Sunday, January 1, 2017

NoDAPL Banner at Vikings Game-Brett Favre-25, 45

Divest=25, 43, 79
Miami Dolphins=79
Standing Rock Sioux=79

Notice the Brett Favre jersey. 
This could be connected to the Packers or the Falcons as well. 
Favre=25 like Divest=25
Brett Favre=45, 117
Spiderman=45, 99
Favre also beat the Patriots in SB 31. 

CNN takes the tweets of this guy. 
David McCoy=45, 99

8 likes 8 comments huh? and the Vikings win finishing the season 8-8. The Colts also finished 8-8. 

I noticed this guys Chuck Taylor too. Probably a clue as the came out in 1917 and today is the first day of 2017. 


  1. A couple weeks ago the Dems were trying to push a Divest or Impeachment Bill towards President Trump. Now this word again. You don't hear it often.