Friday, March 31, 2017

Rainbow Flag Creator Gilbert Baker dies age 65- Death of Harvey Milk and George Moscone

The Rainbow Flag Creator died today 3/31/17. 

He dies 64 days(end date) before his bday. 
Civil Rights=64
He was also born in 51'. 
Gay Rights=51
Pride Flag=51(another name for the Rainbow Flag)

Gilbert Baker=65, 110
He dies age 65. 
LGBT Pride Flag=65
Some say the flag was inspired by Judy Garland..and the song "Over the Rainbow"...reminds us of Kansas...Baker also born in Kansas. 

The article mentions his death being told by Cleve Jones. 
Cleve Jones=65, 110
Nineteen Seventy Eight=110
The 65th prime number is 313. Today is 31/3. 

He was challenged to make the Symbol(Flag).... by the first openly gay elected politician in California.. Harvey Milk. 
Harvey Milk=65(reverse H)
June 25th is the 176th day of the year. 
Harvey Milk=176(FB)
Roy G Biv=176(FB)
LGBT Movement=176(reverse)
Stonewall Riots=176(reverse)
It also says he was influenced by the Flag representing World Peace. 
World Peace=51(rev red)

Harvey Milk dies 6 months 5 days after his birthday in 1978
Homosexuality=65(rev red)

Harvey Milk also dies 5 months 2 days after the first time the Flag was used. 
Harvey Milk=52
California=52....Also 65(rev red)

Gilbert Baker died 86 days before the 39th anniversary of the Rainbow Flag first being used. 
This is interesting as the original flag had 8 stripes but was later changed to just 6 stripes. 
The 8 striped flag had Pink, Turquoise and Blue. They turned Turqoise and Blue into "Royal Blue"=51(rev red) on the 6 striped flag. 

Harvey Milk and George Moscone were assassinated by Dan White. 
Dan White killed them 86 days after his own 32nd bday. 
His trial led to the term..."Twinkie Defense"=86
Moscone was replaced as Mayor by "Dianne Feinstein"=86

Dan White=39 and died age 39. 
Thirty Nine=65(red rev H)

Dan White's bday was also 2 months 9 days(end date) after the original Rainbow Flag being used. He was born on 9/2 or 2/9. 
White=29, 65...also 70(reverse)

It even says Dan White was the 2nd of 9 children. 

There have been other variations of the flag since but still interesting. It says some of the more common ones have the Greek Letter "Lambda" on them. 
Thirty Three=66
In some it says they took away the Orange stripe and replaced it with black because of Donald Trump. 
Gay Guys=33(possibly nothing but just noting it)

Interesting I just noticed...."Flag"=166(satanic)
Go figure we would get a story like this. Colin Kaepernick in the news again lately which is all about the Flag. Of course Kaepernick the former San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco where Harvey Milk Killed and Rainbow Flag created. 
It also reminds me of all the confederate flag drama in the media a few years back. 
Freddie Gray=60(reverse reduced) ha makes a lot more sense now. 

A long time ago I covered the rainbow flag a bit. It was in regards to the Philadelphia Experiment which is also called Project Rainbow. 

Some extra stuff here...The other person to be assassinated with Harvey Milk was George Moscone. 
He was the 37th mayor of San Francisco. 

He was born on the day that leaves 37 days in the year. 

Dan White committed suicide 37 days before the 7th anniversary of the murder. 
Thirty Seven=57
George Moscone=57(rev red) also 78(S except)..dies in 78'. 
San Fran=37...also 318(satanic)
Gilbert=37 and 318(satanic)

Moscone=39...also 318(english)

Mississippi State womens basketball beats UConn ending 111 game win streak.

Mississippi State beats UConn women tonight breaking their 111 game win streak....Go figure. 
Mississippi State=111(rev red)
Mississippi State Bulldogs=314

Interesting South Carolina also won, so they will be playing Mississippi State in the Championship. South Carolina Men are also in the Final Four. 

The Women's Championship is on 4/2...the 92nd day. 

SpaceX Rocket makes history the same day as Atlanta Bridge Collapse-NBA Finals-Super Bowl 51

Funny how we get this story the same day as an Atlanta Interstate collapsing. The Falcons just lost Super Bowl 51....SpaceX uses the Falcon Rockets. 

It says SpaceX announced about 32 minutes after takeoff it had successfully landed. 

It was also the 32nd SpaceX Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch. 
Thirty Two=85(reverse)
National Football League=85
The bridge collapse was on I-85
Atlanta Georgia=85(rev red)
1985 was 32 years ago. 
32nd prime is 131
Atlanta Georgia=131
Super Bowl=131

OF course Super Bowl 51 was played in Houston, where the Rockets play. 
Houston Rockets=85(H exception)
Basketball=22, 85

The Rocket went 22,000 miles into space and it's also 2 months 2 days before the NBA Finals begin. 

The Rockets lost tonight staying on 51 wins....Super Bowl 51...
NBA Finals begin on 152nd day of the year. 
Super Bowl LI=152
One Hundred Thirty One=107
Championship=131=Super Bowl
These stories are a big clue to the NBA Finals this year. 

Funny how the Bulls beat the Cavs tonight as well. Last year a big piece to the puzzle was Michael Jordan and it was connected to Houston. Houston was the team that won back to back NBA Finals in between the Chicago Bulls Two 3-peats. 
Chicago Bulls=112

In regards to 32 there has to be something connected to Magic Johnson. He's all about 32 and finished his career against the Rockets. Also when he became President of Operations traded Lou Williams to the Rockets. Magic became President of Operations on 2/2. I'm also thinking about how the Rockets beat Shaq in the NBA Finals when Shaq was on the Orlando MAGIC. Shaq faked being a Flat Earther....just got a statue dedicated to him...
Orlando Magic=112
SpaceX is located in Hawthorne, California which is close to Los Angeles and also in Los Angeles County. 
Possibly nothing but the Kennedy Space Center is pretty close to Orlando as well. 
The Rockets losing to the Blazers tonight also reminds me of # 22 Clyde Drexler who left the Blazers and then won the NBA Finals with the Rockets beating Shaq's Magic Team. 

In regards to college Basketball....Clyde Drexler's/Olajuwon's Houston(college) team made 2 straight Final Four Appearances and lost to North Carolina in 1982 and then to North Carolina State in 1983. 
How interesting with UNC in the Final Four this year....Also they won in the year 82'...which is the big number I talked about with Purdue and Michigan/Space theme. UNC playing the Eugene, Oregon team...Eugene Cernan... If you go back and look at my old posts..
Eugene Cernan=112 and was connected to a lot of 112. 
Eugene Andrew Cernan=309(reverse) and died 309 days(end date) after his 82nd Bday. 
North Carolina=203(reverse)
Of Course Michael Jordan played for North Carolina and the Blazers drafted bust Sam Bowie over him, and also the Rockets had the # 1 pick in Hakeem Olajuwon who played with Drexler in Houston.....think about the Space Theme though and Michael Jordan in regards to Space Jam. 
Literally the last 3 years have been connected to Space Jam. 
Space Jam=23, 32
Space Jam came out on 11/15/96...It's funny as this typically is the 319th day of the year but 96' was a leap year.  Remember Jordan's first game back after retiring was on 3/19 against the Pacers. 
I have done a lot of videos and what not on Jordan and Space Jam. Need to go back and look now lol as the Space Theme has really ramped up lately. 
Especially with Bill Murray as the 82nd prime is 421 which is connected to Prince/Queen Eliz/Valentines Day...Ghostbusters and the World Ending on Valentines 2016...Chicago St. Valentines Day Massacre...Michael Jordan Valentines Day stuff I've previously covered.  Denzel Valentine who is now a Chicago Bull made the game winner on Valentines Day a few years back with Michigan St.(Magic Johnson)... 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Atheist-313 and my Cat Cuddles

Well I'm trying to go to bed, but I noticed a few more things. 
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=133, 313
The Edict of Milan protecting Christians was in place in 313 AD by Constantine. 
Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13. 

So as I'm laying in bed just typing this in, my cat "Cuddles" keeps biting my feet and scratching the bed. I figured I'd type in Cuddles. 
Look at that...
Cuddles=313(satanic) and 326(Jewish)

Angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary-How March 26th, May 13th, Mary's Bday are connected with connections to my life/what I keep mentioning.

I was typing in some of my relatives because I wanted to see if things have changed due to all of the other forms of Gematria. 
I always knew my daughter and my first(1 of 2) nephews both equal 184. 
Anyway I notice my nephews name in jewish gematria is 326. 
Collin Hansen=326(Jewish)

His bday and my bday are also 10 months 12 days apart. 
Big number I've mentioned in regards to uncle's death/Columbus/Super Bowl and more..

Anyway I got on Facebook to double Check his bday on 12/29 and this was the first post that came up on my feed....Talking about Steve King and Trip GABRIEL. 
Trip Gabriel=513(English)
Denison, Iowa=513(satanic)
Beth Ann Vogt=513(satanic)
I have mentioned a whole lot in regards to this town in previous posts/videos.

So I re-look at the Notable people from Denison, Iowa and I see one with the last name my nephew. 
He was the head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space just think about how I keep mentioning a Space theme. 
Notice also Charles Carpenter.....This only sticks out because there was a lot of Key of David stuff I was talking about. Then we got the death of Keion Carpenter(Key on Carpenter...Jesus)....
Charles Carpenter=166
Fits exactly with everything I was talking about. 

Also born on the 153rd day of the year....153 Fish and more. 

Of course I notice this on James Hansen's birthday too. 3/29
This post pry won't be out until 3/30 but I'm typing it on 3/29. 
It seems he studied more about Climate Change then Space but still interesting. 
James Edward Hansen=65
Denison, Iowa=56, 65
Beth Ann Vogt=65
The New York Times is owned by Arthur Sulzberger who is 65 years old currently too. 
Climate Change=56

Interesting Hansen and Carpenter's bday's even 65 days apart. 

So I listened to the Gematria Effect and then was moving on to try and catch up on some other videos as I haven't watched or listened to any in a few days or more. I go to Zach's channel and of course he has a video about Juan GABRIEL. This cannot be coincidence. This guy died in August. I keep saying there is a connection to Daniel, Zechariah and Gabriel in regards to 326. 
I even remember where I was when I saw this guy died. I had band practice and I almost always go to the Mexican restaurant "Juventino's before I come home. They had a TV on and it kept showing this guy dying...I had never heard of him but it was pretty important to a lot of the other customers it seemed. 
Juventinos=149 and 121(reverse)
Zachary K Hubbard=149
Daniel Behrendt=121
Remember 3/26 to Zach's bday is 3 months 26 days(end date)
Angel Gabriel=513(Satanic)=Denison, Iowa(satanic)
Remember 5 months and 13 days is also sometimes 166 days. 
May Thirteenth=166
The New York Times will be 166 years old on 9/18/17. 
Congresswoman=166...pointing this out because in Beth's post she is supporting Kim Weaver.

Not the same lady, but if you search Kim Weaver on Wiki this is the only person who comes up...of course works for NASA. 

513 is a big number that was being shown to me last year. I kept talking about May 13th. 
Possibly nothing but...
May 13th is 13/5. 

May 13th is 184 days after my bday...this is interesting as this whole post began with my daughter and nephew equaling the same thing. 
Claire Bobbi Jo Cowgill=184
Collin Ryan Hansen=184
If you include the End Date it's 185 which is interesting as...
May Thirteenth=185(reverse). 

My Uncles death to 5/13 is 3 months 29 days...I'm looking this up on 3/29...He died 65 days after my bday. 

May 13th 2017
It's the day that leaves 232 days in the year. 
Satan=55....also 232(Jewish)

May 13th is also the Christian Feast Day and anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917. It was a Marian Apparition. 
So much more to look at, but I really have to go to bed. 
Gabriel came to Zechariah, Daniel and Mary. 
He told Mary she would birth Jesus...
Gabriel=54, 135(reverse)
Annunciation=54, 135(what his message is called)
September 8th is the 251st day....251 is the 54th prime. 
September 8th is Mary's recognized Bday. 
Beth Vogt=54
It's also the day that leaves 114 days in the year...once again connecting to my Uncles Death on 1/14. 

9/8 to my uncles 63rd bday was 318 days. 
9/8 to my bday on 11/10 is 63 days. 
7/23 to 11/10 is 3 months 18 days. 
11/10 to 5/13 is 6 months 3 days. 

May 13th to Mary's recognized Birthday of September 8th is of course....3 months 26 days. 

3/26 to 9/8 is 5 months 13 days but also 166 days. 

Reverse Escalator Story on 3/26 in Hong Kong

We got this story on 3/26....although it happened on 3/25 in Hong Kong. 
Just documenting it as it's about REVERSE that has been so revealing as of late. 
18 people injured...
Hong Kong=46
We got the story on 3+26+17=46

Otis Elevator Company=326(FB)
Notice the Mechanics were 22 and 52...why even put that in there?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Interesting Bday Connections with my Band Members

I just got on Facebook and noticed the drummer in my band posted something. Anyway it made me look into if we had any connections or not. 

I noticed Pat(guitar/singer) was born the same day as my Uncle Barney. So the 318 connection and also 110 days before my bday on 11/10...similar to 110. 
Pat's been one of my good friends for probably 15 to 20 years, but he's originally from Turin, Iowa and moved to Dunlap later. 
Turin is where Hwy 37 ends and turns into Hwy 175 in which my Uncle died just before getting on....175 days after his bday...The Town he would've made it too has the high school mascot the Falcons...
Turin, Iowa.....reminds me of the Shroud of Turin. 

Jesse's(drummer) bday is 11 months 10 days before my bday on 11/10. 
Also 12/1...."Daniel Behrendt"=121

I don't currently see any connections in Gematria but interesting in regards to our bdays. 
Our Band has 2 different names.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Storm Chasers killed in Pursuit of Tornado-Spur, Texas-Heaven's Gate Suicide-Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton dies and we keep getting stories like this in the media. We had a story of 50 some Tornados in the beginning of March.
March 28th the 87th day of the year. 
Happened at 3:30...

We had this story on 3/26 about the TV power going out in Columbus, Ohio. The screen went black and it was the weatherman talking about a Tornado Warning. I haven't figure it out, but I bet this story will come back up later on in something I'm talking about. Christopher....Tornado...Bill Paxton. 
Paxton connected to the Space/Moon Theme which is interrelated to Flat Earth. 

Storm Chasers=166(reverse)
The date of 28/3 is interesting as well. 
283 is the 61st prime number. 
William Paxton=61 
He died age 61. 
Death of Bill Paxton-Apollo 13 and more

Interesting I just noticed the character he played on Apollo 13. 
Fred Wallace Haise Jr=326(reverse)
I only mention this because I'm still trying to figure out the puzzle in regards to this number. 

This story was just outside of Spur, Texas. I figured I would look into the town. It says the Population is 1,318 and then lists a few notable people. 
Of course the first one Marshall Applewhite shared a bday with Bill Paxton and also died on 3/26. 

He was the leader of Heavens Gate and committed suicide 53 days before his bday. 
Heavens Gate=53
Spur Texas=53
Rancho Santa Fe=53
Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr=126
Died on 3+26+97=126

Of course Heaven's Gate connected to Aliens/Space...Interesting too Spur, Texas is close to Lubbock, Texas which is home to the Lubbock of the first famous UFO sightings. 
They killed themselves because they thought they could reach an alien spacecraft behind Comet Hale-Bopp. 
Hale Bopp=39
39 people committed suicide. 

The people who committed suicide each had a 5 dollar bill and 3 quarters. 
Yet again 53. 

Another notable person from Spur, Texas is Aaron Latham who wrote the film "Urban Cowboy". The character John Travolta plays in the film is said to be from Spur, Texas as well. Think about it...Travolta the Scientologist...both connected to Extra Terrestrials. 

Marshall Applewhite makes me think of Major Applewhite too. Possibly nothing but he is the current coach of Houston Football team. Of course where SB 51 was played and what not. Even Tracy Lawrence the country singer who sings "Texas Tornado" is from Atlanta, Texas. 
3/28 is also 51 days after SB 51. 

Tornado's are also fitting in regards to all of the PI/Backwards Pi connections that have been going on....Tornado's spinning in a circle motion. 
Three One Four=69