Thursday, January 26, 2017

Michael Jordan "I'm Back" on 3/18 The Bull God

I'm sitting here thinking about how 318 is the God/Jesus number. 
The New Testament talks of the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ 318 times. 
Remember Michael Jordan came out of retirement saying "I'm Back" on 3/18 1995. (318)
Jordan was the Bulls-God similar to the Bull God-El-Saturn. 
It explains why he retired in 93'. 
Jordan is a big piece to a lot of the current puzzle. 
His dad dies on 7/23/93...same day Foltz/Sadler...My Uncles Bday..Dog Days of Summer..Neptunalia...
Jordan synced up with 48 like crazy hinting at Donald Trump. 
His dad died 23 years ago. 
MJ=23 wore # 23
Washington Wizards...WW..23...23 
I never use "English" Gematria on Riding the Beast but "Twenty Three"=1963 when using it. I only noticed because of the Gematrinator...English to me is the X6 not Sumerian so it's confusing. 
Jordan born in 1963. 
There's a lot more to add to this but just wanted to document it before I forgot. 

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