not Jericho so we will see...

I'm also putting this comment on this post so I don't forget.. Revelation 16:18 also mentions the Great Earthquake...
Phi is 1.618....the Golden Ratio....The Golden Gate is where the Messiah is supposed to return through...
Golden Gate Bridge=81 and so on..
Great Earthquake=673(Jewish)...perfect for the 122 meridian. 

Lebron lost to the "Pacers"=239(Jewish)=Golden Gate(Jewish)
It's also interesting that "Royal Rumble"=888(Jewish)
Jesus=888 in Greek's why Triple H is important in the coding with Ronda Ronda Rousey and Earthquakes...HHH=888

R. Lee Ermey dies-Connection to Youtube blocking "The Birth of my Son" video-Multiple things I've documented-Will Ferrell-Honeymooners-Love-Rocky

First thing that comes to mind in seeing the death of R. Lee Ermley is that we also got the death of Gomer Pyle 137 days ago. 
R Lee Ermey=137(reverse)
Gomer Pyle also died the same day as the Delaware Earthquake in 2017.  I also find it interesting that on March 9th I posted about how I randomly really wanted to watch Saving Silverman. This was a few days before my "birth of my son video" got blocked worldwide. In that video I talked about Neil Diamond not touring anymore because of Parkinsons Disease and of course Saving Silverman all about Neil Diamond.....Anyway remember R Lee Ermey is the Gay Coach in Saving Silverman. 

My Post on 3/9 was about how my video got blocked because of a screenshot I took of a Family Guy Episode. 

Notice Ermey was on Season 3 episode 9 of Family Guy...It's interesting this episode also has Will Ferrell..I started blogging about his SUV accident the other day and never finished it because I started looking at something different...The story came 94 days before his bday and "John William Ferrell"=94. 
Also Season 3 episode 9 was the 37th episode and 3/9 to 4/15 is 37 days. 
In regards to what I've recently been documenting I'd imagine there is something to do with the film "The Other Guys" as it has Ferrell and the Rock in it. 

Notice this episode also jokes about The Honeymooners and Ralph. Once again that show is super important....The MOON theme, Ralph drives a BUS. Maybe I need to sit down and watch it sometime. 

The episode also has Adam Carolla who was born on May 27th...I only mention this because I know in one of my 2015 videos I talked about him and Dr. Drew because of the tv show "Loveline" in connection to the Valentines/Love Theme...
See above that Gomer Pyle was born on 6/12 as well. (Valentine). 
I'm sure the other actors in this episode are significant too, but I'm not fully seeing it. The title is a play on the Billy Crystal film "Mr. Saturday Night"...he was born on Pi day...Billy Crystal also roasted Muhammad Ali in 1976....In my post on 3/9 I talked about how it was all connected to Rocky and the connections to Muhammad Ali with 117. (Rocky came out in 76' him and Sly were born on 7/6). 
Billy Crystal=76(rev red)

Ermey also died 76 days before the Full Metal Jacket "Gomer Pyle's" bday. The 2 months 15 days stands out to me as well. I've been seeing 215 a lot recently but haven't been documenting it as it hasn't made enough sense to me. 
Example...."Robert Zimmerman"=215
Chris Farley born on 2/15...."Saturday Night Live"=215...
This episode is titled..."Mr. Saturday Knight"....
The lady who plays Lois Griffin born on 2/15..
There were a bunch more that I just don't remember now...
But remember 215 the Philadelphia Area Code also the last day of Lupercalia. 

Not sure if this is the episode Family Guy is referring to with the Honeymooners...but I searched it an episode about Lost Job comes up...Season 2 episode 15....

I never noticed this about The Honeymooners before either. Ralph's wife is played by "Audrey Meadows". I know a girl whose name used to be Audrey Meadows. It's different now though as her husband died in a car wreck and she remarried. I still remember to this day her husband asking me why I don't ask her out. Then asked if it was ok if he asked her out. I told him yeah that's cool with me. She was new in town and I worked with her in the summer before anyone really knew her. Anyway they ended up getting married and he died in a car wreck on 11/7/ 2008.....but interesting 117 which was really important to my Original Post on 3/9 and my son being born on 1/17. 

Also Ermey's character in Full Metal Jacket is Sergeant Hartman...
I just documented about Bret Sergeant Hart and the connections to the Hart Family who went "over the edge". The boy hugged the Cop named Sergeant BRET. 

Interesting too the first episode Ermley was on of the Simpsons was the 137th episode. 

Man this one is hurting my brain right now lol. I need to check out some episodes and come back to it. I'm sure Ron Walker is on top of this one..he knows a lot about Kubrick and been telling me about the connections to Full Metal Jacket for years. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Opening scene of the film San Andreas shows the date May 27th-Golden Gate Bridge-San Francisco

Watching the film San the very opening of the film they flash this girls ID...notice her bday is 5/27....The anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Natalie Sawyer=81(rev red)
Golden Gate Bridge=81, 81(rev red)

The film also released on May 27th in Los Angeles. 

A big thing in the film is the Rock is a helicopter pilot who saves people. Interesting in regards to the helicopter stuff with Trump...also the Mexican Helicopter Crash while surveying the Earthquake....

It's funny how the film is set on the destruction of San Franciso too and not Los Angeles or anywhere else. 
The Golden Gate Bridge in this film is actually not destroyed by an Earthquake but by a Tsunami. 

The end of the film is interesting as well. They show the US Flag hanging off the Golden Gate Bridge and ask what are we going to do now....Then the Rock says, We're going to Rebuild. 

Comment on Video from 2014-Chris Farley Japanese Game Show Skit-Bob Dylan-San Francisco-Philadelphia-Bridge-Earthquake

This is the type of stuff I am talking about. Possibly I am just missing something, but I don't understand why this person would leave this comment on this video? It's from October 28th 2014 and I mentioned how the Chris Farley skit was odd that the answer was "88(hachi Ju Hachi)" in Japanese. The question was just the numbers 70, 100, 88 and a Japanese mans name...The answer ended up being 88. 

I get the reference as I was asking why is it "88" which was a number I was following like crazy at the time of making that video. Basically they are saying the answer is right in front of my face, or it's an answer that we will never truly know no matter how much we look. 
Still there is something I'm supposed to see with this...

Of course "Blowin in the Wind" was released on Bob Dylan's album "The Freewheelin Bob Dylan" that came out on May 27th....the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. 
I can't help but think about this song on the film Forrest Gump either. Remember Jenny sings this song naked...but she also has a big connection to San Francisco in the film. Even working with the Black Panthers who were created in the San Francisco Bay. 

San Francisco=413(Jewish)...this message comes on 4/13. 
It's also 44 days before the 81st anniversary of the GG Bridge opening. 
Earthquake=44, 107

When looking into the song It talks about the critic Michael Gray suggesting the lyrics are Dylan's incorporation of Biblical Rhetoric..It talks about how he's hinting to Ezekiel(12:1-2)...
This only stuck out to me because Zach recently posted about someone calling into the Gematria Effect and comparing him to Ezekiel. Also remember Zach thought that Bob Dylan would/will be a sacrifice for Super Bowl 52. 
Blowin in the Wind=82
Robert Zimmerman=82
Yellowhue Thirty=82
Jenny on Forrest Gump dies in 1982...Which is also the year I was born. I was born 82 days before my moms bday and my moms name equals 82(maiden and married name). ...
Jenny died 117 days(end date) before bday(born in 45')
Robert Allen Zimmerman=117(rev red)
Yellowhue=45, 117(reverse)
Bridge=45, 117(reverse)

Interesting the Book of Ezekiel also talks about a Future Earthquake...(Ezekiel 38:19)

Another thing I noticed is that the message I got was sent at 9:23pm. My video is 3:29 in length....the reflections but also 3/29 is the 88th day of the year. Remember the Philadelphia Train Wreck happened on 5/12/15...On this day we also got a huge aftershock Earthquake in Nepal. The previous one was on 4/25 and it supposedly killed 9,000 people and injured 23,000 people. The Trainwreck happened at 9:23pm....Anyway the point I'm making is that the Great San Francisco Earthquake in 1906 happened at will be 112 years ago in a few days..
San Francisco Earthquake=112
The worst East Coast earthquake was the 1886 Charleston Earthquake. It was located on 32.9N. 
Christopher Crosby Farley=333(reverse)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
Remember in 2015 I was talking about Philadelphia Earthquakes and how it was Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. 

Figure I might as well put this in here too. On Thursday at work I randomly noticed by boss was shaking one of these in her hand. All I saw was Philadelphia and here shaking it. I even said to her something about how she's causing an Earthquake in Philadelphia. It was just so random to see the word Philadelphia and her shaking it. Plus I recently just mentioned Philadelphia Cream Cheese in regards to the Muenster stuff.