Sunday, June 25, 2017

Death of my Uncles in regards to the Catholic Church

I was sitting here thinking about 132 in regards to the Catholic Church...
Catholic Church=132 and so on...
I've mentioned the death of the Uncle Barney a lot...
Bernard Alan Murphy=191
He died 191 days before his bday...
A 4th degree Knight of Columbus...
Society of Jesus=191

I was sitting here thinking about it though and my uncle Mike(Barney's brother) died on May 12th 2015. 
He died of "Cancer"=132(Jewish)
But May 12th is also the 132nd day of the year. Mike was a 3rd degree Knight of Columbus. 
Michael Murphy=71
Knights of Columbus=71

So anyway it got me thinking about my other uncle(Kelly) who was the first to die out of these 3. 
I remember before Kelly died(cancer), my uncle Barney made absolutely sure that Kelly would have a Catholic funeral and so on. 

My uncle Kelly also died 191 days before his birthday. What are the odds? 
Kelly Murphy=166
Barney Murphy=166 
Both died 191 days before their bdays....
Kelly born on 114th day...Barney dies on 1/14. 

My Uncle Barney's daughter also died on 10/15/1981...So she died exactly 32 years before Kelly. 
Kelly Murphy=131
Mike Murphy=131(reverse)
32nd prime is 131. 
Barney died on 1+14+17=32
Oddly enough the only other Uncle I have that died was on my Dad's side. He died years before I was born, but my middle name is after him. (Edward). My grandpa's car came out of gear and rolled over him when he was a toddler. I don't know much about it as my dad was a little kid as well and never talks about it. I believe he died on the 4th of July as well or early July 5th. 
Anyway..."Edward Behrendt"=131
In regards to my name, my mom has also told me before that they were originally going to name me Keith instead of Daniel, but then changed their mind...
Barney/Mike/Kelly's dad/my grandpa is "Eugene Murphy"=166(reverse) died of cancer on 12+21+19+80=132
Gene Murphy=132
Kelly's bday is 166 days(end date)  after mine. 

They also all grew up in Ralston, Nebraska. 
Ralston Nebraska=235(reverse)
The Society of Jesus=235(reverse)

Kelly buried with a Rosary from the Vatican and a medal blessed by Pope Benedict XVI? 
Joseph Ratzinger=191
Remember my Uncle Barney went and saw Pope Benedict as well when he was in Washington D.C. Then not long after that his wife Betty won $250,000 on a scratch off lottery ticket. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

UFC/MMA stories in media-Jesuits-Trump-Pope Francis

There seems to be a lot of stories recently in regards to the UFC/MMA....I was just on Facebook and I saw this LiveLeak in regards to Donovan Duran that cops supposedly broke his neck. 

We also got the story of Tim Hague dying recently. 

On the Gematria Effect this week, someone was talking about Matt Hughes getting hit by a train. 
Train Wreck=122
Matt Hughes=122

After looking at Facebook tonight, I went to CNN and I see this article about Darrell Horcher returning to the cage. 

Of course we also recently got the McGregor vs Mayweather fight news as well. 
Floyd Mayweather=71(rev red) also 73 and 224(reverse)
Conor McGregor=151
Jesus Christ=151
They announced the fight on 6/14 which is 73 days before the Fight.
Mayweather born on 2/24. 
The Society of Jesus=224
Anyway the reason I am posting this is because I noticed....
Ultimate Fighting Championship=312 also 444(reverse)
312 a number I have mentioned a lot recently in regards to Jesuits/Angel Michael.....
1984 was the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits.
Jesus=444  died age 33.....2017 is 33 years ago 1984. 

Mixed Martial Arts=187
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

I'm still getting comments on the old post on 3/26 as well. For some reason I re checked the date from 3/26 to 9/27 is 185 days. 
Donald John Trump=185....
Also the McGregor vs Mayweather fight announced on Trump's 71st bday. 
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
Jesuit anniversary 2 months 20 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
2/20 is 31 weeks 2 days before 9/27. It's also 7 months 7 days. 
Two Hundred Twenty=77
Paul III=77...also 308(Jewish)
Seventy Seven=175
Pope Francis=175(reverse)

2/20 to Pope Francis' 81st bday is 9 months 27 days. 

I also noticed that the Jesuits were founded in Paris, France. 
Paris France=56 and 187(reverse)
Society of Jesus=56 and 187(reverse)
Paris=63 which is interesting as I've mentioned 63 is connected to the Jesuits but not sure why exactly. 

Also founder of the Bavarian Illuminati Adam Weishaupt was involved with the jesuits.

The Illuminati supposedly formed 235 years after the Jesuits were formed. 
The Society of Jesus=224, and 235(reverse)
Three Point One Four=224, and 235(reverse)
 All the Pi symbolism lately...just something to think about. 
Also 7 months 4 days....Masonic=74=Jesus=Cross and so on. 
235 an important number in freemasonry as well... each side of the 47 degrees on the compass being 23.5 degrees. 
The Tropics at 23.5N and 23.5S. 
Tropic's 235-Freemason Compass
Read Zach's post above a lot of 235 stuff in regards to what I'm talking about. 
It makes me wonder in regards to Trump as the 3 of the first 5 presidents died on 7/4....The 2nd(Adams) and 3rd(Jefferson) in 1826, then 1,826 day later the 5th(Monroe) died on 7/4/1831.  2 3 and 5. 
This year will be 191 years after 7/4/1826....

Weishaupt dies on the day that leaves 43 days in the year. 
43rd prime is 191...."Society of Jesus"=191
Johann Weishaupt=184....another number I've said is important to the Jesuits....

He dies 80 days before his 83rd bday. 
Bavarian Illuminati=80

The Jesuit anniversary to Weishaupt's bday is 132 days. 
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132
England=132....2/6 also the day Queen Elizabeth II became Queen. Also the day King Charles II died. 
Queen Elizabeth II=84(rev red)
Elizabeth II=191(Reverse)

Charles II=84
Jesuit=84....Society of Jesus=191
United States of America=84 and 132(rev red)
Weishaupt died age 82. 
Eighty Two=132

Weishaupt died 313 days before the Jesuit's anniversary. 
This is interesting as Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope became pope on 3/13/13. 
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=313
Weishaupt also died 1 month 22 days after the Jesuit anniversary.
Pope Francis=122

Weishaupt's bday of 2/6 to the Jesuit anniversary is 7 months 21 days. Also 233 days. 
Adam Weishaupt=51
233 the 51st prime number. 

721 is important as 7/21 was the day Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits in 1773. 
Which is the reason why Weishaupt was able to become a professor of canon law. 
Pope Clement XIV's real name..."Giovanni Ganganelli"=313(reverse)

The Jesuits were restored on 7/31/1814 by Pope Pius VII. 
Pius VII=84(reverse)
1814 was also the year Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. 
Francis Scott Key=217(reverse)....21/7..the Jesuits Suppressed. 
Francis Scott Key=188=Bavarian Illuminati

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Comment on old video about the Rapture-Jesuits-Pope Francis

I just went to my email and of course I had some messages as I made a bunch of videos. I noticed I had a comment on 6/21 about the rapture on a really old video though, so I thought I'd check it out. 

Notice it says I have 84 views....I mean as much as I've been mentioning the Jesuits this is interesting. 
The date is 20/3....
I just mentioned that 7/8 is 203 days after Pope Francis' bday and also 81 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 

If you go from 3/20 to the Jesuit anniversary it's 191 days. 
Society of Jesus=191

I also put that video out 923 days(end date) before the Jesuit anniversary this year. 
923 a big number on Pope Francis. 
I Pet Goat II=111=Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Also the Rapture that's supposed to happen is on August 21st 2017 when the Total Solar Eclipse happens. 
August 21st leaves 132 days in the year. 
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

CNN Article "FATHER of USS Fitzgerald sailor will make you choke up".-Father Howard Fitzgerald-Bishop International Airport stabbing-Jesuits-Prince William

Look at that headline...."Father of USS Fitzgerald sailor will make you choke up". 
FATHER Huh....Fitzgerald....
I swear this story happened for me to see. I keep talking about Father Howard Fitzgerald...I even showed how the story had a connection to him....The original thing I mentioned in regards to Father Howard was my song...."Like Fathers Like Sons"...Now get a story about the Father was best friend of his Son a sailor on the Fitzgerald. 
Darrold Martin=87(rev red)
Howard Fitzgerald=87
His son's name Xavier Martin....
XAVIER....Francis Xavier....Xavier the Jesuit school. 

Possibly nothing but it has me wondering about the name "Martin" as well. I'm still getting comments on my Gabe Rygaard video I put out on 9/27/16...
Gabriel MARTIN Rygaard. 
Heath Ledger(Joker) is Gabriel Martin on the Patriot. 
Interesting..."Gabriel Martin"=87(red rev)

Xavier Alec Martin=175
Pope Francis=175(reverse)

I went to Facebook to see if I could find either one of them and I noticed a headline story on the sidebar about the BISHOP International Airport. 
Once again a connection to Church...Catholics...I even mentioned Bishop Joseph Charron and Richard Pates...
Joseph Charron=69
Bishop International Airport=318....The GOD number. 

The airport named after Arthur Bishop who died on 1/22.
Pope Francis=122
Pope Francis=175(reverse)
Interesting the airport built on the 220 acres he donated...
Francis bday 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit annivesary....Rihanna's bday and so on...
Flint Michigan=71
Jesus=61(reverse) also 74

Supposedly yells "Allahu Akbar" before stabbing a police officer...
Allahu Akbar=74(rev red)
Flint Michigan=74(reverse)

Amor Ftouhi=54
Islam=54...also 36(rev red) and 81(reverse)
This stabbing comes 3 months 6 days before the Jesuit anniversary on 9/27 which is 81 days before Pope Francis' 81st bday. 
1981 was also 36 years ago. 
I'm thinking about how a "Flint" Rock is used to start a Fire. 
Eighty One=54 and 36(rev red) and 135(reverse)
I keep getting shown the Jesuit anniversary in regards to "Gabriel". 
Gabriel=36, 54 and 135(reverse)
Gabriel is the angel who Muhammad had his first revelation too. The Quran based on the revelations of God to Muhammad through Gabriel. 
Sixty Three=54....Joseph Charron ordained on 6/3...All the 63 I've previously shown in regards to Jesuits/Priests. 

Amor Ftouhi stabbed officer Jeff Neville. 
Jeff Neville=191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191
Lt. Jeff Neville=69(rev red)

In regards to 81 and Pope Francis I'm curious of the date July 8th...It's 81 days before the Jesuit anniversary...also 203 days or 6 months 21 days after Francis' 80th bday. 
Three Hundred Eighteen=203
6/21 is also Prince William's bday....
Prince William=81(rev red)
William just turned 35 years old..."Catholic"=35
Diana died on 31/8....Charles bday on the 318th day. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Footage of Philando Castile shooting car parked on opposite side of the road as the original.

Original Video the cop on the right side of the car. 

Maybe I'm getting mixed up but I don't think this new footage of the Philando Castile shooting makes sense. I'm pretty sure I'm right though. 
In the new footage it clearly shows the cop on the left side of the car parked on the Right side of the road. 
In the old footage the girl was sitting on the left side and even when she gets out of her door she is on the sidewalk...meaning the sidewalk is on the left side of the car while the car is facing forward. 
 Look at the new footage again. The sidewalk is clearly on the Right side of the car while the car is facing forward. 

Something just doesn't make sense in these photo's to me? In the cop picture you can see the red building to the left and across the street. You can also see that building in the original video across the street but it's backwards. 
If she was sitting by the sidewalk in the cop footage and they were parked like that, the camera would go to the RIGHT to see that building, yet in the actual footage she goes to the Left to see that building. 

He obviously gets shot in the right arm that is facing the cop yet that wouldn't make sense as the cop footage shows it would be his left facing the cop....The sidewalk would be to her left yet in the cop video it is to the right. 

Regardless if this is just some mirror thing because of the video I have no doubt it's part of the Reverse theme. 

7th Fleet-7 sailors missing-sailor missing 7 days-Death of Otto Warmbier-John Mccain

This story gets better every time I look at it. 
The USS Fitzgerald story is all about the 7th Fleet. 
So 7 missing soldiers on Fleet 7....The day before we got the story of a sailor missing for 7 days in the same area. 

The Japanese say it happened earlier, but the US says it's happened at 2:20 is what this article is about. 
He died age 22 at 2:20...
Two Hundred Twenty=77.....7 missing 7th fleet...
I've been documenting 2/20 a decent amount lately...Rihanna's bday. 
Otto Warmbier supposedly died at 2:20pm. 
Pope Francis bday 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 

John McCain also says Warmbier was murdered. 


I've been saying how a lot of these stories are connected to the Jesuit Anniversary. Notice Warmbier dies 3 months 8 days before the anniversary. 
Murder=38(red rev)
McCain=38(red rev)

McCain's bday also 71 days after Warmbier's death. 

The reason I bring this story up is that John McCain was in the Navy and he was on the USS Enterprise....This was the ship that supposedly worked with Friendship 7-Project Mercury....John Glenn. 
Notice it recovered the astronauts on 2/20..1962. 

Of Course McCain also a supposed POW so the story of him talking about makes sense. 

McCain a POW in 1967....Warmbier dies 6 months 7 days after his bday. 

June 19th is also the 170th day....I mentioned Rhianna in regards to NEPTUNE...Neptune discovered 170 years ago. 
Rihanna dabbed with the total score of 170. 
One Hundred Seventy=241(reverse) and 1776(Jewish)
McCain's bday is August 29th the 241st day. 
We are currently in the 241st year of the United States. 

McCain a POW 58 days after his bday. 

So I'm looking at this picture of the Boat in the story because there has to be a reason the boat has 62 on it. As I'm looking at it,  I hear the TV say, "Why don't you get me a boat Bruce...yeah a Big Boat"....The movie Bruce Almighty is on lol. 
Grace Connelly=62(Bruce's girlfriend who says it)

In the mix of this I randomly looked at the video I am uploading to Youtube and it says 62 percent. 
Sixty Two=61(reverse)
Catholic Five=59 and 67(red rev)
USS Fitzgerald=59
IZU Peninsula=59
Bryce Benson=59

Sixty Two=38 and 43(rev red)
McCain=43 and 38(red rev)

I honestly don't know what it is but Jim Carrey has really been connected to things lately..On Saturday I even DJ'ed a party for the Carey family...I used my dads car as it looked like it might rain and I didn't want to take my truck. On the way hom
e I hit a I hit a deer with my dad's car in the early morning of Father's Day. Thankfully only broke the headlight and he wasn't mad about it. 
Jim Carey born in 62' as well. 
As I'm thinking about it, I even recall talking about Ace Ventura before the Super Bowl in regards to the Miami Dolphins...

Think about this movie Bruce Almighty as well....Morgan Freeman is God and gives Jim Carrey powers....Both connected to Batman....
I see Freeman is wearing a New York Yankees interesting if the Yankees made the World Series this year..I just mentioned this on a previous post...
New York Yankees=191
Society of Jesus=191
Need to look at all the teams, I wonder if any other teams have Jesuit connections? 
It would be the 41st time the Yankees made the WS......Remember after 9/11 they upset the Mariners 41 days later to make the WS...9/11 was all about 41. 
Skull and Bones=41
Seattle Mariners=179.....179 is the 41st prime number. 
Yankees upset them 1 month 11 days after 9/11 in New York. 
9/11 leaves 111 days in the year. 
New York=111
Yankees lost to AZ in that World Series...Just thinking about that in regards to McCain...
Need to do some more research into it as I've been wondering about the Astro's as well....Space Theme....seems the last 2 years the themes I'm following always fit with baseball but not with the Super Bowl or NBA winner. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sailor missing for 7 Days on USS Shiloh

This story was on the CNN sidebar right now as well. Lol seriously....The Navy loses sailor on ship for 7 days.....We also got the story of the 7 missing Sailors on the USS Fitzgerald today.  This ship was also outside of Japan. 

How does this story even make sense to 7 days? He vanishes on 6/8 and is found on Tuesday 6/13 and somehow that is 7 days? The Navy didn't report they found him until 6/15 which is 7 days. This story is all messed up. Even if they are meaning the Navy confirmed it 7 days later, he was only missing 5 days not 7 days like the article shows as well. 

The article let's us know how thankful Charles William is for finding him...
Charles William....
The USS Fitzgerald named after William Charles...Fitzgerald. 
I'm thinking about Charles and William in regards to the Royal Family as well. 
He went missing on 6/8....
Prince Charles=68 and is 68 years old currently. 

Petty Officer Peter Mims=113
USS Shiloh=113(reverse)
Peter Mims=118
Father Howard Fitzgerald=118
William Charles Fitzgerald=118

He's going to get medically examined on the USS Ronald Reagan. 
USS Ronald Reagan=169

Missing Sailor=187(reverse)
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

I don't know if anything is planned for Father's day but there sure are a lot of connections in regards to Fathers/Jesuits...
7 Days
7 Arch Angels
7 Limbed Aliens....
7 missing sailors...