Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Storm Chasers killed in Pursuit of Tornado-Spur, Texas-Heaven's Gate Suicide-Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton dies and we keep getting stories like this in the media. We had a story of 50 some Tornados in the beginning of March.
March 28th the 87th day of the year. 
Happened at 3:30...

We had this story on 3/26 about the TV power going out in Columbus, Ohio. The screen went black and it was the weatherman talking about a Tornado Warning. I haven't figure it out, but I bet this story will come back up later on in something I'm talking about. Columbus....like Christopher....Tornado...Bill Paxton. 
Paxton connected to the Space/Moon Theme which is interrelated to Flat Earth. 

Storm Chasers=166(reverse)
The date of 28/3 is interesting as well. 
283 is the 61st prime number. 
William Paxton=61 
He died age 61. 
Death of Bill Paxton-Apollo 13 and more

Interesting I just noticed the character he played on Apollo 13. 
Fred Wallace Haise Jr=326(reverse)
I only mention this because I'm still trying to figure out the puzzle in regards to this number. 

This story was just outside of Spur, Texas. I figured I would look into the town. It says the Population is 1,318 and then lists a few notable people. 
Of course the first one Marshall Applewhite shared a bday with Bill Paxton and also died on 3/26. 

He was the leader of Heavens Gate and committed suicide 53 days before his bday. 
Heavens Gate=53
Spur Texas=53
Rancho Santa Fe=53
Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr=126
Died on 3+26+97=126

Of course Heaven's Gate connected to Aliens/Space...Interesting too Spur, Texas is close to Lubbock, Texas which is home to the Lubbock Lights....one of the first famous UFO sightings. 
They killed themselves because they thought they could reach an alien spacecraft behind Comet Hale-Bopp. 
Hale Bopp=39
39 people committed suicide. 

The people who committed suicide each had a 5 dollar bill and 3 quarters. 
Yet again 53. 

Another notable person from Spur, Texas is Aaron Latham who wrote the film "Urban Cowboy". The character John Travolta plays in the film is said to be from Spur, Texas as well. Think about it...Travolta the Scientologist...both connected to Extra Terrestrials. 

Marshall Applewhite makes me think of Major Applewhite too. Possibly nothing but he is the current coach of Houston Football team. Of course where SB 51 was played and what not. Even Tracy Lawrence the country singer who sings "Texas Tornado" is from Atlanta, Texas. 
3/28 is also 51 days after SB 51. 

Tornado's are also fitting in regards to all of the PI/Backwards Pi connections that have been going on....Tornado's spinning in a circle motion. 
Three One Four=69

Spear of Destiny-Skull and Crossbones-Time-Jesus

The spear that Jesus was stabbed with to make sure he was dead....
Spear of Destiny=666(satanic)
Longinus=666(Sumerian) Supposedly the Soldier to stab him. 

The other numbers are interesting as well. 
Skull and Bones=202

I thought I read a long time ago the Crossbones is supposedly to represent the broken legs that were done during crucifixion...although this never happened to Jesus. 
Jesus crucified on Skull Hill(Golgotha) 
I can no longer find where I read about the broken legs though. 
Interesting as we just got the story of Jesus' Tomb being reopened on 3/22. 

Jesus of Nazareth=1776(Jewish)
Makes even more sense why the nations independence is 7/4 and so on....

 X is times in Multiplication. 
Skull and Crossbones=61

The kingdom of heaven is within you....
X Rays/Raise....raising the Cross....see inside yourself. 
I made a video in regards to this a long time ago...It involved Rontgen Rays and more...

Poison=88(skull and bones)
Pirates=88 (jolly roger...skull and bones)
88 a number in regards to time as well. 88mph and so on.

I find it interesting too....Jesus H Christ=93(H Exception)
Saturn=93...the keeper of Time. 

So I'm typing this up and my phone just beeped like I had a notification 3 times. I looked at my phone and I have zero new notifications or messages.  Of course the time was 3:26pm. 

Alligator eats players ball on Florida Golf Course

Surprised Daniel McNamara didn't rip out one of it's eyes. 

Daniel McNamara=55
Rotonda West=55

Interesting too..
Golf Ball=166(english)
Adam Sandler=326(english)
Long Marsh=326(Jewish)

Carl Weathers is a guy I've been following for a while now. He's been connected to a lot of stories and themes including the death of Prince and Earthquakes.
I just noticed his bday of 1/14 which in the death of my uncle was connected to 318 and 166 and more. 
Apollo Creed dies on 31/8..1985. 
Apollo Creed=191(reverse)
Carl Weathers=191(reverse)
Bernard Alan Murphy=191
He dies 191 days before his bday. 

That's interesting in regards to the Boy Ate by the alligator on Donald Trump's 70th bday...also Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope and so on...
1/14 to 6/14 is 151 days. 
Jesus Christ=151

I'm thinking about all of the Donald Trump Golfing stories we have got since he's been president too. 

Funny too as I'm typing this up I am listening to an episode of the show "Touch" and they just brought up CALVIN Norburg as importance to the plot. Earlier I was super drawn to rewatch the movie "Stigmata" as it was on TV. Of course the main priest is played by "Gabriel Byrnes"...He's also on the End of Days. I even clicked on some video on Facebook of a girl telling how to make money cause I wanted to read the comments. It was the only video I clicked on and of course after I clicked on it, I realized the person sharing it was someone named Gabriel(I don't know this person) on 2/23 of all days.
2/23 the 54th day. 

Golf Course=511(Jewish)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trolled comments on Gabe Rygaard video today-Jesuits-Pope Paul III-Copernicus-Columbus-Henry VIII-Pope Francis-Flat Earth

All Day today I have been getting notifications on my phone with trolled comments on this video again. I'm sitting here looking at the video again to see if I missed anything and I'm telling myself it has to be something in regards to Gabriel, but I don't see what else. 
I'm sitting by the bed and my daughter was playing and her mom was pulling her and she wanted me to pull her back. She grabbed my hand and I pulled back. As her grip slipped all I could think about was the movie Cliffhanger when he drops the girl in the beginning. Of course I look that movie up and the main character is GABE Walker. 
I mean possibly nothing but this stuff happens way too much to be coincidence I believe. 

Anyway I wondered if there is something missing in regards to this video being put out on the Jesuit Order's anniversary. 

The Society of Jesus was approved by Pope Paul III in 1540 by a bull containing the "Formula of the Institute"=1012(satanic)

I noticed Paul III died exactly 433 years before I was born on 11/10/82. 
The 84th prime number is 433
Alessandro Farnese=68, 95, 176
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95, 176
September 27th leaves 95 days in the year. 
November 10th is the 314th day of the year.
Paul III was the 220th Pope....2/20 leaves 314 days in the year? 

Notice too Copernicus dedicated his book "On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres" to Paul III too? Once again leading back to the Flat Earth Stuff. 

This is the content of the book. 
It even says Math and not Physics should be the basis for his theory. 

Copernicus brought on the Heliocentric Model.....Notice it says Christians believed it because of the Bible and then it shows Joshua 10:12.  
Columbus supposedly discovered America on 10/12 and so on. 

Paul III was also the Pope who fully excommunicated King Henry VIII. 
King Henry VIII wanted to get a divorce to Catherine of Aragon who was the daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand. Isabella and Ferdinand funded Christopher Columbus' journey. 
Isabella I of Castile=326(reverse)..

King Henry VIII=191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191
SJ=19 and 10...similar to 191

Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope. 
The day I think I am being shown is March 26th 2017.
Notice this day will be Pope Francis 4th year 13th day as Pope. 
Pope Francis I=413(Jewish)

Ha there's so much to all of this stuff. I need to keep reading and try to understand some of this history better. There was a lot of stuff going on in this time period that actually helps to understand more of the world we live it seems. 

Some quick things I just discovered in regards to Pope Francis being the first Jesuit Pope and from South America. 
South America=191(reverse)
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
Buenos Aires Argentina=323(reverse)=Lucifer(Jewish)
Buenos Aires=513(satanic) see old posts on 513. 

March 26th is also 185 days before 9/27. 
Donald John Trump=185
Oldest President=185
3/26 to Trumps 71st bday is 80 days....Pope Francis is 80 years old. 

Trump's bday to 9/27 is 3 months 13 days. 
Francis pope on 3/13. 
Francis 1,189th day as Pope on Trumps 70th bday. 
Book of Revelation=185
March Twenty Sixth Two Thousand Seventeen=185
World Trade Center=185
Stock Market Crash=185
In October it will be the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. 
Three Hundred Twenty Six=1024(satanic) similar to the date 10/24 when the Stock Market Crash began. 
The Book of Mormon=185....first published on 3/26. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Calvin came up in my life again today

I have no clue what I'm supposed to see with this but I know there is something I'm supposed to get out of it. 
So last night I mentioned how my daughter and I named our Fake Baby "Calvin". Then later I noticed the creature in the film LIFE is called "Calvin". 
Before I went to bed last night, I finally rewatched Django Unchained without falling asleep. Of course the main bad guy played by Leonard Dicaprio is named "Calvin". 

So I get to work this morning and one of the lady's I work with was talking about someone named Calvin. 
Later in the day after everyone had left and I was by myself, I had one order for pizza. Of course it was 3 pizza's for someone named "Calvin". 
Just thinking about Leo Dicaprio and his connection to Growing Pains with Kirk Cameron. Then got really well known after Titanic the James Cameron film. 
The day Alan Thicke died I posted about how at work my boss spelled Cameron wrong as "Kamern". 
Kirk Cameron born on 10/12 and also "Kirk Cameron"=318(Jewish) Of course the Left Behind Films...

Who knows, maybe I'm supposed to see something in regards to John Calvin and Calvinism? 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dish Network-Interesting TV Shows and Movies On in connection to my last post-Life-Invasion of the Body Snatchers-Roy Rogers

Scrolling through the channels and I see the Eddie Murphy movie titled "LIFE" is on. What are the odds this film is on after I just posted about a different film with the same name? 

Interesting too he will turn 56 the day of the Basketball Championship game. 4/3. 
Edward Regan Murphy=93
4/3 the 93rd day of the year. 

The Roy Rogers Show on channel 82. 
It's episode 59. 
Roy Rogers=59
He's known as the "King of the Cowboys"=82(H except)
Not sure what to think of this but documenting it just in case. 

Channel 132 has Invasion of the Body Snatchers on too. 
I've talked about Invasion of the Body Snatchers in regards to the MOON stuff and 11/14 before. 
Makes me think of Cowboys and Aliens Film which I still haven't rewatched. 

Michigan and Purdue both lose on the 82nd day of the year-Life(space film) on Espn's Background

Today is the 82nd day of the year. 
This was a big number in regards to the Michigan and Purdue stuff in regards to the Moon. 
Interesting both Purdue and Michigan lose on the 82nd day. 
Armstrong and Cernan both die age 82.
Apollo 15 left the moon on 8/2.  
At the end of the regular season Michigan beat Purdue 82-70. 
Michigan lost to Louisville in 2013....Louisville had 82 points. 
Eighty Two=132
Michigan lost by 1 and Purdue by 32....132. 
Spike Albrecht born 82 days before the Super Moon on 11/14. 
Kansas Jayhawks=82(KSV)
Oregon Ducks=132 also 69(Ksv)
Oregon scores 69 points. 
Jayhawks=98 notice they scored 98 points. 

You also have to love the AD Espn puts underneath the scores. The Space film called "Life". 

The film came out on 3/18 even and premiering at midnight tonight in the US. 

This is weird. The name of the creature in this movie is Calvin. Just a few hours ago my daughter was playing babies and I had to name my kid. I told her Bartholomew and she said, no...so I said how about Calvin. She agreed and said Calvin was a cool name and we named our baby Calvin. 
I have no idea why I chose those two names, they were just the first  names I thought she would think were Goofy that came to mind. 
Bartholomew=51, 132
Calvin=25, 61

Remember in 2013 Michigan came back and beat Kansas in OT after Trey Burke's 3 pointer too. Possibly that bracket was a clue for Kansas all along.....Eugene, Oregon....Eugene Cernan too. 
Oregon the 33rd State. 
Kansas the 34th State. 
The last states to join the Union before the Civil War. 

Quick Thought on Michigan vs Oregon tonight.

Who knows if it's significant but If Michigan wins tonight it will be 13 of the last 15. 
The plane incident was on 3/8 so it was 15 days ago too. 
Playing in Kansas City, MO. 

Also in the rankings before the tournament Oregon was # 9 and Michigan bumped up to # 23. 
Seventy Three=166

Wisconsin Shootings-Wally Sparks-Rodney Dangerfield 326-318-166

I noticed I still had this article pulled up, so I started reading it. I noticed the Chief of Police was Wally Sparks. It instantly made me think of the film "Meet Wally Sparks" starring Rodney Dangerfield. 

Rodney Dangerfield dies 318 days after his 82nd bday. 
Rodney Dangerfield=94, 166 and 86, 293(reverse)
Oh wow I just realized what I'm supposed to see with this I think. 
11/22 is the 326th day of the year. 
Also the day JFK assassinated. JFK died on Dangerfield's 42nd bday. 
2/8 or 8/2 leaves 326 days in the year and the 39th day. 
He was born on 11/22 that leaves 39 days in the year. 

I'll look more tomorrow possibly, but interesting how the 326 I've been mentioning connects to JFK. 

Django Unchained 1012 and 166 short post.

Been trying to rewatch this movie for the last 3 nights. Getting ready to start it again but always seem to fall asleep. I figured I'd look it up really quick because for some reason I keep telling myself to rewatch it. 
Django Unchained=1012(Jewish)
It's also 166 minutes long...
Interesting as I've mentioned how these numbers have a connection. 
Ha and listening to Gematria effect still, someone talking about Belgium Attacks...
Belgium Airport=166

Russell Westbrook first to be Perfect in Triple Double

Westbrook gets the first "Perfect" Triple Double. 
I'm not saying the Thunder will be in the Finals but interesting that the finals begin on 6/1 this year.
Seems something connected to 318 is the key this year. 

It's funny because I've been saying since before I knew Gematria Westbrook is prime for Triple doubles. 
His bday is 11/12.  111X2=222  Three 2's are Triple Doubles. 
Russell Westbrook=1112(Trigonal)
Triple Double=1112(Trigonal)
He went to "UCLA"=222(Sumerian) 
Oklahoma City=185(reverse) and 191(FB)
Triple Double=191(FB) and 185(reverse)

Most likely a clue to UCLA's outcome in the tournament as well. 
We just got the story of Lebron telling Lavar Ball to keep his kids names out of his mouth too. 

Oklahoma City Thunder=223
Today is 22/3. 
He did this against Philadelphia...yet again the team connected to the Warriors. 
Philadelphia Warriors=222 and 318(reverse)

Against the Sixers...then he shoots 6-6 Field Goals and 6-6 Free Throws.

He got his 35th triple double tonight too. Isn't it funny he started getting noticed for Triple Doubles after Durant got hurt in 2014? Durant wears # 35...
Funny thinking about it, last year a big thing I kept talking about was some guy yelling "Thirty Five Reverse" in the Warriors vs OKC game in which Prince attended. It makes more sense with a reverse theme going on. 
Thirty Five Reverse=234
Russell Westbrook=234
Drake=234...song back to back...
If you go back and look this was all I kept talking about last year. 
Westbrook and Lavine won back to back at the All Star week stemming back to 2014-2015 when Durant was hurt and more. 
He's chasing Oscar Robertson's record for Triple Doubles. 
Oscar Robertson=234(FB)

Off Topic but....
This explains even more the connection to the Cavs and 223. 

Dallas Green dies age 82-Chicago Cubs-Gabby Giffords shooting-Gabriel

We also got the death of Dallas Green today. I talked about this guy a few times before and after the World Series. He's the guy who fought the City to get lights at Wrigley Stadium in 1984. 
His bday is 8/4. 
1984 was the first time the Cubs made the Playoffs since the curse of the Billy Goat. 
March Twenty Second=84

George Dallas Green=88(red reverse)
They finally got lights in 1988. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223
How fitting he would die on 22/3. 
Notice he won a world series as the manager of Philadelphia too. 
Philadelphia Phillies=191
New York Yankees=191
Just interesting in regards to London Attacks today and Pope Francis story. 

I mentioned him in my Ferris Bueller post. 
Ferris Bueller=150 and 202(FB)
Dallas Green=150(Francis Bacon)
Ferris Buellers Day Off=314(reverse)

Green's 9 year old granddaughter died in the 2011 Tuscon Shooting that critically injured Gabrielle Giffords. 
Now interesting stuff here. I keep talking about the Angel Gabriel. Now this story leads me back to thinking that in regards to GABRIELLE. 

I remembered watching Zach's video on Gabby Gifford at some point in time, so I searched it. 
1,317 views....."Daniel Edward Behrendt"=1317(Jewish)
This was a key piece in regards to my Uncles death too. 13 and 17. 
Marino # 13...Tannehill # 17. 
Notice it came out on 11/14...the 318th day of the year and more..
Episode 155. 
George Dallas Green=155...304(reverse)...750(satanic)
Gabrielle Giffords=155...304(reverse)...750(satanic)

A lot of interesting things here...
She is currently 46 years old. 
Dallas Texas=46
Her Husband is Mark Kelly who of course is an astronaut and flew on Endeavour which is the 134th and  2nd to last Space Shuttle mission to happen. 
Apollo 15's Command Module was also called Endeavour. 
Michigan=46...all astronauts from Univ..Michigan on AP 15. 
Mark Kelly also the Twin Brother of Scott Kelly and the only astronaut Twins to travel to space. I just mentioned this not even a month ago lol. 
Nasa Twins Study Article
Here's the link to the article I was talking about. 

Notice the shooting also on 1/8 or 8/1.....today is the 81st day of the year. 
Eighty One=423(satanic)
Mark Kelly=423(satanic)

Giffords Bday...70+8+6=84
GG=84(satanic and sumerian)

What a joke. Green's grandaughter was born on 9/11/01 and a cousin to Sara BUSH. Talk about mocking. Babies Born on 9/11(page 41 huh?)....
Al Qaeda=41=Airplanes=Muslims and so on...

That also means she died age 9 years 119 days. 
9119....911 forwards and backwards. 

Also of the 6 people who died one was even named Gabriel. 

Crazy stuff, so as I'm sitting here thinking I figured I would start listening to the Gematria Effect as I didn't get to earlier tonight. I clicked over to it and started playing it. Then for some reason I looked at the time. Of course it would be 1:55 am on 3/23. 
Daniel Behrendt=323(Jewish)

London Attack-48, 191-Pope Francis Hat Taken Off

I took this screen shot earlier today before I went to work. 
Terror in London=83, 191...also 79 and 187 (reverse)

I just looked up the Royal Family last night before I went to bed in regards to other forms of gematria. 

Elizabeth II=191 (reverse)
Scottish Rite Freemasons=191

Funny the same day we get a Terror Attack in London we also get a story about Jesuit Pope Francis getting his hat taken off. 
Society of Jesus=191

Today's date is 22/3 in Rome and London. 
Estella Westrick=223(Reverse)
The hat is called a zucchetto. 
Pope Francis=122

Interesting she is from Atlanta too. 
Possibly nothing but.....
Hat Off=266(satanic)
Pope Francis the 266th Pope..went to the Whitehouse on the 266th day of the year. 
Two Hundred Sixty Six=911(satanic)
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
Four Hundred Four=211(reverse)
Six Hundred Sixty Six=211(reverse)
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=133, 313...
Pope Francis became Pope on 13/3 or 3/13. of 2013. 
A lot more not gonna repost. 
I mentioned a lot about the date of 3/26 as well. 
Pope Hat=326(satanic)

I also find it interesting today is 4 months 8 days after Prince Charles bday. Remember his bday was the same day as the closest super moon since 1948....
Prince Charles born in 48'. 
Charles II=48
Charles I died age 48. 
The Indians hadn't won a World Series since 1948. 
Trump was the biggest election upset since 1948. 
Donald Trump=48
Israel declared it's independence in 1948. 
The 48th prime number is of course 223 like today's date 22/3. 

Keith Palmer the officer who was stabbed was 48 years old.