Saturday, December 24, 2016

49ers only wins in 2016 against the Rams..Colts loss..Alan Thicke...Miami Dolphins...Moses..Just some thoughts..

The 49ers got their 2nd win of the season against the Rams. They also got their 1st win against the Rams. 
Notice Kaepernick had 28 completions. 
In the first win over the Rams the 49ers won 28-0. 
Kaepernick first start against Buffalo Bills 2016..Rams-Bridgewater Injury
See the link above I mention a few of the Rams connections to Kaepernick and the 49ers. I've posted a lot in regards to it....

Thinking of the Colts loss today and the Death of Alan Thicke...remember the Kid on Fuller House is wearing what looks like a Rams uniform and the TV show is set in San Francisco. The Colts and Cowboys stuff I keep saying is showing us the 1971 Superbowl and 1971 College Football Championship that both took place in Miami at the Orange Bowl. 
 (Richie Incognito began his NFL career with the Rams, he also played for Nebraska who won the 1971 College Championship....Jonathan Martin finished his career with the 49ers)....
Martin's first game back after the Bullying Scandal was against the Cowboys...Incognito's first game back after the Bullying Scandal was against the Colts...."Martin also wore # 71 for the 49ers). 
Bullying=39, 102=Cowboys? 
Martin also went to Stanford which seems like an Andrew Luck connection but something to point out is that Nebraska and Stanford have only played 1 time ever...the 1941 Rose Bowl...Stanford was called the "Indians" at the time. 

Moses=71 (Aries the Ram)
The Ten Commandments=71 in the Sea of Red(Chiefs also play in Sea of Red). 
49ers play in Levi's stadium. 
Moses was in the Tribe of Levi. 
The Rams originally from Cleveland named after Moses Cleaveland. 
There's something I am missing in regards to what they are showing us but the Super Bowl is for sure connected to all of these interrelated events. Both the 1971 Super bowl and College Championship played in Miami at the Orange Bowl. We just had the death of Fidel Castro reminding us of Miami as well. I've wondered all season if it's actually for Miami in the back of my mind. I just don't know though, it's missing something I'm not seeing. 
Dolphins=97  we are in the 97th NFL Season.
Super Bowl 51...the Dolphins in 51st season. 

Possibly nothing but thinking in regards to all of the HELL symbolism/End of the World stuff lately...I'm reminded of Dan Marino trying to sell his soul in the movie Little Nicky. 
Notice the last time the Dolphins made the Super Bowl they lost to the 49ers. It was also held in Stanford Stadium.

Laremy Tunsil Bong Hit
I mentioned this a long time ago....That the Simpsons killed Prince on the Treehouse episode XIX and the last time the Dolphins were in the SB was in SB XIX....Marino also in the 215th episode of the Simpsons like the day Vanity Died. 

Super Bowl XIX=2016 (Jewish)
How interesting is that? Although the SB will actually be in 2017 the season is in 2016....

Also in my Alan Thicke post I mentioned how the 51st episode of Growing Pains was missing on Wiki. The episode was about the school play and the Football Coach was the teacher putting the Play on.. His name was coach Lubbock...I mentioned Lubbock, Texas and the "Lubbock Lights"=51 that happened in 1951. Notice Ryan Tannehill is from Lubbock, Texas...I wonder too if there is a clue in the Harrison Ford movie...Cowboys and Aliens in regards to if it's for the Cowboys as well?   Aliens/Houston/Space...?
#17 makes the 17' Superbowl?

Tannehill's first NFL game was also against Houston. 
He also got hurt against the Cardinals...reminding us of Stanford and Super Bowl XIX played in Stanford Stadium. 

Matt Moore originally drafted to the Cowboys. 
Notice he played college at Oregon State under Mike Riley which connects it back to Nebraska. 
Matt Moore=39, 102
Matthew Erikson Moore=97

Interesting too Matt Moore's only game played last season was against Houston on his 44th game. 
Today was his 48th game...Be interesting if the Dolphins somehow win with him until his 51st game or something like that. Then bring back Tannehill to win the Super Bowl on his 79th game like "Champion"=79

Who knows just trying to think of some things that could be possible with what they have been showing us in regards to 71'. 
The Dolphins also lost SB 6 against the Cowboys and the season was in 71'. I know there's more to it, I'm just not seeing it all. 


  1. You really think dolphins have a chance??

  2. Remember tray walker the cornerback for the Ravens who died on 3/18? He wore #25 and was born in Miami Florida and died in Miami Florida. He was drafted 2015 round 4 pick 136. The weird thing is we keep seeing these princess Diana numbers (she died 8/31 and her bday was 7/1) and now here we have the NCAA championship game coming up on 1/9 in Tampa where the area code is 813. And Tampa=51. Not sure how this really relates to your post but if it helps someone in any way then it was worth my time to post it :-)

    1. That's great info thank you. I did not remember Tray Walker but it's for sure connected. The Ravens from Baltimore where the Colts originally from. "Baltimore Maryland"=183 Thank you for the other comment as well I didn't realize that either. Colts lose by 8 and Vikings by 13 wow. "Church of Philadelphia"=183 where the fresh PRINCE is from.

  3. Also the colts lost today by 8 points and the Vikings by 13. Weird weird weird. They both scored 25 like the damn sb date. Wtf ... I think they changed the script. A giant fuck you to us

    1. true that ! i think giants take it , trump / clinton from nyc well poltically , odell a big fan draw,

    2. ya their is no bigger draw than the Giants with eli and beckham...just miami would be one hell of a bore....but so would the Colts or Vikings who many of us were 'certain' of , so guess we shouldnt discount them...Maybe Tampa Vs Miami lol?

  4. I just saw the owner of the Miami Dolphins (95 percent owner) Stephen ROss is a Jew with a 5/10 bday.

  5. Interesting how Ross will be 4004 weeks old at SB 51, the Dolphins franchise will be 18,801 days old, and their last SB appearance in '85 was 11,704 days prior. All very interesting numbers. Course I was a big Dolphins fan prior to my conversion.

  6. Oh wow! And tray walkers birthday was 8/5.
    Also interesting as dan said the super bowl would be tannehill's 79th game and his bday is 7/27 which breaks down to 7,9 (reverse of 97) also they benched osweiler when his record was 13-8 and tray walker died on 3/18