Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Spamming on my old posts-Youtube view count-Lil Yachty comment

I keep getting spammed comments on this old post. 

I put it out on 3/26/16 which was the 86th day of the year. 
March Twenty Sixth=86

The video it's in regards to says it has 443 views. Interesting because 443 is the 86th prime. 
They are spamming about Football. If the Patriots win they will be 8-6 all time against the Falcons. 
Eighty Six=63
I put this video out on what is normally the 63rd day of the year. 

I get these spams 311 days after my blog post. Today was 31/1. 
In the video I talk about how Steph Curry's bday is 3 months 11 days before his father Dell Curry.... 3/14 to 6/25. 

I guess the spamming started on 1/16 as I'm looking at it. 

So it's 1 month 16 days before 3/4 which is the day I put my video out last year. 
Link to my Post on 3/26
I even mention 116 in this post....before this post I was talking about Scalia-Obama-Merrick Garland-Texas Judge shot outside of her home on 11/6...Obama announces Garland at 11:06 on 16/3...the 163rd day was 6/11...

The Warriors also beat the Cavs on 1/16 by 35 points. And also got their 35th win of the season. 

A big deal in the game was Green knocking over Lebron...Notice the Cavs had 35 points too. Ha funny I took the screen shot at 23 seconds too.  Lebron and Green both # 23. 
Kevin Durant wears # 35
In regards to Football "Tom Brady"=35

I also keep getting replies on this video I posted on a long time ago in regards to Kurt Cobain's death. Just interesting as I keep saying Nirvana was connected by the numbers to my Uncles death. Funny too remember my mom spelled my Uncles middle name wrong...Allan and it's Alan...In this post that's what I was talking about..El Duce said Allen killed Kurt then the next day he went to Al's bar in Los Angeles and was supposedly hit by a train and died just after that. I remember talking about this in one of my videos and saying not sure about the gematria because Allen was spelled different on different sources. 

It's on this documentary. 
Kurt & Courtney=191
Bernard Alan Murphy=191  died 191 days before his 64th bday. 

Funny too when talking about the death of my best friends brother and how it connected to my cousin Timmy wearing the Fred Flintstone outfit when I was Jesus...My cousin Timmy's middle name I found out is "Allen" and my best friends brother's middle name was "Allen". It was all connected to Saturn like crazy. 
Death of my Best Friends Brother-Saturn symbolism

I also just got a comment on a somewhat old video. The person seems legit but interesting Youtube says my video has 318 views. 

I also put this video out 119 days ago and I just got done posting about "Family Guy"=119 and what not. Who knows just wanted to document it. 

This person also replies to my newest Lil Yachty post today at 5:13pm. Of all the times I would get the message. My original Lil Yachty post was 5 months 13 days before SB 51...  January 31st  1/31 or 31/1....
Super Bowl=131
Whether this person is really a 15 year old kid or not they are related to what I am saying for whatever reason. 

The Simpsons "The Town" episode how it connects to Family Guy/The Cleveland Show and Falcons-Patriots in SB 51 to SB 33-Cleveland-119-Dolly Parton-Royalty-Jeopardy

Somehow I missed this video, but I was looking through Zach's blog and saw he had re-talked about it. I just want to add some stuff to what he was talking about in this video. 
Zach's video on Simpsons episode The Town-Patriots
So in the video he is talking about an episode of the Simpsons called "The Town" that came out on 10/9/16. Which was the same day Tom Brady made his comeback after serving his suspension this year. 
The Town=33
The Patriots beat the Browns that day with 33 points. 
Cleveland=33 and 51(V)
It was the 599th episode. 
Five Hundred Ninety Nine=119
It was also 119 days before SB 51....
What I want to point out is that 119 is fitting to the narrative I've been following with the interrelated pieces of the Simpsons/Family Guy. 
Family Guy=119
Remember the first ever Family guy aired after Super Bowl 33 where the Falcons lost to the Broncos. The Dan Marino Simpson's episode aired that day as well, and the Simpson's said the Falcons won even though they didn't. 
Think about the connection to Cleveland with the Falcons as well...They make the SB in their 33rd season and now 51st season of being in the NFL. The Falcons are the only team in the NFL that were established in 1966 so also the only team this syncs up with. 
1952 was the 33rd season the NFL and the Lions beat Cleveland. It was also the year of the failed Dallas Texans....Think about that in regards to where SB 51 is...in the Houston Texans stadium. 
Dallas Texans=33, 51
Cleveland=33, 51

This makes me wonder if there is a Cleveland show connection as well? He's Cleveland Brown. It even says during Super Bowl XLV a commercial showed him wearing a Browns jersey and everyone else wearing Patriots jersey's. Think about that in regards to the 10/9 game of Brady's comeback against the Browns. 

The 51st season of the NFL was when the Cowboys lost to the Colts in SB V(5)...It's really starting to make sense as to why SB 5 was so important to what I was saying. 
Falcons=70  year 70' 
Cleveland Browns=70  
Super Bowl V=153

Notice who the Falcons played this year on 10/9 too...The Denver Broncos. 
So 119 days before the Super Bowl it was a rematch of SB 33 when "Family Guy"=119 first aired starting with a Brady Bunch skit.
Crazy how it interrelates and I found all of this stuff because my Uncle who died by the numbers gave me a Dan Marino Jersey. 

The Falcons and the Patriots also played the Broncos 70 days apart this year. 

The Patriots lost to the Falcons in the 98' season which came to an end with SB 33.  Notice the total score of 51 points...Now these teams meeting in SB 51. 

Dan Reeves the Falcons coach in SB 33 born on 1/19. 
Of course 119 is reverse 911...Trump winning on 11/9 and so on..
Makes me think the Super Bowl is going to be the reverse of what we saw after 9/11 possibly. 
A lot of underdog stuff still too.. The Cavs/The Cubs comebacks...Trump...Clemson. 
Dan Reeves born in Rome, GA. (Pope)
We also just got a story about Falcons OC losing his bag with the playbook in it. 
Kyle Shanahan=119
Before the Falcons he was with the Cleveland Browns. 
His dad Mike Shanahan was the coach of the Broncos who won SB 33. Notice Mike and Kyle's bdays 112 days apart. Mike's bday also 166 days before SB 51. 
Mike Shanahan was also the OC for the Broncos when Dan Reeves was the head coach. 
Mike Shanahan-Kyle Shanahan intercepts Matt Ryan on 8/4

One Hundred Nineteen=95
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
Dan Behrendt=95
A lot of what I have been talking about. 
4/5 is the 95th day so it even syncs to Trump the 45th president. 
9/27 leaves 95 days which syncs to the Jesuit's 
Ninety Five=129=America= (L=12 I=9)

I just watched Season 10 episode 12 of Family Guy as S 10 EP 12 of the Simpsons was key into finding the Falcons/Patriots. Look at that...they do a Brady Bunch joke again in this episode. 
The Simpsons S10 Ep12 aired the same day as SB 33 and the first ever Family Guy that opens up with a Brady Bunch skit. 
Garoppolo wears # 10 and Brady # 12 though, I remember mentioning that a while back just putting back in. His name reminds me a lot of GARO's Gaffe too, but who knows. 
Jimmy Garoppolo=77 
The Brady Bunch=59, 131
Atlanta Georgia=59, 131
Superbowl=41, 131

The Falcons QB in SB 33 was even Chris Chandler.  CC...33
Notice his bday of 10/12...Also age 51. 
If the Falcons win SB 51 they will be 10-12 all time in the playoffs. 
He was even traded from Houston to Atlanta and holds a record with 3 other guys for playing with 8 different NFL teams in his career. One of the other guys is Jeff Thomas Brady who was born on 11/9..1968. 

The Falcons biggest win in 1998 was when they scored 51 points against the Panthers on 10/4/1998...which was 119 days before they lost Super Bowl 33. 

They even do a Jeopardy skit...Now what's funny is that I was covering Jeopardy like crazy with the lady who had cancer..Cindy Stowell.
It was all about 53... look what Peter has for money.$ 5,300. 
Cindy Stowell=53 dies on 12+5+20+16=53
Greg Stowell=53
Julianna Stowell=53
The News story of her family showed it was 53 degrees. 
Her final episode aired 16 days after her death.. 16th prime is 53.
Day 3 she went into final Jeopardy with $5,300 and made a huge comeback to win with the answer about "Madison Avenue"=53 beating "Chelsea"=53   

This episode plot is about Stewie's Friend who has Cancer too.  Peter gets the question wrong and goes down to $5,100. 
The Question was about Louis XII and XIII which in researching I found out the heir apparent to the throne is France is called a Dauphin which is french for Dolphin...
Atlanta Falcons=40
Alex Trebek=40 born in 1940.  
Jeopardy in it's 33rd season with Trebek think about that connects to SB 33. 

The parents won't take their son to the doctor because of their religion regarding Mary Baker Eddy(Look more into her later...seemingly involves Spirit Science)...Anyway Peter says you should be praying for out of work clowns. Then this comes up and a guy pulls up and says I need 40 and they climb in his car.....Why 40? 
Atlanta Falcons=40

At the very end Peter is reading the Christian Science Book and says wouldn't it be cool if you could pray for something to happen and it did. Then it goes to him being Kate Middleton asking Prince William when he thinks the Queen will die....
Pretty random to be in Family guy especially with SB 51 being on Elizabeth's 65th anniversary being the queen. 
William is 33 years 7 months 7 days younger than his father. 
Cross died on the cross age 33 and so on...
Interesting too Kate Middleton was born on 1/9/82...So she is 163 days older than Prince William. 
In London they write her bday as 9/1..
Make America Great Again=91, 163

The Simpsons "The Town" episode starts with them at the bar.. The Boston American's guy says we don't cheat we won 12 division titles in 10 years fair and square.   Interesting the 10 12....12 10? 

Notice the score is 10 to 7 when they first show it.
Brady is 39 years old right now. 

The Boston team comes back and win because they refs say the mascot is part of the team and he catches a pass and wins. 
Notice the Boston team is on the 39 yard line with 10 seconds left too. 
Thirty Nine=61  
Which also means the TD Pass was a 61 yard pass to win the game. 
Look at the Springfield team too, they have Red and Black on their Uniforms which could represent the Falcons. 

In the first episode of the Cleveland Show they do a joke about Dolly Parton's birthplace. 

Remember Dolly Parton born on 1/19...Her song Jolene, the book of Joel being found in the Tennessee fire it was Joel 1:19 talking about fire. I even talked about her in regards to Denison, Iowa...Also she wrote I will always love you and Whitney Houston is connected to SB 51. She is also in the Simpsons episode that predicts the Falcons winning and aired same day as SB 33. 

The very ending of the first Cleveland show episode they even joke about none other than the Brady Bunch. 

Season 21 episode 1 of the Simpsons aired the same day as the first ever Cleveland Show....Look at the opening scene it has a black bird fly by underneath The Simpsons. It then lands on top of the Donut store mascot...No coincidence, I watched the intro to about 50 other episodes and it either has nothing here or something else flies by such as Homer with Balloons and a Stork. So what are the odds this specific one has the Black Bird? 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Cena defeats AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble-Flintstones and possible connections to SB 51

So last night John Cena defeated AJ Styles to become the World Champion for the 16th time. 

I saw people posting about Cena being from Massachusetts and Styles being from Georgia. Reminding us a bit of the upcoming Super Bowl  Patriots(Mass) vs Falcons(GA).
So interesting Cena won last night. The first thing I find interesting in regards to that is Cena's character is similar to Tom Brady and the Patriots too. America's guy and what not. 

Cena TYING Ric Flair for the most world championships at 16 sticks out too because right now Tom Brady is tied with Montana and Bradshaw for most Super Bowl wins with 4.   444=Masonic=Jesus and so on...

This would seem as if Cena is showing us the Patriots will win but we will see. I still think Falcons..
John Cena=70
Cena just tied and didn't surpass Rick Flair.

It's funny too in the Ft. Lauderdale shooting how I said that cop reminded me of John Cena and here I am posting about him yet again. 

Another connection in regards to the Royal Rumble and Boston/Atlanta. 
Every time the Royal Rumble is in Atlanta is is followed by Boston the next year so far. 

Cena is also in an upcoming movie called "The Wall". 

I just don't get how people don't think these type of things are fishy. We get the president who wants to build the wall and wins on the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Now getting all kinds of movies and entertainment about Walls. All of these things were planned in advance..For example this film was planned out in 2014 way before Trump won or was even running. 

We got the TV show called the Wall in December. 

Now I seen a preview for this movie last night. 

This movie also was thought of in 2014. 

I also noticed that John Cena was in the WWE Cartoon film that was mixed with the Flintstones. Maybe nothing but he was also in a movie called FRED. Haven't watched either film yet, not sure if I will have time before the Super Bowl but eventually I will. 

I also noticed that AJ Styles won the Championship belt on 9/11...Just seems fitting in regards to the Patriots/Trump stuff and more. 
Cena and Styles both 39 years old...

Cena is 40 days younger than Styles. 
Atlanta Falcons=40
Both born on 104 date numerology. 
June 2nd is also the 153rd day of the year. 
Sixty Three=153
February Fifth Two thousand Seventeen=153
It's also 63 days before Wrestlemania 33...1/29 to 4/2. Last time Falcons were in SB was SB 33. 

Super Bowl 51 is 77 days before Cena's bday. Cena and Styles both born in 77'. 
Ric Flair also was in the four horsemen who fueded with the NWO.
Funny Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble as well as he was in the military and went AWOL. 
Randal Keith Orton=77

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Atlanta Olympic Bombing Alice- Heart Attack (short post)

Remember the Atlanta Olympic Bombings?
Eric Robert Rudolf a Carpenter detonated three pipe bombs inside a US Military ALICE Pack killing 1 injuring 111...so 112
Alice Pack=112(Jewish)
The bombs in a Alice pack and the only death was a lady named Alice Hawthorne. 
Alice Hawthorne=70
Notice another guy died age 40 as he was running to the scene. 
Atlanta Falcons=40

The bombings happened where a band called Jack Mack and the Heart Attacks was playing lol. So the only 2 people who die in this are Alice who dies from a bomb in a Alice Pack and some guy running to the scene of a Heart Attack while the band with Heart Attack in their name was playing. 

I really have to go to bed, but tomorrow night I'm gonna look more at this. 

Book of Daniel 10:12

I was sitting here thinking about the 1012 that seems so significant into what I keep seeing. I thought I wonder what Revelation 10:12 says, but there is no Revelation 10:12. Then for some reason I saw The Book of Daniel and figured I'd see if it had one as I kept being shown Dan/Daniel stuff too and that's my name. 

Since the First Day you set your mind to gain understanding and so on....Mind blowing. 
Here's all of Daniel 10: