Saturday, January 30, 2016

Back to the Future Denver Broncos Clock Blackout

I saw these pictures on Zachary Hubbard's blog. I just wanted to post a few other things that may be significant.  In the very beginning of Back to the Future there is a Denver Broncos Clock. Which is crazy considering the movie isn't in Colorado, the Broncos had not just won the Superbowl or anything.  So it's definite coding the the 1985 we've been talking about dealing with the Chicago Bears.  
First off when the movie starts the clocks are on 7:53, but Marty later finds out they are set 25 minutes slow.  So it is actually 8:18. 
Manning # 18 in his 18th season
Eighteen=46  Chicago=46  

I don't necessarily think that the Broncos clock means they are going to win.  Notice the ALL BLACK clock that sits above the Broncos Clock? Not sure what kind of clock it is or just a timer, because it only has 10 numbers.  It's all black though maybe signifying the Panthers being on top of the Broncos.  Also the hands on this clock seem to be pointing at the Light switch that is in the OFF position. Interesting if you watch the movie though, that clock has a bar sticking out of it that eventually turns ON the light switch. The numbers on the clock also go in reverse though, so could be showing the opposite of what it's doing. According to the Black clock the time is around 8:43.  
Superbowl Fifty starts at 5:30 Central time according to ESPN> 
So 8:43 would be 3 hours 13 minutes later.
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13  2013
Three Hundred Six Score and Six=313
Pope Francis=122
San Francisco=122 
Also this may not mean much, but they do have a Black Cat Clock as well which may or may not be representing the Panthers. A Panther is technically a Black Cat though.
Just something to think about. 
I also just can't stop thinking about Huey Lewis and the News and Huey P Newton the founder of the Black Panthers. I wonder if that's somehow connected? 


  1. I think there are deeper clues held within the Broncos Clock. You know how you mention the time 8:43....Denver =834. Freemasonry =834. Also the number Forty Three =834, and I think there's significance there.

    It gets even deeper if we go the route that follows the time of 7:53. It will be 735 days on Super Bowl Sunday from when the apocalyptic Maserati commercial was aired just once during SB 48.

    Seven Hundred Thirty Five Days =330. Satan =330, 55. Ghibli =55. Maserati Ghibli =133. Kubiak =55, 330.

  2. Wow nice connections. Maserati=32, 86 Ghibli=38 Also Maserati and the Trident. Don't have time tonight, but was gonna look more into the new music video of Coldplay and Beyonce...Hymn for the Weekend. At :31 they have the Goddess Kali sitting by the road with the Trident. Kali also on the Empire State Building this year. Empire State=131,50 Superbowl=131

  3. I ned to see that video too. Beyonce will be joining Coldplay on stage during halftime (I think Jay Z will appear too, but thats a surprise). Last time Beyonce performed at the SB there was a 33 min blackout. Lets see what she does for the encore?!

    Beyonce =505, similar to the 55's we dropped above. Levi's makes 505 Jeans, and the game at Levi's stadium.

    Five Five =1440, along with some Obama related Gematria (84, 504).

    This Broncos Clock stuff is such a small piece to the puzzle. I'm still thinking about all your earthquake tie-ins to the SB. But that damn Maserati commercial is sticking to my mind like glue......could they have something planned?? I think yes.

    Hymn For The Weekend =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199. One Twenty Two =199.

  4. Ha, just saw "Crispin Glover" on the screen grab w/ the black cat clock....

    Crispin Glover =167. Peton Manning =167. Manning =167. Peyton is 6 letters - Manning is 7 letters = 6/7.

    One Hundred Sixty Seven =270. Like the date of the SB 2/7. The numbers 27/72 have been the cornerstone to everything Broncos/Manning/Denver/SB50.

    I think all the 27 coding means the Broncos will win w/ 27 points.

  5. I've never seen one of those 10 number clocks. They're known as Metric clocks. Base 10 is something that keeps popping its head up lately. We're in the month of December. Decathlon, Decade, Decimate, Decimal. A commenter even mentions 55. 10th prime and 10th fibonacci. Your full first and last name is 257 reverse the 55th prime. Derek talks about the Moon's declination range of 57°. Mars from what I've seen has a maximum range of 55°. You still seem really coded to Mars. Of course you're a scorpio ruled by Mars.

  6. You were born almost exactly 10 Martian years before 9/11. Actually 10 Martian years and 10 days. Born on the 10th. When your Uncle Barney died Mars had an elongation (angular distance from the Sun) of 55°

  7. Of course Marty goes to 11/5/1955.