Thursday, February 23, 2017

2 Copyright Claims in the last 24 hours-giving me clues yet again connected to my life.

So in the past 24 hours I've got 2 emails saying my old videos have been copyright claimed. 
The first one was on 2/22 in regards to one of my old groups Rap Songs called "Goodbye Forever". 
Then just after midnight so 2/23 one of my Mitch Hedberg videos got a copyright claim again. 

The last time I got a copyright claim on Mitch Hedberg video was 46 days or 1 month 15 days ago. 

I mentioned 46 and 115 a bunch in my previous video/post on Mitch Hedberg too. 

I got a claim on a rap video on 12/17 as well. The odd thing is that this claim was on a Full Album video and the Claim was on the song called "Goodbye Forever" on the Album. Now yesterday I got a claim on the individual video I put up of the song "Goodbye Forever".  It's 2 different people claiming they made the beat as well which is why it doesn't make that much sense. I fought the first claim and won on January 17th, and now getting this one today. 
I honestly didn't make this beat, I just played guitar over it but the first person claiming it belonged to them for sure didn't own the beat.
Mitch Hedberg Copyright Claim post

My last Hedberg Copyright Claim I'm talking about was on Pt. 2 of a video in regards to him. Now this new claim is on Pt. 1 of the video. 

The part they are claiming is where he talks about the HH button on the vending machine. 

So this is what I think they are showing me....I mentioned before in regards to the band Flipper how the Album cover has the Dead Fish on it. I said possibly it's showing us the end of Pisces and that's why all of the 318 and Jesus stuff keeps showing up. 
Funny that we are currently in Pisces as well...Feb 18th to March 20th. 
Goodbye Forever Youtube Link

Unbelievable, I know why I got this claim now. I put the video out on 3/18...2015. Also look at the Album's the Pisces fish being hooked. 

D'Cypher's real name is Chris Schwery. 
lol give me a break, how can this be? 
Barney Murphy=166(Ordinal) and 158(reverse)
Eugene Murphy=158 (Ordinal) and 166 (reverse)
Chris Schwery is also the nephew of my uncle Barney. We aren't related because Barney Married his moms sister. So he is Barney's nephew on the opposite side(Roberts). 

I remember the day I put this Album up on Youtube as well. My internet wasn't working and I cleaned my car and found our old CD. As it was uploading Chris text me and said I should upload all of our songs to youtube. I text him back saying how crazy it was that I was actually doing it at the moment he text me. I hadn't even talked to him in months before this day. 
Notice it was 7/22..
22/7=3.14 Pi... Pi...sces? 
This was the day before our Uncle Barney's final bday. 
The day before=114 and 666(Jewish) He died 1/14 and so on. 
Also 2/23 is the day before 2/24 which was Mitch Hedbergs bday and a 224 was number I talked about in my previous post about him. 

The 2 videos put out were also 1 year 4 months 4 days apart. 
Remember the first 144 digits after the decimal of PI sum to 666. 
Mark of the beast=144

Chris' bday is 3/5/1988
So our bday's are 115 days or 3 months 23 days apart. 
Daniel Behrendt=323(Jewish)
Lucifer=323(Jewish) and 115(reverse)
Remember there was the 5th partial blood moon on 3/23/16 too. 
I talked about a lot of this on old posts/videos in regards to copyright claims. 

He even got married on my 34th bday this year. 
I feel bad typing all of this but it needs to be shown. His first son's name also equals 166. 
Carter Schwery=166

Also I got this claim on my "Goodbye Forever" video 1 year 11 months 4 days after putting the video out. 
1114 huh? A number I've been talking about a lot as well in connection. 
11/14 the 318th day of the year. 
Simpsons 1114
BeeBeetown 1114 326 UFO's Demons
More BeeBeetown stuff

The symbol for Pisces looks a lot like an "H"....HH 
Mitchell Lee Hedberg=153
The miraculous catch of 153 fish. 
Remember the Miami Dolphins and my uncle really connected to 153 as well. 
Uncle died age 63. 
Sixty Three=153
Ryan Tannehill=153
Jarvis Landry=153
The Dolphins Aqua(Aquarius) color..
I can't remember but Dezy told me some great stuff about 153 too that I can't remember or find at the moment. 

Notice what our Album cover was for the song "Goodbye Forever"? 
Yep it's the Pisces fish being caught. 
A bunch of stuff I was also talking about previously was in regards to the band Nirvana, which is connected to Flipper. I mentioned how Kurt Cobain was really connected to a LOVE theme. Possibly nothing but whenever I think of Heart Shaped Box I always think of the first line of the song before anything else...."She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak". 

Mitch Hedberg=102
One Hundred Two=166

As I'm typing up this post I checked my email again and I had a new spammed message. It's the same spammed messages that I keep getting on my 3/26/16 post but finally it has moved to a different post. I'm really starting to think 3/26 might be a special day in regards to something big coming up because I can't see what I'm supposed to see from it. 

The post they spammed now is my Magic Johnson post which is all about 32. Notice I posted it 32 days before 3/26. 
Now that I think about it, almost all of my posts today...2/22-2/23 because it's after midnight were about 32. 
Magic Johnson-FDR-My Uncles/Grandpa
Just messed up as I didn't even realize it until now, I mean I randomly looked at my old notes and posted about FDR and the connections to 32 and 23. The only reason I even looked that up was because I had planned on calling the Gematria effect tonight and the topic was supposed to be presidents day lol. I never called because Claire wouldn't go to bed and the only quiet place I had was outside, so I just didn't call. 
Thirty Two=85(reverse)
3/26 the 85th day of the year...who knows. 

I've really got to get some sleep but gonna try and look more at this tomorrow before work. 


  1. Let me remind you about some 318/153 stuff :)
    Genesis 14:14 - When Abram heard that his relative had been taken captive, he called out the 318 trained men born in his household and went in pursuit as far as Dan.
    Gen 14 14 (is the first time 318 is being mentioned and it's *351*st verse of the bible as well)

    Then the verse where Jesus catches 153 fish is John 21:11 (21x11 = 231 - octal of 153)
    318th prime is 2111 - Jesus Christ = 151 (227 in octal system)
    three hundred eighteen = 113 (Reduced)
    one hundred fifty three = 113 (Reduced)
    one five three = 1013 (Jewish)
    miraculous catch of fish = 113 (S Exception)
    fish = 113 (Jewish)
    second coming of Jesus Christ = 113 (Reduced) - mentioned 318 times in the New Testament
    Also the ratio of Vesica Pisces is 265/153 or 1*351/780

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