Saturday, August 24, 2019

Newlyweds die in a car crash leaving their wedding ceremony

This story interests me because the girls name is "Rhiannon". 
This was important around the time of 2/15 with the Duck theme and so on..Kanye visiting the White House/Glastonbury...Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac...

Rhiannon Boudreaux=87
They were getting on Hwy 87. 

Thirty Three=66
Wedding=33, 66

I also find it strange they say they were planning a Christmas wedding on 12/20 for their family and friends....
It seems odd because it's a Friday, and I don't think I've ever been to a wedding or reception on any other day than a Saturday. Possibly it's because of the Christmas weekend and so on...

Oddly enough, I'm leaving really soon to go DJ a wedding. 
The girl who is getting married and texting me has name Gematria of 215...

A Mexican and American walked a Highline over the Border

This happened 211 days ago when the Shutdown over the Wall ended...
211 is the 47th prime. 
Border Wall=47
Government=47=President=White House=Trump
Notice the guy who thought of the idea to highline to Mexico...
Corbin Kunst=47

Trump claims he has "absolute right" to Order US Companies out of China

The Law from the year 77'? 
Absolute Right=77
Notice he said this just before leaving to the G7 Summit in France. 
G=7...So 77
Emmanuel Macron born in 77'. 
Seventy Seven=227(FB)...perfect for France right now. 

I like how they highlight the word "Order" as well. 
Remember this Order comes after China put tariffs on $75 Billion in US Goods. 
World War III=75
Absolute Right=612(satanic)
World War=612...Trump meets Kim Jong Un on 6/12. 
I'm also thinking about Trump's 2nd meeting in Vietnam and the Vietnam War endind in the year 75'. 

Lizzie McGuire reboot coming to Disney Plus

This story is awesome as I was just telling my girlfriend earlier this month that Hilary Duff just disappeared. We were talking about the JoJo Siwa concert and how my sister referred to her as the new Hannah Montana...I then mentioned how Lizzie McGuire was better than Hannah Montana anyway and so on....
Then we get Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana) getting a divorce....Now Lizzie McGuire is's just hilarious...
Lizzie McGuire is returning when Disney + comes out on 11/12/19. 
Remember there is a theme with Disney and the Los Angeles Angels...death of Cameron Boyce...Minnie Mouse..Abigail Disney...The Mighty Ducks...

This news comes 82 days before Disney Plus comes out...
Lizzie McGuire=82

The article also talking about 13 going on 30 which reminds of the Jennifer Garner movie called that...She of course is Ben Affleck's ex-wife....thinking about Batman symbolism. 

Hilary Duff is currently 31 years old, but will be 32 when the show comes out...
Disney=31, 32(rev red)

Trump's "Chopper Talk" puts media on the defensive-North Korea/Wall/Batman-215-Mikey on American Chopper

The mainstream media had a story on 8/22 about Trump's "Chopper Talk"...Basically he's talking with a helicopter in the background is the whole point of the article. 
Donald Trump=159
Think how him saying he was Batman in the helicopter at the Iowa State Fair has been important. 

Chopper Talk=125, 53, 55 and 510(satanic)
North Korea=125, 53, 55
Julian Calendar=125, 53
The story was referring to a new conference that happened in front of the chopper on 8/21, but the media made it a story on 8/22. 
The reason I find this interesting is because 8/22 on the Gregorian Calendar is 8/9 on the Julian Calendar. Also 8/9 on the Gregorian Calendar is 7/27 on the Julian Calendar. 
7/27 of course being the anniversary of the Korean War ending. 
Think how Slipknot released their new album on 8/9 as well. 
I just mentioned how 215 was important again...Remember that Trump called out the NFL 510 days before 2/15 this year...
On this day(2/15/19) we got a story about the NFL reaching a settlement with Kaepernick as well as Trump declaring the Wall a national emergency. He addressed the nation about the Wall on Kim Jong Un's bday.....
Also the Aurora shooting that reminded us of Batman and Trump in the helicopter. 
Chopper=215(rev FB)

Also "Marine One"=310(eng ext)

On a side note in regards to "Chopper". Literally every single day at least 1 person tells me I look like Mikey from American Chopper. I went into my band gig last night and right away some guy came up and high fived me and said, I look like "Mikey". 
I'm not sure of the significance, but I did have synchronicity with "Mikey" back around the time of the date 2/ was important to the Duck theme that went along with Jussie Smollet/Mighty Ducks....and the Duck Bus/boat crash on the Aurora bridge...
Mikey's dad Paul Teutul was born on 5/1. 

I've never even watched American Chopper before so I need to study it...I know I've seen a few clips of it, but I've never actually sat down and watched an episode, nor do I really care to lol. 

France opens rape investigation into Jeffrey Epstein on the Julian Calendar date of 8/10

Yesterday on 8/23 which is 8/10 on the Julian Calendar, we got a story about FRANCE opening up a rape investigation into Jeffrey Epstein. 
Remember how France was important to 8/10(810) and the major story we got on that day was the death of Jeffrey Epstein. 
Jeffrey Epstein=215
215 has been pretty important all year...Wall symbolism..SNL...My video strike...Aurora shooting...El Paso shooting...

Friday, August 23, 2019

Dwight Howard to join the Lakers on Kobe Bryant's birthday-Luke Walton case dropped-Rock Theme

Once again I have had zero time today, and been gone most of the day. I have to leave for a band gig in a little bit, but I see the Lakers signed Dwight Howard today. 
It can't make anymore sense for him to go back to the Lakers on today as it's Kobe Bryant's 41st bday. 

This person even called it a few days ago. 

Today is 107 days before Howard's bday too. 
Think about how in the previous stuff I mentioned the importance of the Los Angeles Earthquakes and King Charles. 
King Charles=107

Interesting that Dwight Howard's bday is 135 days before Queen Elizabeth's...Also Kobe's bday is 243 days(end date) before Elizabeth's. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=135, 243

Almost all of the articles I have read were about Howard hitting "ROCK" Bottom. I just mentioned there is a Stone/Rock theme. 
Rock Bottom=42=Lakers=Lebron James

This story also comes the same day the NBA stops it's assault case investigation on Luke Walton....remember how he was important to the narrative as well. "KINGS". 
Kobe he turned 41 years old. 
Walton resigned on the anniversary of Kobe tearing his achilles..Walton's assault case began 4 months 1 day before today. 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Man named "Leon" killed by Lions during the time of LEO.

A man killed by Lions during the astrological sign of LEO(Lion)....and his name is "Leon" which means "Lion" too. 

Girl Takes "Rock" from National Park-Rock/Stone Theme

Sam and I have been texting a bit about a "Rock/Stone" theme. 
I had the synchs with David and Goliath(Rock)
Netflix just got Rocko's Modern Life..
The Rock got married..

Now I see this story of a a girl taking a ROCK from a National Park and sending it back...

It makes me think about the Rock being married in Hawaii...when I went to Hawaii years ago, I remember taking some Lava Rocks and a Hawaiin guy freaked out on me so I put them back. 

Rocko's on Rocko's Modern Life is Australian....

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ronda Rousey nearly severs finger shooting 911(TV Show) days after "The Rock" gets married-Earthquake-Royal Family

Ronda Rousey=56
Nine One One=56
Osama bin Laden=56

This comes 11 months 9 days after 9/11 or 11/9.

Interesting the first creator of the show on wiki is Ryan Murphy who was born on 11/9 or 9/11. It makes me think of my cousin with the same name who was important to the Eagles winning the SB....just after Ronda Rousey made her WWE appearance at the Royal Rumble. 

This story comes 9 months 11 days after his bday on 11/9. 

It's also interesting this story comes 34 days before the new season of 9-1-1 comes on..."Thirty four"=56
Remember Rousey super important to the number 34..even made her WWE debut at WM 34. 
She won her fight in 34 seconds just after Roddy Piper died in 2015...which was important to 9/23...

Her appearance at the Royal Rumble in 2018 was also 911 days after her fight that was won in 34 seconds. 

Is it not funny too that I just documented about PITBULLS being important...
Bethe Correia's nickname is Pitbull. 

It's also interesting the Correia's bday is 81 days or 2 months 20 days before 9/11. 
Ronda Jean Rousey=220
They fought on 8/1....81' was 34 years before the fight and so on..
Rousey lost her first fight to 34 year old Holly Holm. 
Holm's debut fight was on 3/4. 
Rousey Trained on 34N. 
Roddy Piper had 34 championships..
The 34 second fight was at UFC 190..
Rowdy Roddy Piper=190

Hmmm...I'm looking at my old info....possibly we will see something with "Seal" as he is 56 years old right now...

9/11 is even 9 months 11 days before Correia's bday. 

Is it not interesting too that the only people Ronda Rousey lost to in UFC/MMA just fought each other at UFC 239? 
Amanda Nunes beat Holly Holm...
Think about how 2015 was important to the 239th year of the US...9/23 or 23/9...."Pope"=52....52nd prime is 239 and more..

Also think how this story came just a day after the news that "The Rock" got married. Remember the whole narrative with Rousey was in regards to The Rock bringing her on stage on WM 31 in San Francisco to fight Triple H/Stephanie McMahon....then she fought them in WM 34 on her debut. 
The Rock born on 5/2. 

His wife is also 34 years old..which is perfect. 
Of course he got married 109 days after his bday..
The Rock=109
Lauren Hashian=220=Ronda Jean Rousey

I've mentioned a lot of stuff with this narrative...
Earthquake/Bridge/Royal Family/Royal RUMBLE/888
Also a narrative with Brazil...

It's also funny that Rich just posted Zach's book earlier in a cover with "They Live" on it. Remember this was part of the narrative with Piper dying just before the Bridgewater shooting...and after Disturbed released the video mimicking They Live..

Also funny I had the experience with the Australia 10 dollar bill earlier....Rousey lost her first fight in Australia on Prince Charles bday. 

The Rock's last child even born on 4/17 which was Roddy Piper's bday..
A 3 year old and 1 year old with the 34 year old???WM 31..WM 34

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Australian 10 dollar bill at work today-Strange few days-Winning at Casino last night

Today at work some kids came in and asked me if they could pay with a $10 bill from Australia. I told them we can't accept it, because it's not from the United States and so on...I just find it weird that I had the experience with the Swiss Dime(10) and now today a 10 from Australia. I didn't see the other side, but the picture above is what I saw...I wanted to ask them if I could take a picture haha, but I thought it would be too strange. 
I have no idea the purpose of this happening, but I wanted to document it in light of the dime from yesterday...
I've worked at the gas station for a long time, and it's very rare anything of the such has happened to I know it's important for it to happen 2 days in a row. 

The last few days have been strange too...Our Ford Escape had the wheel bearings break last week, so I've been driving my dads car. His car of course wouldn't start today and I had to call him and tell him, I broke his car too. I got it working again, but the fuel pump is bad. Then I finally sit down and start doing a blog post and the internet went out for like an hour....then a few minutes ago the cop knocked on the door to tell me we have to move the old cars in the back yard at my old house. Apparently people have been complaining... which makes no sense considering other yards in town I know have the same thing. I know it's probably because of the stupid tree things that grow in that yard that I haven't cut down since moving. That being said, my current neighbor has grass that's like 4 foot tall in his back yard is what it is, but now I have a bunch of new shit I have to take care of and zero time. I won't even be in town tomorrow night, Friday Night, or yay. 
I also got 2 more letters in the mail yesterday saying I owe them student loan money which I will never pay off in my lifetime. They've waited 10 plus years...

On a positive note, I did win $150 at the casino last night. I was up a lot more and should've left, but oh well. When I got in the car to leave I looked at my phone and noticed it was 9:19 and my phone was at 91 percent...the temperature also said it was 67 degrees(19th prime)...

I've been experimenting a lot with that place as there are some synchs and numbers that are bad and some bad I've noticed. Remember though when I talked about winning on 1/19/19 and my mom winning 1 months 19 days before my bday..the same night I had the crazy infection in my arm...
Then I went again "Valentines"=67 and I charged my phone to 67 percent before going in and so on..
Yesterday was the 19th day of August.....
It seems that if I see anything connected to 19 it lets me win. I've haven't documented it on here, but I've noticed anything with 810 has been awful and a sign not to go...

In thinking about all this I noticed my bday is 313 days before 9/19....makes me think of Pope Francis being Pope on 3/13.....9/19 is also 1 month 22 days before my bday..."Pope Francis"=122
His trip to America began by going to Cuba on 9/19...
Thinking about Guantanamo Bay stuff...

Pit bulls maul and kill girl in Detroit-Guy on my Facebook who tagged me in Pit Bull Post-Reno

I saw this story on CNN's headlines today and I am drawn to it, because of recent Facebook thing I have been tagged in. A guy I know can't have his dog in Dow City, Iowa because it's supposedly a Pitbull and the town has made it illegal to own one....I see he says his dog isn't a Pitbull, and so on...he's mad about it as it's targeting his dog who hasn't hurt anyone. I haven't paid much attention to it honestly, but I keep getting notifications from other people commenting on it....
Now there is a story of of a Pit Bull killing a child in Detroit, so it sticks out to me. 

I'm trying not to show full names of the people on this post, so it may be confusing...
Before I even look at the actual story, I just noticed something interesting about the guy who tagged me in the post. I see he is dating a girl with the last name Reno whom I documented about previously. The reason it sticks out to me, is that she recently left her husband(? possibly they weren't married) who I'm somewhat friends with from years ago. He recently has become "awakened" and reached out to me about Gematria and other stuff. Possibly he has been awakened longer, but he now shares it constantly on Facebook...the difference is that he thinks everything is Jesus and I do not. He's been following guys like Richie From Boston too much in my opinion...nevertheless he sees that there is much more in this world and has experiences he is trying to explain everyday. Most people don't understand him and think he's gone crazy from the things he shares...but of course it's just because they aren't experiencing things to understand it...I don't always understand his experiences either, but I understand why sharing them is so important to him. 
Reno Blog Post
So it's odd that the Pit Bull guy is now dating his ex-wife..In this old blog post above however, I mentioned meeting my friend Cody's half sister for the first time. She said she was friends with his ex-wife when I asked her who she knew in Dunlap(town I live in). It's funny to me as I just went to Stromsburg to DJ her wedding, and now I'm seeing something with the RENO girl again.
I mentioned the date of 11/13 in that post...leaves 48 days in the year....also the conenction 9/11 which is interesting as 11/13 was the day of the Paris attacks too. 
Need to think about it more...but there's something important to all of this I'm supposed to see...
It's funny also that my friend Cody has been coming up a lot lately and he was important when my son Zamien was born....Now my girlfriend is about ready to have another baby...
haha and just looked at the clock and of course it's 8:20 on 8/20..

I wonder what this picture of her gofundme is from? It's some type of Cowboy it looks like...
Emma Valentina Hernandez=117
Emma Hernandez=64