Thursday, March 30, 2017

Angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary-How March 26th, May 13th, Mary's Bday are connected with connections to my life/what I keep mentioning.

I was typing in some of my relatives because I wanted to see if things have changed due to all of the other forms of Gematria. 
I always knew my daughter and my first(1 of 2) nephews both equal 184. 
Anyway I notice my nephews name in jewish gematria is 326. 
Collin Hansen=326(Jewish)

His bday and my bday are also 10 months 12 days apart. 
Big number I've mentioned in regards to uncle's death/Columbus/Super Bowl and more..

Anyway I got on Facebook to double Check his bday on 12/29 and this was the first post that came up on my feed....Talking about Steve King and Trip GABRIEL. 
Trip Gabriel=513(English)
Denison, Iowa=513(satanic)
Beth Ann Vogt=513(satanic)
I have mentioned a whole lot in regards to this town in previous posts/videos.

So I re-look at the Notable people from Denison, Iowa and I see one with the last name my nephew. 
He was the head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space just think about how I keep mentioning a Space theme. 
Notice also Charles Carpenter.....This only sticks out because there was a lot of Key of David stuff I was talking about. Then we got the death of Keion Carpenter(Key on Carpenter...Jesus)....
Charles Carpenter=166
Fits exactly with everything I was talking about. 

Also born on the 153rd day of the year....153 Fish and more. 

Of course I notice this on James Hansen's birthday too. 3/29
This post pry won't be out until 3/30 but I'm typing it on 3/29. 
It seems he studied more about Climate Change then Space but still interesting. 
James Edward Hansen=65
Denison, Iowa=56, 65
Beth Ann Vogt=65
The New York Times is owned by Arthur Sulzberger who is 65 years old currently too. 
Climate Change=56

Interesting Hansen and Carpenter's bday's even 65 days apart. 

So I listened to the Gematria Effect and then was moving on to try and catch up on some other videos as I haven't watched or listened to any in a few days or more. I go to Zach's channel and of course he has a video about Juan GABRIEL. This cannot be coincidence. This guy died in August. I keep saying there is a connection to Daniel, Zechariah and Gabriel in regards to 326. 
I even remember where I was when I saw this guy died. I had band practice and I almost always go to the Mexican restaurant "Juventino's before I come home. They had a TV on and it kept showing this guy dying...I had never heard of him but it was pretty important to a lot of the other customers it seemed. 
Juventinos=149 and 121(reverse)
Zachary K Hubbard=149
Daniel Behrendt=121
Remember 3/26 to Zach's bday is 3 months 26 days(end date)
Angel Gabriel=513(Satanic)=Denison, Iowa(satanic)
Remember 5 months and 13 days is also sometimes 166 days. 
May Thirteenth=166
The New York Times will be 166 years old on 9/18/17. 
Congresswoman=166...pointing this out because in Beth's post she is supporting Kim Weaver.

Not the same lady, but if you search Kim Weaver on Wiki this is the only person who comes up...of course works for NASA. 

513 is a big number that was being shown to me last year. I kept talking about May 13th. 
Possibly nothing but...
May 13th is 13/5. 

May 13th is 184 days after my bday...this is interesting as this whole post began with my daughter and nephew equaling the same thing. 
Claire Bobbi Jo Cowgill=184
Collin Ryan Hansen=184
If you include the End Date it's 185 which is interesting as...
May Thirteenth=185(reverse). 

My Uncles death to 5/13 is 3 months 29 days...I'm looking this up on 3/29...He died 65 days after my bday. 

May 13th 2017
It's the day that leaves 232 days in the year. 
Satan=55....also 232(Jewish)

May 13th is also the Christian Feast Day and anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917. It was a Marian Apparition. 
So much more to look at, but I really have to go to bed. 
Gabriel came to Zechariah, Daniel and Mary. 
He told Mary she would birth Jesus...
Gabriel=54, 135(reverse)
Annunciation=54, 135(what his message is called)
September 8th is the 251st day....251 is the 54th prime. 
September 8th is Mary's recognized Bday. 
Beth Vogt=54
It's also the day that leaves 114 days in the year...once again connecting to my Uncles Death on 1/14. 

9/8 to my uncles 63rd bday was 318 days. 
9/8 to my bday on 11/10 is 63 days. 
7/23 to 11/10 is 3 months 18 days. 
11/10 to 5/13 is 6 months 3 days. 

May 13th to Mary's recognized Birthday of September 8th is of course....3 months 26 days. 

3/26 to 9/8 is 5 months 13 days but also 166 days. 

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