Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Zach's Car Crash and weird Youtube Videos claiming he isn't legit.

A lot of stuff has been going on lately as most people know. I literally typed in Zachary K Hubbard on Youtube and found a bunch of crazy videos. 
I was watching this one and it stopped and buffered for a good minute at 3:22 in....How interesting that I took a screen shot and then the video instantly turned on.

It's obviously Montagraph under a different channel but how messed up is it that he tells Zach to watch out for December 24th and then his house gets crashed into. I understand many people have questions in regards to the G's and Dahboo's houses being crashed into as well. As far as I know this house crashing stuff began with Enterthe5t4rz...
Zach says he wasn't even home and never saw the car...so to me maybe these crazy fucks knew he had that brand of insulation and no car did crash there? Maybe they just fucked his house up leaving a sign letting him know who it was?  If you watch the videos below, it sure seems to me they told him what's up...Yet I'm confused as to why they would actually keep it up on Youtube letting us know who is responsible? 
These videos really have no views though and most people would have no clue what is going on I think. 

Just throwing this out there....
He talks about how they used "Synergy"=113 on Zach. 
Enterthe5t4rz's house got crashed into on 1/13..2016....
Dahboo's house got crashed into 3 month 13 days later. It was also 11 weeks 3 days before the Nice, France Truck crash.
Also 103 days after Enterthe54rz's crash.....13...13th day.  
Zach Attack=31...101....11
1/13 to 12/24 is 11 months 11 days. 
11th prime is 31. 
Zach just talked about the German Crash and how it connected to Nice, France. 
Notice in these videos too how they highlight I "11" uminati? 
I mean seriously go watch this dudes videos....Why is he taking that much time to try and disprove Zach, especially by manipulating messages and changing them. How is that done? Maybe it's some easy program but I don't know anyone who knows how to write fake messages like that on youtube and change headline articles on CNN like that? 
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  1. that messed up zack need security cams asap

  2. Crazy times brother I watched that last night myself and will address it when I get off work..

  3. Crazy stuff!! Rescripting Superbowl? Man in a hoodie I think of belichick, Zac attack I think of cowboys. Just thinking.

  4. Hi dan please check out brother bergs latest post but bottom comment made by twotwofourconnection, it has a lot in common with ur findings like how the Phili train derailment 5/12 while Aaron rogers was on celebrity jeopardy on the same day and he beat spaceman - Houston and queen and king were crowned on 5/12

  5. Montagraph is a psychopath with no balls, puts those creepy videos on a 2nd channel so he doesn't lose his main channel. There's been like 50 videos pumped out about Zach within the last day or 2 like an organized attack.

    1. Also he's not using a program to change the headlines it's simple how to do it, children who have nothing better to do do it to be 'funny'. What you do is copy any part of the screen you want to change, hit 'inspect' and then hit the drop down on the right side where the blue section is highlighted, then change the text to whatever you want. Once you refesh the page it goes back to normal so he screenshotted/screencapped before he refreshed the page. He's a moron with too much time on his hands. Dude is clearly mentally ill and a chain smoking loser. The look in his eyes says it all.

    2. Thanks, I knew there had to be a way to do that, I just had no idea. He had to waste a lot of time though in doing so. Also how did he know something would happen on Christmas Eve? His numbers were all about sports and not about a car crash so it's strange that something did happen that day.

    3. Can't stop George now trolls my blog and says I am a shill. Just saw this post for the first time. Solar Cycle = 113
      Pentateuch = 113

  6. why wouldn't Zach have security cameras....after he's burglarized by the neighbor...something stinks and now the crash..of course no video cameras

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  8. Zack's car crash is a hoax because Zack is a Freemason lying, gatekeeping plagiarizing shill. Russianvids has two videos on Zack's car crash hoax that is loaded with freemasonry symbolism, and there are other similar YouTubes on his fake car crash. Russianvids speculates Zack was remodeling his garage anyway and took advantage of it that way, and as a way to raise suckers' money. Also, commentators have called Zack out on showing the police report that Zack has not done. Good points of Russianvids is how did the two Freemasonic symbol ladders get outside of Zack's garage unless they were placed there? There is also a glimpse a Freemasonic wheel barrel symbol close by. And Zack pans up with his camera showing the Freemasonic twin pillars represented as twin trees. Furthermore, why did Zack film the scene after the supposed car had been removed so there is no image of the actual car, but instead of where the car is supposed to be is debris like the debris was placed there? How convenient then you don't have to get a car for the show. Also, how could a car get past the fire hydrant that is in front of where a car would need to go to get to the garage? (1) Zachary K Hubbard The Freemason Occultist,” https://youtu.be/KSaRPihQywc (2) “Plagiarist Zachary K Hubbard Exposed Gatekeeping 7's Code,” https://youtu.be/-RJTpzcZUtQ (3) "Zachary K Hubbard "Home Hit By Car" 33 Coded Hoax - False Flag On His Own House!," https://youtu.be/zzSSFozcn28, and (4) "Zachary K Hubbard False Flag On His Own House Revisited," https://youtu.be/Qp_9Jyvm7-A.

  9. And as far as your two The Umbrella Man videos you can't believe any of that coming from a lying Freemasonic channel because that channel is loaded with Freemasonic chessboard and umbrella symbols. Why do you think he has those symbols there, to make fun of them? No, those are lying secrecy symbols that communicate to other Freemasons like most of the celebrities and political leaders that are lying Freemasons. And why are those two videos taken down and only available here now? Because The Umbrella Man is covering himself. Also that is a fake war between The Umbrella Man and Zack because why does The Umbrella Man have Zack's channel listed as a related channel if they were at war? That is because they aren't they are both in on the hoax. YouTube channel, "The Umbrella Man," https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc_-UlvN53I5KZN-peb177A