Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Simpsons episode 91 about Gambling-Freemasons run the country video clip of the episode

I just watched this episode of the Simpsons. Not a whole lot of stuff that I noticed as far as the episode. 
I did notice a few things in regards to gambling though. 
Lottery=38(rev red)
Casino=38(rev red)

In this episode Marge gets a gambling problem after they build a new casino. She then doesn't help Lisa with her costume for the Geography Pageant. 
Thirty Eight=149
Marge Simpson=149

When Lisa asks Marge what state she should be, Marge tells her Nevada. Then Lisa doesn't want that so she says how about Florida. 

Homer helps her with her costume and he spells Florida as Floreda. 
Floreda=38(rev red)
The reason Ralph is Idaho is because Idaho is the 43rd state. 
Gambling=38 and 43(rev red)
Las Vegas, Nevada=43
Here's a short video clip of what I was talking about in the previous post. It really doesn't make any sense to the episode. Mr. Burns says nothing can stop him now, except microscopic germs. Then later he sees germs on Smither's face that say, "Freemasons run the country". Then the episode just moves along.
Mr Burns=33, 105
Masonry=105 and 39(rev red)
Smithers=105(reverse) and 39(red)


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